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10 Toddler Bedroom Ideas

You might feel hyped up when your toddler is ready to have his own bedroom. It’s such a big decision, isn’t it? And you might be thinking about decorating his bedroom as comfortable and fun as possible now.
Luckily, you’ve come to the right place as you would find 10 toddler bedroom ideas that will make your kid’s bedroom become a safe haven for him or her.

So, let’s check them out! However, before that, as always, this list is compiled for you by 10 Toddler Bedroom Ideas Featured Pinterest Image
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10. Create Floorspace | Idealhome Create Floorspace 4A bedroom for a toddler is supposed to be spacious so that he can have enough room to play. Unfortunately, some parents have to put up with limited space.
Don’t let limited space prevent your toddler from having fun in his very own personal bedroom. If his bedroom is rather small, try raising his bed a few feet off the floor. By doing this, you’ll have the chance to create more floorspace for your kid to play. Create Floorspace 3This bedroom has shown how it works. The homeowner raises the bed a little bit and turns the space under the bed into a lounging den for playing Lego or reading. Create Floorspace 2One more inspiration. Create Floorspace 1

9. Keep It Low | Hurdandhoney Keep It Low 3

If you are going to do a bedroom makeover for your toddler, think small! It doesn’t have anything to do with small space, though. Keep It Low 1Just think about small furniture that your kid can easily reach, like reachable shelves or cubes.
Keeping shelves and cubes at the height that your toddler can reach is beneficial. It will help him get the toys or books he wants without any assistance. Besides, he can learn to be responsible for his toys by putting the toys and books back to the shelves after playing or reading. Now you don’t have to clean up the mess by yourself anymore. Keep It Low 2

8. A Modern Toddler Bedroom Project idea | Shutterfly Modern Toddler Bedroom 1Just because it is a bedroom for toddler, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish. You can even give the touch of modern style to your kid’s bedroom without eradicating the fun and playful vibes.
To make a modern bedroom for a toddler, try using a day bed or single-sized bed with clean-lined edges. You can also swap the furniture legs with peg legs or hairpin legs to accentuate the modern flair. Modern Toddler Bedroom 2Don’t forget to apply pops of colors like this deep blue bed and funky neon hairpin legs to maintain the playful ambiance. Don’t go overboard with the color schemes, though. Applying two or three color hues will be enough.

7. Craft your toddler bedroom with Big and Colorful wall decors | Homedesignlover Hanging Big and Colorful ThingsBabies’ and toddlers’ developments are amazing. No wonder every parent feels so excited about it. Therefore, stimulating their development is a must. Let’s start from your kid’s bedroom.
Experts say that adding more colors to your kid’s room will not only look great, but also give a good impact in learning and behavior. Besides learning about colors, toddlers also begin to recognize sizes and shapes.
To assist his or her growth and development, try hanging some balls with various sizes and shapes. One thing, always remember to use bright primary colors, not the muted ones. Your kid will find it appealing.
If you are worried about the haphazard look, you can try applying a monochrome colour base in your baby’s bedroom so that you can introduce almost any color that will complement the décor later.

6. An Attic Toddler Bedroom Project idea | Idealhome Attic Toddler Bedroom 2A toddler bedroom in the attic? Why not? You can make use every room in your house and then turn it into a toddler bedroom that packs lots of fun, including the attic. What makes it challenging is tapping this awkward space.
An attic usually has limited space. Oftentimes, the space available in the attic is awkward. Therefore, stop wrestling a wardrobe or shelves into the space. Try making build-in storage, instead. Attic Toddler Bedroom 3Opt for a futon rather than a bed frame so that your kid can sleep comfortably. Add a hanging chair to the space to kick it up a notch. Check link inside description to find 10 Gorgeous Small Futon Ideas for Small Space or bedroom. Attic Toddler Bedroom 1

5. A Soccer Player Toddler Bedroom Idea | HomedesignLover Soccer Player Wannabe 2If your kid is into soccer, this bedroom idea is for him. As a soccer fan, he will be thrilled when knowing that his bedroom is full of soccer balls. You can either hang wallpapers or make mural painting on the wall. Soccer Player Wannabe 1Investing in a ball-shaped chair or stool will accentuate the decor. Don’t forget to add a low-level bed top with a duvet or comforter that represents your kid’s favourite soccer club.

4. Bring Outer Space ambiance inside their Bedroom | Goodhousekeeping Bring Outer Space in the Bedroom 1Some kids dream about being an astronaut and exploring the outer space. Well, they can be an astronaut someday in the future. But now, it’s your task to bring the outer space to your kid’s bedroom. Bring Outer Space in the Bedroom 2This bedroom is decorated with muted white hues that can promote a better sleep. The ceiling is covered with a dark blue wallpaper that resembles the night sky with glittering stars. When your toddler is preparing for sleep, he’ll be staring at the ceiling and amazed by it. To upgrade it, allow yourself to finish it with a rotating star projector or star string lights or star night light projector lamp. Bring Outer Space in the Bedroom 3

3. A Dreamy Racing Car Toddler bedroom idea | Homedesignlover Dreamy Racing CarA bedroom for a toddler has to be playful. Therefore, this one will be your next project.
Some kids like collecting toy cars, especially racing cars and fire engines. Take your kid imagination to the next level by investing in a race car bed, just like this one.
This bedroom features a red race-car bed that will make your kid smile exuberantly. The furniture is designed to match the bed immensely so that your kid can feel the racing vibe. Since this is a bedroom for a toddler, everything is set within his reach.

2. A Chic-Pink Girl’s Bedroom Project idea | Popsugar Chic Pink Girls BedroomYour daughter is going to love this bedroom. You don’t need to get a new bed for her. Just remove the crib railing, and you’re good to go. Add pink quilted comforter or futon for extra comfort and elegance.
You can also add some luxury to your princess’ bedroom by hanging a pink canopy above the bed. Hang a crystal chandelier to accentuate the luxurious look. A princess’ bedroom needs a chic chandelier, right? Don’t forget to add extra lighting like the mini LED lights attached on the wall.
Last, set up a place for your kid and her friends to have some tea. For the ultimate comfort, lay a fluffy rug under the chairs and table.

Lastly number 1. A Little Fire Fighter toddler bedroom project idea Little Fire Fighter 1Every kid naturally likes playing. They even wish they could bring a playground in their bedroom.
Try to make your kid’s dream come true by investing in a loft bed with a slide. This resembles the scene of a fire fighter. The bunk bed features stair on one side and a red slide on the other side which allows your kid to have more fun. Little Fire Fighter 3One last image related to this point. Little Fire Fighter 3
So, now you know that decorating a bedroom for your toddler is not arduous at all. In fact, it is a fun thing to do with your kids. You can copy one of these 10 toddler bedroom ideas and work with your kid to create a safe haven for him or her.

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