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10 Ideas to Turn Your Bedroom Cozier

A DIY Scaffolding Bed & Simba Mattress: A Dreamy Combo for Comfy Snoozing

Craft the bedroom of your dreams with a homemade scaffolding bed project and a Simba mattress! Witness how Anne transformed her beds for beauty and comfort.

Warning: construction may induce fits of laughter.
Making a scaffolding bed isn’t a walk in the park, but the result is brag-worthy. Gather supplies, sand, and paint your planks, then assemble two separate frames.
Fasten them with reinforcement corners and throw in some anti-scratch felt pads for floor protection, and your new bed frame is complete.

Place a slatted base, plop your Simba mattress on top, and get ready to snooze in style. Stay tuned for our next blog on crafting a headboard!

But why Simba, you ask? Anne tested it at a Goossens store for a sneak peek at its magical sleep powers. Though a 5-minute test can’t reveal everything, her initial impression was golden: not too firm, soft, just right.

One major perk?

A double mattress means no separate mattresses (provided you and your sleep partner agree). She ordered a colossal 180×210 cm mattress, which arrived in days, snug as a bug in a giant cardboard box.

In summary, this DIY scaffolding bed and Simba mattress combo turn her dull bedroom into a slumber sanctuary that’s as hilarious as it is heavenly.
Craft, laugh, and sleep like royalty!

Written by Simpson

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