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10 Ideas to Turn Your Bedroom Cozier


Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round for the best under-eaves wardrobe hack you’ve ever seen! We’re talking about an ingenious IKEA hack; even the Swedish meatballs are jealous.

First off, let’s build those side units.
Use two cabinets for each side – one measuring h80 x w80 x d60cm and the other h60 x w80 x d37. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Who even understands those measurements?” But don’t worry, folks, it’s like deciphering IKEA hieroglyphics – eventually, it all makes sense.

And here’s a hot tip: place the bottom cabinet on a small ply plinth (19mm high) to avoid scraping your floor.

Because nobody wants a floor full of scratches, am I right?

Next, you’ll need to modify the top cabinet to fit under that raked ceiling.

Now, you might wonder, “What’s a raked ceiling?” Well, it’s like a regular ceiling but with a fancy hat.
And thanks to IKEA’s generous supply of cardboard, we can make a template of the available space. Trust me; you’ll never look at cardboard the same way again.

But let’s address the elephant in the room – should we use a jigsaw or a table saw?
Well, if you’ve got enough space in your attic for a table saw, you probably don’t need this hack.
So, jigsaw it is!

Now, it’s time to call in your trusty DIY buddy.
But if they’re heavily pregnant or otherwise indisposed, don’t worry – a kettlebell makes a great substitute.

Just don’t expect it to hold a conversation.

To align the door hinge brackets, you’ll need to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and measure the existing holes in the METOD cabinets. It’s a thrilling detective story with a twist ending – a functional wardrobe!

Finally, you tackle the hanging rail challenge.
You see, this rail is so over-engineered, it could hold up the Golden Gate Bridge. To support that monstrous weight, use 70mm x 35mm structural pine, creating a fortress for your clothes.

So there you have it, folks – the ultimate under-eaves wardrobe hack.
Who knew a few IKEA cabinets and some DIY skills could lead to a wardrobe wonderland?
Now, go forth and conquer those cluttered attics!

Written by Simpson

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