Tips on How to Start a Career as a Truck Driver in the USA

The work of a trucker in the United States is extremely popular. According to official figures, there are about 4 million truckers in the country, and one in 20 truck drivers in the US is a woman. The number of truck drivers keeps growing day by day.

It is worth noting that in order to become a trucker in the United States, it is necessary to obtain a CDL license. Specialized truck driving schools, such as truck driver training spokane or any other, depending on the state, can help you with this. In this review, we will look at how to become a truck driver in the USA, as well as what types of cargo transportation there are.

Obtaining a CDL Class A License

Before you can start working as a truck driver, you will have to get an American driver’s license. To do this, you must have an excellent command of the theory and rules of driving, pass the appropriate written exam, and also pass a practical test in the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can sign up for the exam directly on the official website of the organization by selecting the state in which you live.

It is worth considering that some states have restrictions on obtaining a Class A, B, and C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) required to drive a heavy truck. It usually takes a year after obtaining a regular driver’s license (Basic Driving License). Further, it is necessary to undergo training lasting from two weeks to nine months. This is possible in a special truck driving school, which can be easily found in local newspapers or using the Internet.

Types of Trucker Job Categories

A real American truck is a heavy, powerful, and technically complex vehicle. The qualification of a trucker is largely determined by their conditional category, depending on the specialization, which can be:

  • Dry Van Drivers ─ transportation of dry products to long-term storage warehouses;
  • Less than Truck Load ─ transporting a load that is less than that of a truck. Such drivers are engaged in the transportation of various goods within the same city or maximum state;
  • Auto Haulers ─ transportation of large vehicles;
  • Flat Bed Drivers ─ platform driver for building slabs, structures, pipes, logs;
  • Reefer ─ refrigerator driver;
  • Tanker Drivers ─ carrier of liquid fuels, oil, gas, gasoline, other dangerous liquids in tanks.

Actually, the largest trucks are driven by specialists of the last four categories. They are the most in-demand, and those of them who participate in the trunk and international transportation is also the highest-paid.

What Qualities Should a Trucker Possess?

If we talk about legal employment, American truckers have the opportunity to get a job in reputable companies with consistently high earnings and social guarantees. Of course, this is insurance, including medical, guaranteed vacation, paid sick leave.

In addition to experience, physical strength, and health, employers pay attention to the personal qualities of candidates, which sometimes contradict each other. Getting a job as a truck driver is much easier for a driver who is characterized by:

  • Composure;
  • Seriousness;
  • Courage;
  • Calm;
  • Ability to respond quickly in difficult situations;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Ability to make independent decisions.

According to American labor law, you can drive a heavy vehicle for no more than 11 hours, after which the rest of at least 10 hours is required. High requirements for hired drivers are offset by excellent working conditions, thanks to which the life of a trucker in the United States looks quite attractive from the outside.

How to Get a Job as a Beginner Trucker?

It is clear what it takes to become a trucker. Another question is how to look for a job. However, there is a solution as well. You can land a job offer remotely via the Internet or on-site with the help of automobile associations, ads in print media, on TV, and electronic resources.

It is also worth noting that often employers themselves look for drivers at the stage of training at trucker schools, but more often teachers provide recommendations. The stable connections of such schools with transport companies allow the latter to match the staff with qualified personnel; therefore, they are supported by associations and trade unions.


Despite the difficult and dangerous work, there are enough people who want to get a job as a truck driver. The profession gives a lot of advantages, such as high stable earnings, comfortable working conditions, respect on the roads and in society.

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