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Trying to pick a theme for your home’s interior? Here are a few

When you are purchasing or renting your first home, one thing that you may have to consider is what theme you want. The space you move into could have a specific theme already, or it could be a blank slate, ready for a new resident to move in whatever direction they choose. In some cases, you may have never thought about what the theme of a home is.

Essentially, it is the uniting style that is found throughout the home, tying all of the rooms together and the various furniture, decor, and appliances. Some homeowners will go all out for one theme, designing the whole interior around this concept with every element in the space fitting in. You could also just incorporate a few ideas to be more subtle.

The most difficult part of incorporating a theme into your home is choosing the concept itself. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


This trend is rising in popularity, especially in city environments with younger generations. Instead of disguising or hiding industrial elements like brick and steel, this style uses them as a highlight of the interior, leaving ducts, piping, and other features exposed. Often with an open concept, an industrial theme incorporates many clean lines, large windows with vast amounts of natural light, and a very raw look.


Creating an atmosphere that reflects living off the land and the pioneer’s journey, this theme is popular with those looking to be more in touch with the great outdoors in their home. There are many western-inspired interior elements that you can incorporate to feed into this more natural space. Rough-edged wooden furniture that highlights the imperfections of the lumber is common, along with darker, earthier tones.


For lovers of history, a classical theme uses styles common in past centuries in Europe. Significant features of this theme include symmetry of design, arches, beautiful woodwork, ornate curtains, elegant moldings, and walls/ceilings with physical details. This throwback to the Victorian era is still a popular choice for many homeowners.


Those who like to keep up with the trends of the day and changing times may be drawn to a contemporary style for their home. Muted colors with a lot of whites and grays are indicative of this theme, with a focus on efficiency and a sleek feel. The space is open with minimalist features and simplistic furniture, making it a perfect choice for homeowners who are not hoarders and want a purpose for everything in the space.


If you love to repurpose old things, then this style is built for you. A vintage theme uses worn, well-used furniture throughout the home, with plenty of light pastel colors. The atmosphere it creates is warm and nostalgic, making guests feel welcome and think of simpler times. There is also a history to every piece in the room, leading the resident to experience the lived-in aspect of the theme.


This theme could be compared to organized chaos. It is intentionally filling the home with interesting and unique aesthetics, often a combination of different styles and cultures from around the world. A bohemian-themed home is unique in that it often reflects the spontaneity of the resident. If you prefer clean and serious, then this style is not for you.


Though this is reserved mostly for vacation houses or coastal locations, there is no reason that you can’t bring the beach inland to your home’s interior. Light colors like white and beige that can reflect an ample amount of natural light often balance with brighter colors like blue. Design elements that invoke the atmosphere of a boat are common, like rope and natural woods. Homeowners who incorporate nautical elements into their homes can bring a small slice of paradise and relaxation to residents and guests.

What level of this theme do you want?

Deciding how much to incorporate a theme is just as important as choosing one. Will you design your entire home around this concept? Will just the living room have this specific theme with a focus on one wall? Will you only concern yourself with furniture or decor to evoke a certain feeling?

Whatever level you choose to commit to, having a theme can change the experience that your family and your guests have in your home. You can unite the entire space around one theme or select different rooms to have varied environments. Make it your own, maybe with your individual and unique style, and watch as it transforms your home into a whole new atmosphere.

Written by Simpson

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