5 Creative Wall Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you find the most comfort in so this specific place should be organized as creative as you can. However, it’s not always easy to pare everything down to the bone when you don’t have a spacious bedroom to begin with.

1. Going with the Basic

If you like to do a little reading during the night then attaching a shelf above your headboard is a must! A mounted-shelf above your bed will totally serve as a place to stash your books. In addition, you can opt to install lights underneath to give the perfect lighting. Note that you have to attach the shelf above the height of your head so that you won’t bump into it when sitting up. These above headboard shelves are good to store not only books but also things you rarely look for like luggage and boxes of off-season clothes. An impeccable and creative wall storage idea for your small bedroom that you must totally give a second thought! (via apartmenttherapy)

20 mounted book shelf

2. Wall-Mounted Cabinets

A small bedroom means less space to store your stuff. Instead of just shelves, those big empty space on the wall right on top of your bed is the perfect spot to install cabinets for more storage. A wardrobe often takes the most space in your room, so install cabinets above your bed to store your belongings that you don’t use every day like luggage or you can use them to save your old stuff. (via apartmenttherapy)

20 luggage

3. Make Hay While the Sun Shines

See that 12 inches wall below your ceiling? See the opportunity it offers for your storage predicament? If you do then the saying “make hay while the sun shines” completely fits this situation. You will have dozens of square feet of storage space if you install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls. (via makespace)

20 12 inches storage

4. Hang Your Clothes

Number one problem for girls who love shopping is to find space in the closet to fit all the clothes in. It certainly doesn’t help when you have a tiny bedroom and the option of adding another wardrobe automatically goes out the window. That’s why you need to use that empty corner in your bedroom as a clothes rack. This might be a good idea to have a clothes rack on the wall because you need access to your outfits on a daily basis and rummaging through your overstuffed wardrobe just to fish for one specific blouse is not what you need especially if you are in a rush. (via makespace)

20 hang your clothes

5. Splurge on A Wardrobe Wall

If you are okay with spending a couple of bucks for more storage then installing shallow wardrobes along a whole wall might be a good idea for you. This will definitely add storage as well as create a serene atmosphere if that’s the ambiance you are going for. (via casaefesta)

20 wall cloth storage

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