5 Vintage Shabby chic Décor Ideas for Small Homeowners: Some Great Ideas

Vintage Shabby chic Décor Ideas simphome.com
Vintage Shabby chic Décor Ideas simphome.com

There are some smart and creative vintage shabby chic décor ideas for small homeowners, which can test out your creative skills to the next level. These works are great to deliver stunning outcome although they may require extra work and efforts. But if you are patient enough and you are determined enough, the final result will be rewarding – at least for your home décor aspect.

5. Vintage Lamp

If you have plain and unattractive lamp, why not improving it to the higher ground with vintage look? The simplest way is to buy small flowers and attach them on transparent tape. Once you are done, you can circle the tape around the lamp until it is completely covered with the flowers. Feel free to use any flowers that you want – there are no specific flowers or whatsoever. This is a simple and inexpensive way to deliver vintage shabby chic décor ideas for small homeowners without having you to deal with complicated efforts. Source

4. Attractive Wall Décor

This is only an example of what you can do with the items you can find around the house. Combining vintage plates and unused tray is enough to transform them into an attractive wall décor. If you don’t have a tray, an old picture frame will do – any form or shape will be okay. You can paint it with the color that you like and then attach the plates on it. It is pretty simple and yet it creates an appealing wall decoration. Feel free to tweak with the types of accessories or frames you want. Source

3. Rustic Country Photo Ideas

If you want to create a unique photo ideas for your house, this idea can be perfect. You may need to have a wooden plank with a hook. Use the hook to hang the rustic photo frame. This is a unique vintage shabby chic décor ideas for small homeowners to hang the photos of loved ones. If you want to create a more modern look, choose a different style for the frame or paint the wooden plank with bold colors. Source

2. Vintage Flower Vase

If you have tons of unused glass jars (you can have the plastic ones, if you don’t have the glass), why not turning them into attractive vase? You only need to paint them with attractive colors and feel free to decorate them the way you like. Whatever types of paint you choose, be sure that it is safe. If you want to be able to wash those jars, make sure to choose the paints especially designed for kitchen ware so the paints won’t be washed off. Source

1. Suitcase Sidebed Table

Do you have lots of suitcases and you want to make use of them? Why not paint them, stack them, and then turn them into the sidebed table? There are various ways to turn them. You can stack them and glue them together so they make a solid table. If you want the extra storage, simply stack the suitcases so you can still use the compartments inside. Make sure that you paint the suitcases, and you have your personalized table with vintage shabby chic décor ideas for small homeowners. Source