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6 Practical Tips on Selling an Old Mobile Home

Every type of real estate property has its own challenges when it comes to selling it, and manufactured homes are not an exception. In fact, selling a mobile home for profit can be difficult, especially if it’s relatively old and outdated – financing for a mobile home is hard to get, and many realtors refuse to sell manufactured homes.

However, this does not mean you cannot sell it at all. In this article, you will find a list of several practical tips on selling an old mobile home. They range from getting your house appraised, conducting a home inspection, and making the necessary repairs to cleaning your house thoroughly, marketing your home online, and hosting an open house, among other things. Continue reading to learn how to sell your mobile home while it’s not too late.

Get Your House Appraised

When selling an old mobile home, it’s necessary to have it appraised. The problem with manufactured homes is that their value is often underestimated. Therefore, for the sale of your mobile home to be efficient and safe, you need to have it appraised and get a proper estimate of its resale value. Appraisers will be able to tell you how much your mobile home is worth as well as what you can expect as a return on your investment if you indeed decide to sell it.

After getting the appraisal report, you will know whether you go through with it or not. If it has more value than previously thought, selling it right away will be a good idea. However, if the appraisal report says otherwise and the difference between the estimated and current market prices is not considerable, you can think about doing some improvements and selling the house later on.

Get Your House Inspected

After getting your home appraised, consider getting it inspected. The inspection of your mobile home will help you find out whether there are any problems that need to be fixed before selling it for profit. Some of these problems can include roof leaks, floor rot, foundation cracks, and plumbing problems.

If there are significant problems with your mobile home, you might need to invest in a few repairs before selling it. This is a good idea because a buyer will most likely ask for a discount if they notice that major repairs are needed. Therefore, be sure to have it inspected by a professional contractor before putting it up for sale.

Do the Necessary Repairs

If your mobile home needs some repairs before being listed on the market, do them as soon as possible. Although many people opt for DIY repairs, it might not be a good idea when selling your mobile home. You might have to hire someone else to do the work if you don’t have enough experience in this area. If you want to make a profit from your mobile home, and you aren’t sure how to carry the repairs, make sure you hire a professional instead of doing the job yourself.

Clean Your Mobile Home Inside and Out

In order to sell your mobile home fast and at the right price, make sure you clean your house thoroughly before posting it on the market. You can start by cleaning all rooms inside, including the kitchen and bathroom. From there, you can begin cleaning outside areas, such as the yard and walkways leading to your home. If possible, also clean the exterior of your mobile home – especially the roof and siding. This way, potential buyers will see that your house is neat and maintained.

If your interior walls are dirty or damaged in any way, clean them as well. Also, vacuum all rooms thoroughly so that buyers can see how spacious your house is. Make sure floors are clean, decluttered, and scrubbed.

Market Your Mobile Home Online

Once your mobile home has been cleaned and repaired (if necessary), you can begin marketing it online. The easiest way to do this is to use listing websites like Zillow or These sites allow you to advertise your property to hundreds of potential buyers who are looking for various types of properties including manufactured homes. Another option is to create an advertising flyer for your house and post it at local real estate offices or community centers where people usually gather.

Once you have posted an ad online or made a flyer for your house, wait for interested buyers to contact you. Once someone makes an offer, be sure to negotiate with them before signing any papers. Most importantly, remember that selling an old mobile home requires patience but can bring great rewards if done right!

Host an Open House

Once you get the word out about your mobile home, it is time to host an open house and start marketing your property. This way, you will be able to attract potential buyers who are interested in getting a mobile home at a discount.

You can invite your neighbors to come in and take a look at your place. Doing this will help you promote your mobile home while also getting some feedback from regular folks. If they are interested, you’ll know what kind of improvements need to be made before listing it on the market.


Selling a mobile home can be a difficult process, especially if your home is relatively old and outdated. However, if you follow the tips listed in this article, you will be able to sell your house fast and at an attractive price. By investing in a few repairs, getting your house inspected, hosting an open house, and cleaning your home thoroughly, you will increase your chances of selling it fast and at the right price. You may contact a professional contractor or real estate agent if you have any questions or need more information on how to get your mobile home ready for sale.

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