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5 Unheard Ways To Upgrade Bedroom Decor

Bedroom should be most comfortable place because will be used for sleeping and rest. How to make a bedroom looks unique and comfortable? Here are some clever ways to upgrade your bedroom decor:

1. DIY Artwork

Don’t let your bedroom wall looks pale and blank. It is time for you to upgrade your bedroom by hanging some DIY artworks. There are so many ideas about DIY artworks, such as painting, graphic, and other things you can create by yourself. Hanging some DIY artwork in your bedroom will create unique look, finally your bedroom will look fresh and new. Source

2. Put Pattern to Work

Other unheard way to upgrade your bedroom is using pattern elements to create unique look in your bedroom. Sometime, a bedroom looks dull because of pale bedspread. So, you can change your bedspread to make your bedroom looks more elegant. For your recommendation, you can choose printed bedspread, such as bedspread with distinctive botanical design. It can be solution for adding pattern in your bedroom, so your bedroom will be more elegant and beautiful. Source

3. Create Comfy Bedroom

Sometime, you may feel so confuse to upgrade your bedroom decor. The best way to upgrade your bedroom is making your bedroom looks comfy. You can cover your bed with covers made for snuggling, such as a down comforter. It is a way to make your bedroom more comfortable than before. Whenever you see it, you will also see a comfy bedroom. Other choice for you is ultra-soft eiderdown. By covering your bed using soft and eiderdown, you can create a new and cozy look in your bedroom. Source

4. Decorative Bedroom Lighting

Talking about room decoration, we can’t separate it from lighting. Yes, lighting is very important for every room, includes bedroom. How about your bedroom? Changing bedroom lighting will create a new look in your bedroom. Today, there are so many types of decorative lighting. You can choose bedroom lighting based on your interest. Some recommended lightings for your bedroom are track lighting, pendant lighting, and many more. Source

5. Bedroom Rug

Rug can be best element to add exotic look in your bedroom. Today, you can find so many types of area rug. Make sure you choose area rug that matches with your bedroom color. For example if your bedroom wall is white, you can choose a cherry yellow rug, because it looks like a sunshine color that add warm feeling to your bedroom. Rug can also give pattern to your bedroom. Source

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