If your home looks boring and lifeless, it’s time for a major overhaul. Gladly enough, we have some affordable DIY solutions for you that can put even the most oddly-shaped corner of your room into some practical use. This isn’t to say that your home interior will rival a celebrity’s home worth millions of dollars. But, it will definitely be worth the minimal time, effort, and investment that goes into it.

So, are you ready to add some homemade touch to your beloved home without shaving off a lot of money? Since vintage decors are hot right now, let’s explore 60 vintage and shabby chic décor ideas to spice up your home in the easiest and fastest way possible without spoiling your budget. Yes, all the vintage décor ideas discussed below are inexpensive and easy to realize. In fact, you will be surprised how some degree of organizational attention can make your regular home items a conversation piece without shaving off top dollars on them.

FYI, This topic compose 4 different sections: A video (which you are about to see), Top 20 ideas, 3 top 5 relevant ideas, and 4 relevant lists I already upload earlier.

Totally, this blog has published 60 vintage/shabby decor ideas so far.
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3. 26-30

What are the best DIY shabby chic storage ideas for money saving moms? If you are a mom, you know that budgets can be quite tight so forget about buying stuff for your personal needs. However, there are actually great ideas that use the unused items around you.
For instance, using an old tray or an old picture frame can be a creative alternative – not only you can save up money but you can also create a personalized item for your storage needs. From 26-30, I am going to give you 5 DIY Shabby Chic Storage Ideas for Money Saving Moms: some creative Options.

26. Jewelry Display Storage
26 Jewelry Display Storage via simphome comIf you have an unused picture frame, you can easily attach wires to the frame. It will create a platform where you can save and also display your jewelry collections. Of course, it would be wise if you can paint the entire frame (frame and wire) with the unique color that you like – whether it is bold or calm or nude, it is entirely up to you. The best scheme is to make sure that it will look great for your room or makeup station so check the color of the room first or any accompanying hues inside the room.

27. Jars for the Kitchen
27 Jars for the Kitchen via simphome comJust because you are trying to save up money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style up the kitchen. By using old Mason jars, you can paint them and use them as containers. This picture is only one example because you are free to do any decoration that you want with the jars. This is one of the best DIY shabby chic storage ideas for money saving moms. Feeling bold with bright colors? Or do you prefer the calmer tones for neutral effect? It is up to you! Don’t forget to use food grade paints and give labels to each jar.
Found in Pinterest saved by Megan Cruise

28. Old Crate for Bathroom
28 Old Crate for Bathroom via simphome comYou can make use of an old crate for your bathroom storage supply. If you want to use the natural color, you don’t need to paint it or whatsoever. Leave it bare and simple. The crate can be used to store towels, and other bathing suppliers. The top surface can be used as the display area. You can put some knicks and knacks, even small glass vase for the flowers.

Again, making use of anything unused around the house is a part of clever DIY shabby chic storage ideas for money saving moms. With your keen eyes, you know which ones are potential and which aren’t. Found idea in Etsy but now it is gone

29. Hanging Frames
29 Hanging Frames via simphome comThis idea is similar to the first one, where you can make use of an old frame for your jewelry storage needs. However, in this idea, you use lace instead of wire to hang the jewelry. This idea is super perfect when you have tons of ear rings – or any hanging accessories. Simply hang the ear rings on the lace and you don’t need to worry about them being scattered anymore.

30. Rustic Wall Décor
30 Rustic Wall Décor via simphome comThis rustic basket isn’t only good for wall decoration but also for additional storage needs. You can use it anywhere, including in the bathroom. In this example, you see one basket contains bathing supplies while another one is for face towels. These baskets are inexpensive, perfect for your DIY shabby chic storage ideas for money saving moms.

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