If your home looks boring and lifeless, it’s time for a major overhaul. Gladly enough, we have some affordable DIY solutions for you that can put even the most oddly-shaped corner of your room into some practical use. This isn’t to say that your home interior will rival a celebrity’s home worth millions of dollars. But, it will definitely be worth the minimal time, effort, and investment that goes into it.

So, are you ready to add some homemade touch to your beloved home without shaving off a lot of money? Since vintage decors are hot right now, let’s explore 60 vintage and shabby chic décor ideas to spice up your home in the easiest and fastest way possible without spoiling your budget. Yes, all the vintage décor ideas discussed below are inexpensive and easy to realize. In fact, you will be surprised how some degree of organizational attention can make your regular home items a conversation piece without shaving off top dollars on them.

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Having cute shabby chic bedroom decor ideas can help your personal room to achieve the desired look. You don’t have to spend a fortune to deliver such an appealing effect. If you have some old and unused items, you can turn them into the additional accessories. Your bedroom can look great without you having to do any fancy work. Next, this is 5 Cute Shabby Chic Bedroom Décor Ideas without Spending too Much.

31. Chic Bedside Area
31 Chic Bedside Area via simphome comIf you have an old wooden door and old wooden table, they can be used to decorate the bedside area. Even if you buy the new ones, painting them with special cracked paints will create such an effect. To create a rather neat shabby look, used natural colors for the cracked paints.
31 Chic Bedside Area via simphome 2
Add a simple but beautiful table lamp and some greeneries (flowers are also okay) to spark up the atmosphere. As you can see, this bedside area is looking great without causing too lousy or gloomy effect.

32. Small Accessories
32 Small Accessories via simphomeAdding small accessories here and there shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, if you can pay a detailed attention to small areas in the bedroom, there are some parts that can use a touchup look. For instance, flower curtain holder will look great for your shabby chic theme. Small but related accessories are part of the cute shabby chic bedroom decor ideas that can really improve a room without you having to spend a fortune or break excessive sweat. Photo frames or window decor can also be a part of the small accessories design.

33. Old Door for Book Shelf
33 Old Door for Book Shelf via simphomeIf you have an old door, why not reusing it into another stuff? Simply add wooden shelves and you turn the unattractive door into a unique and creative book shelf. It doesn’t extra work, really. Simply add paint and make it look like an old and worn effect, add the shelves, and voila! You have your personalized book shelf that can be placed inside the bedroom. It’s a simple and yet smart cuteshabby chic bedroom decor ideas that everyone can try.

34. Thrifty Gallery Wall
34 Thrifty Gallery Wall via simphomeIf you have several unused photo frames, wooden boxes, or other stuffs that you no longer use, why not turning them into something unique and special? A simple paint job will transform them into beautiful stuffs – and you can dedicate a special wall to hang them all. You don’t always have to go with bold or bright colors; the simple and nude ones will create a drastic effect.

35. Cool and Calm Paint Work
35 Cool and Calm Paint Work via simphome comBesides choosing the right accessories, don’t forget to pick the right colors too. A bedroom should be your shelter; your retreat and a place to calm down. Choosing calm tone will help delivering the atmosphere. Of course, you can still be creative with the accessories – such as unique mirror or the wooden window slats that can be used as the headboard.
35 Cool and Calm Paint Work via simphome 2By combining colors and unique items, you should be able to deliver such an amazing effect without spending too much. After all, that’s the whole point about cute shabby chic bedroom decor ideas, right?

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