10 Transitional Laundry Room Ideas

Some people discount the laundry room just because it is only a place to wash the clothes. No matter how hard they try to tidy it up, this area is always prone to mess, moisture, and clutter. Therefore, they are reluctant to decorate or improving it.

Washing the clothes is indeed one of the tedious chores. Thus, you should embellish your laundry room to make it look more appealing and less boring. More on that later, on the following, you are going to find 10 transitional laundry room ideas that will help you enjoy a cozy space to do the laundry. For more detail and additional inspirations, follow the Simphome link provided inside the reference area.

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10. The Modern Transitional Laundry Room

10. The Modern Transitional Laundry Room by simphome.comAre you bored with your tired laundry room? Maybe you need to do a makeover project to bring in good vibes to it.
This modern transitional laundry room, for example, is worth our attention. It comes in white with simple shaker cabinet doors, making a perfect combination to carve out a contemporary look.

A large window with simple trim allows natural light comes into the room, making it brighter and fresher. You can try dressing it up with a roman shade to make it look nicer if necessary. Also, consider adding two sconces over it for a bit of modern farmhouse style.
Next, create a combination of luxury and modernity by investing in sleek, modern appliances and a marble countertop.

In this area, the owner used Mosaic floor tile arranged in fish-scale shapes to make a statement. And to round out the look, using faux greenery in a clear vase. You can follow these steps or tweak them massively according to your mood.

9. U-Shaped Laundry Room Project Idea

9. U Shaped Laundry Room Project Idea by simphome.comThis laundry room will help you use your time efficiently and get rid of boredom. You have everything you need to get the household chores done here, and the design carves out the modern flair.

To copy it, first, you can paint the cabinets and trim white and purchase a modern washer and dryer. Continue adding some accent by installing a mosaic backsplash.

Besides having plenty of storage, this laundry room also offers an entertainment center that you can repurpose to facilitate your succulents or fish tank. Or simply re-used the area to get a new window. If your laundry room doesn’t suffocate you, You can also complete it with a built-in desk and a chair to provide a comfortable workspace or ironing board here. This way, you have a chance to use your time more efficiently.

8. The Long and Narrow Laundry Room

8. The Long and Narrow Laundry Room by simphome.comIt can be challenging to do the laundry in a long and narrow room. Since it lacks space, thinking about the best layout is your priority. If you happen to possess a tiny laundry room, first, do not cover the window. Let natural light come into space, and then combine it with an all-white interior design to expand your area visually.

Next, since you have limited floor space, shove the washer, dryer, and cabinets on one side to turn your room airier. You can also hang foldable racks on the opposite side to hang dry your clothes. When you do not use them, just fold them back to not bump into them.

7. The Laundry and Mudroom Combo

7. The Laundry and Mudroom Combo by simphome.comIf you only have minimal space in a laundry room, you can just merge it with your existing mudroom by removing the separator. As a result, you get a spacious and multitasking area, just like this one.

This laundry and mudroom combo now has become more spacious, open, and airier than previously. It has a lot of windows to accommodate natural light come through. You can even find some nooks for shoes, coats, and firewood.
If remodeling your current laundry room appears impossible, you can consider the next idea.

6. The Clothespin Bag Project Idea

6. The Clothespin Bag Project Idea by

Clothespins are pretty small so that they can be easily scattered around. It will not happen anymore if you make this peg bag to organize them. To make it, get a 40cmx70cm canvas fabric and fold it in half by bringing the right side to the opposite. Next, Place a child-sized coat hanger towards the top. Then, mark the outline of the hanger.

After that, outline by making a line about 35cm from the hanger’s end to the bottom. Next, cut both layers of fabric with a 1cm seam allowance. Trace a lid or a small plate on one layer of the fabric to create the opening, and cut it out. Pin bias tape over the inner edge of the circle and sew it. Finally, sew the marked line. Always remember to leave a gap for the hook.

5. Hang the Clothes from the Ceiling

5. Hang the Clothes from the Ceiling via Simphome.comIf you cannot use any more floor space, maybe it is time for you to go vertical. For instance, try suspending an old ladder or an unused crib from the ceiling. This way, you can have some space to hang dry your clothes comfortably. For more ideas like this, visit Simphome to find 10 stunning wall mounting drying racks for the limited space.

4. A Multipurpose laundry room idea

4. A Multipurpose laundry room idea by simphome.comHaving a companion when you do your laundry would be great. For instance, merging your laundry room with a doghouse. This laundry room is not too spacious. However, it becomes an ideal space to cuddle with the dog while washing the clothes.

To use the floor space efficiently like this in the picture, first, place your dryer on top of the washer. You may need to consider changing your current utilities with a smart washer and dryer with this setup. This way, you have plenty of room for storage without troubling your accessibility. As a bonus, you can build a dog washing station in the corner. Your pet will love it.
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3. The Laundry Room and Pantry Combo

3. The Laundry Room and Pantry Combo by simphome.comCombining a laundry room and a pantry? Why not? Having a multipurpose room speed up your work and will turn you to be a more advanced multitasker. With this merger, You can shift from the washer to the kitchen to prepare for lunch quickly and easily.

Also, you will not need to make a run in a hurry anymore since you can properly organize your item include your dryer and washer, in one go. First, split your area into two sections for the edible stuff and detergent. And, It would be better if you put on labels to avoid grabbing the wrong thing.

2. The DIY Ironing Mat Idea

2. The DIY Ironing Mat Idea by simphome.comHaving a stiff ironing board in a tiny laundry room is exasperating. The design and dimension take up a lot of space. Although you can fold it, you still need to think about how to stash away with it.
Instead of investing in that bulky board, you can make your ironing mat.

To make it, you only need to take fabric magnet strips and sew them to another fabric that you will use as the bottom layer. Sew the bottom, top layer, and then “insul-bright” together afterward. And you are good to go. Later, lay it on top of your washing machine when you want to use it.

Lastly, number 1. Get Your Things Organized

1. Get Your Things Organized by simphome.comThe most irritating thing about a laundry room is the clutter. You can end this drama by building cubbies and mounting them on the wall. To organize things better, get some wire, wicker, or plastic baskets to store hangers.
Check the simphome to find more ideas related to laundry organization and improvement.

Washing clothes is one of the chores you cannot avoid. Instead of seeing this task as a burden, you can make it fun with these 10 transitional laundry room ideas. Happy trying!


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