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Here Are 4 Tips On How To Quickly Improve the Quality Of Your Lawn

There are assumptions among people that if they use loads of water and fertilizer, then their lawn will look green and radiant. Also, we usually think that we need to use all the different products such as pesticides, herbicides, and loads of water. Truth to be said, depending on the region you are located in, you can grow a healthy green grass carpet. It is problematic that the majority of grass turfs are grown on a thin and poor soil layer. To make your lawn green and healthy, it is important to start from the roots and work it from the soil. Here are the top four tips you can use to quickly improve the quality of the lawn.

1. Fertilize

A good fertilizer is a crucial moment for stimulating grass growth. Grass turfs not only are grown on the thin and in-nutrient poor layer of soil, but it is also problematic since roots are not strong enough to penetrate deeper into the soil. This may be remedied, however, by utilizing pelletized or liquid fertilizer, as well as slow-release organic fertilizer that can be evenly disseminated with broadcast spreaders, encouraging grassroots to penetrate deeper into the soil and improving biological activity. If soil is well-prepared, healthy, and biologically active, then the texture of the soil will support the plants’ growth so that they will be capable of resisting stress, insects, damage, and disease. Once again, depending on the region you live in, fertilizer should be used differently. If you live in the northern parts, then the best period for fertilization is fall. On the other hand, if you live in the southern half, then you should fertilize the soil a couple of times in the period from the early spring to late summer. You should bear in mind that this soil needs to be fertilized lightly because of the warm climate and increased grass-growth stimulation.

2. Aerate

The second criterion for your lawn to be beautiful, green, and radiant, is for your soil to be aerated. Namely, foot traffic and lawn machinery can considerably influence the soil of your lawn making it solid and compact. Compact soil is a difficult environment for your grass to grow and hence, it is necessary to find the resources to make your soil more aerated. There are a couple of methods you can use for these purposes. Firstly, you can use a hand-held or even machine-powered aerator that will make the soil softer and easier for water and fertilizer to penetrate deeper and will maintain a good state of your grass. Secondly, you can use shoes that have spikes in them and aerate your soil by simply walking around. These spikes will make holes in the ground so that food and water can easily penetrate deeper.

3. Mowing

To have better orientation on how deep you should mow, the best parameter is the depth of your blade. The roots of the grass should be long as deep as the mowing blades are high. In order to maintain a healthy root system that will be able to resist some extreme weather conditions such as severe droughts and heat, then you need to make sure that the roots should be at least several inches deep. Additionally, if you want to add even more drought resistance that will help shade out weed seeds, then you need to try to set the mowing blades even higher and try not to mow your lawn not less than 3 inches long.

4. Thatch

You need to try to reduce thatch which is in its essence a layer of dead grass and roots that are sustained on the top of the soil. If this layer becomes way too thick, it prevents new roots from growing and fertilizer and water from deeply penetrating into the soil. The result of this is that grass starts growing along with the soil instead of in the ground. Hence, these roots make the roots intertwine and form a dense and thick mat. If your lawn has a serious thatch problem then it would be wise to remove this layer and this can be done by raking vigorously without damaging the lawn.

It is not a demanding task to make your lawn look green and beautiful with minimal effort. On the other hand, the more care you pay it, the better the results will be; nevertheless, there are always some simple things we can do to assist aerate the soil and make it even more dazzling. We hope this article will help you take proper care of your lawn.

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