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10 Ideas to Turn Your Bedroom Cozier

How to build a minimalist but fancy walk-in closet behind the bed

Hey there, fellow organizers!
Are you ready to take your bedroom to the next level with a fancy walk-in closet behind your bed?
Well, get ready for some serious IKEA assembly and a few considerations on mold growth.

So, the challenge was to find storage space without creating any “empty spaces.”

And what’s the solution?
A walk-in closet behind the bed, of course!
Because who needs a headboard when you can have extra storage?

Thankfully, the PLATSA cupboard system offers a flexible solution with variable height and width options. And, bonus points, it’s already considered a storage space solution behind the bed.

Who knew furniture could be so forward-thinking?

Now, let’s talk about measurements.
Two PLATSA body modules at 80 cm wide, and two at 60 cm wide, all at the height of 1.80 m.
And don’t forget the RIDABU doors with glass inserts and the beautiful Amanda handles from Prettypegs because nothing says “fancy closet” like some glass and ash handles.

And don’t worry, even inexperienced “IKEA furniture builders” can handle this one.
The patented plug-in system makes it a breeze.
Just don’t forget to cover the backs with six LÄTTHET panels, and you have a walk-in closet behind your bed.
So, if you’re ready to take your bedroom to new heights (literally, with a room height of over 3.20m), try this fancy walk-in closet.
Who knows, you might even forget you’re in a bedroom and feel like you’re in a high-end boutique.

Written by Simpson

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