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10 Tropical Backyard Garden Ideas

The exotic of tropical plants is difficult failing to please our eyes. They always bring in the holiday retreat of a resort-like to any garden or picnic. Tropical gardens are typically easy to grow and don’t require thorough maintenance as they resemble the disorder of a jungle. But you still need to pay attention to the composition of the plants and do regular maintenance if necessary, though.
If you are in quest for exotic tropical garden, keep on reading as I’ve collected 10 tropical backyard garden ideas that will make you feel like living in a resort.

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10. A Small Tropical Garden project idea | Davidhomedecorating

10. Small Tropical Garden

Who says that you can’t turn a small garden into a tropical one? If you concoct the ingredients correctly, you will be able to make your small garden look like a resort in Hawaii.
This tropical garden has a water feature that is typically found in a tropical garden. The small pool is surrounded by dense palm trees and ferns. They also act as natural fences that will add more privacy. Check the link to find more awesome tropical backyard or garden ideas.

9. Add a Fire Pit in your backyard | Extrasolaredu Add a Fire Pit

Bantering or catching up with family in the backyard can be a fun thing to do. To maintain the conversation, installing a firepit can be your safe bet.
This backyard offers you a comfortable living area with a firepit as the center of the seating area. Green tropical plants like cane palms, elephant’s ears, and lady ferns make a great backdrop. Instead of pavers or concrete, gravels are used to cover the soil in the seating area, which accentuates the tropical flair.

8. Play with backyard Lightings | Decoist Play with the LightingLighting is such an indispensable thing when it comes to backyard landscaping. Actually, you can just toss some LED lights to illuminate your garden. However, you can make a jaw-dropping landscaping if you choose and arrange your backyard lighting meticulously.
In this garden, lighting serves a double duty; to illuminate the space while highlighting the greenery like the ornamental banana trees. Silver Fan Palm Tree makes a great centerpiece among the greenery. A pool beefs the backyard up. And the small bridge over the pool allows you to take a leap to the tropical backdrop.

7. Color it with Panache | Decoist Color it with PanacheWhat makes a tropical garden charming is the unique plants that feature distinctive shapes and colorful flowers. Ferns like Dicksonia Antarctica or Dicksonia youngiae are great choices to add density and drama to your backyard. But you can try opting for big leaves like common banana trees or lotus golden bananas for a more dramatic look. And don’t forget to add a splash of colors like dahlias, cannas, and angel’s trumpets.
This garden is decorated with banana trees and a few ferns. It does have purple succulents to add more color. But they can’t draw the eyes instantly. Therefore, painting the wall bright colors like orange or red can give true personality to your tropical garden.
If you need more professional insight related to the specific issue you can consult and listen to this gardening advice from Tree Service Portland

6. Incorporate your backyard garden with a Nook| Balconygardenweb Incorporate a Nook

Relaxing in a jungle-like garden can help you to relax and have a respite from your busy days. For this reason, you need to place a bench or chair that you can use as a hideaway.
This garden, for example, provides a perfect hideaway. The chair which you sit down on is wrapped with the exotic yucca plants, banana trees, and ferns. The big leaves of banana trees provide shade that will lessen the glare of the sun.

5. Stone Couch and Coffee Table | Venomoutlaws Stone Couch and Coffee TableIncorporating an outdoor living area in your backyard landscaping will not only add comfort but also appeal. And this garden has taken this idea to the next level.
Instead of purchasing a couch, the homeowner makes a built-in one made of natural stone which boosts the exotic of the tropical garden. A wooden coffee table is added to help the homeowner set down his coffee. The table leg is covered with shrubs to accentuate the natural look.

4. Turn your Backyard Landscape as a Holiday Retreat Too | Venomoutlaws Holiday RetreatGoing to the beach during the weekend can help you feel more relaxed. You can imagine big palm trees and the beige beach sand indulging you.
Why do you have to wait for the weekend if you can bring the beach to your backyard?
You don’t literally move it to your backyard, though. You will just simulate its look instead.
All you need to do is making an in-ground pool, then add rocks as the border of it. Palm grass, persicarias (red dragons), and some other ferns wrap the pool around. To round out it, a few tall palm trees are added, imitating the look of a beach.

3. Create a Pathway | Balconygardenweb Create a PathwayPathways are one of the most important parts of every garden. Not only will they prevent your footwear from getting dirty due to mud and guide you to the door, but also improve backyard landscaping.

Anthurium plants, bamboos, and ferns decorate this garden well. Right in the middle is a pathway made of stones. Gravels are covered the pathway to get rid of muddy soil occurred after raining.

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2. Build A Fabulous Gazebo | Decoist Build a GazeboGazebos can be found in some resorts in tropical country just like in Bali. You don’t need to splurge out on a vacation to the tropical country which can make you short on cash. You can still enjoy your vacation in your backyard by building a gazebo.
This backyard, for example, features a pool that looks as if it were a red carpet escorting you to the gazebo. The gazebo made of wood is rather small yet cozy and comfortable. Just add two chairs separated with a side table, and you’re ready to sit back and relax.

Lastly number 1. Add Simple Waterfall | Houzz Add WaterfallOne of the most significant features of a tropical garden is the water features. It can be in the form of a pool, pond, fountain, spa, hot tub, or an artificial waterfall.
This small garden makes statement with a waterfall pond. The rocks make this pond look natural which enhances the tropical flair. Some other tropical elements like pachysandra and pineapple lilies jazz the pond up.

So, Now you know the secret of creating a jungle-like garden. With these 10 tropical backyard garden ideas, enjoy the spirit of holiday every day without even waiting for a weekend.

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