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10 Ideas to Turn Your Bedroom Cozier

Before & After A Bedroom Makeover with a Super Headboard Closet

Oh, dear reader, have I got a tale for you! It’s a story of a bedroom that went from as drab as a bowl of plain oatmeal to as dazzling as a peacock strutting its stuff. Are you ready for a chuckle-inducing, heartwarming transformation?
Buckle up because here we go!

Picture this: a small bedroom so lackluster that even a moth would get bored. The owners wanted a closet, but there simply wasn’t enough space. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, an idea emerged!

The headboard wall would become the ultimate storage superhero, providing a closet with enough space to make even the most clutter-prone individual swoon.

With the finesse of a master Tetris player, two IKEA Pax modules were strategically combined on either side of the bed.

A 100x60x236 cm giant stood beside a more modest 50 cm wide counterpart. And to ensure the 160 cm bed space didn’t feel left out, a tall cabinet bridge was created using two 60x55x40 cm IKEA Platsa modules.


Next up, a custom-made shelf was introduced, stretching across the entire width of the bed. This sneaky little number served as a headboard and coffee table, all while camouflaging itself in white like a ninja.

On one side of the headboard, a closet complete with enough bars to make a monkey jealous was installed. Our star paired it with an area of shelves and drawers; this space-saving solution allowed for maximum clothes storage.

And for shirts and jackets?
A hole 110 cm high was just the ticket!

The other side of the bed featured a wardrobe with a vast shelf area. But wait, there’s more! A removable shoe rack took center stage, allowing the most frequently worn shoes to be visible and orderly. And for those who enjoy a touch of luxury, removable shelves, and glass-fronted storage were placed in the most accessible area.

Finally, a full-length IKEA Ikkornes mirror was added, complete with a clothes-hanging zone at the back.

This versatile beauty doubled as a leading man (or woman) at night, ready to hold your outfit for the next day.

So there you have it, folks! A hilariously heartening tale of a bedroom that went from zero to hero, all thanks to some clever storage solutions and a touch of creativity.
This once personality-free zone is now a cozy haven, perfect for sweet dreams and organized life.
And the moral of the story?
Never underestimate the power of a super headboard closet!


Written by Simpson

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