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Tips On Decorating Your Home With Area Rugs

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We all love to redecorate our living spaces once in a while. Sometimes just adding a rud, room decor or even a pillow can bring so much warmness and joy to the household. Decorating is fun and somewhat addictive. Those that love to decorate their living space know that rugs are the number one choice if you want to refresh the feel and look of a room. So if you feel as if something is missing for a room to feel cozy, always opt for an area rug that you like.

Area rugs are very versatile and luckily today they are available in numerous styles, designs, and fabrics. You can purchase bold retro or oriental rugs for your living room, a lovely whimsical rug to complete your kids’ room, and combine monochrome with patterned pieces in your bedroom. The choices are endless! Be aware that area rug shopping can be somewhat addicting and before you know it, your house will be full of them.

Tips on decorating your home with area rugs

Put an accent on it

If you want to put an accent on a certain part of your room, you can easily do that by putting a nice area rug beneath the furniture. For example, if you plan on defining the living room, a good choice would be a round or a square area rug that will go under the sofa and the coffee table, or at least the front legs of the furniture. That way, you’ll be adding some dimension to your room.

When it comes to area rugs, the most important thing about them is the color, not the patterns and the material. Sure, they make some great changes, but if you go wrong with the color, your room will end up looking unpleasant. If you’re unsure of what color to pick, go for neutral tones or simply look up some ideas online.

Mimic nature

Lately, the idea of combining indoors and outdoors is completely in, and you can easily do that through small details and ornaments in your home. You don’t have to live near a forest anymore, you simply bring the forest to your room. Try buying some cute potted flowers and plants that don’t require too much of your time, and put them in the corners of your room, for instant change.

But, the main thing that you’ll adore will be the area rug that will be placed in the center of the room. Greenish tones- emerald, dark green… are a great choice. This is where materials are really important, so opt for a soft, fluffy area rug that will mimic the grass outside. Once you decorate the room to your liking, it’ll quickly become your favorite place to sit and relax.

Connect the rooms with area rugs

Some homes have open space, where the living room is directly connected to the kitchen or the dining room. It gives out the illusion of having more space, bigger rooms and it looks nice. But, it can be quite challenging to decorate them, because usually, those are separate rooms, with different utilities and furniture.

The best way that you can connect those rooms is by putting similar or exactly the same area rugs in each of them. Most of us don’t prefer having rugs in our kitchen, because it can get dirty really easily, but we all have tiles there, so that’s going to be your base. Match the color of the tiles with the color of your rug. If you have a dining room connected to your living room, things are a lot easier, and you can put the same area rugs in both rooms, or you can put rugs that have similar colors, or even ones that are complementary to one another.

Copyright: Pexels | CC0 Public Domain

Avoid using more than one area rug

This is really important, especially if your rooms are smaller. The final look will be unpleasant and too cluttered, and you won’t be able to determine what the real problem is. That’s why gathering all the info you can is really important.

Having one bigger area rug in the center, under the main furniture pieces is better than having two rugs that are misplaced. The only situation where you should opt for more than one rug is when you have a huge living room, with lots of furniture, or you have open space.

Try unique shapes and beware of colors

Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with neutral tones and classic square, rectangle, circle shapes. But, would you like to spice things up a bit? Area rugs are the perfect way to express your personality and add a touch of yourself to your own home.

You can go for an asymmetrical shape with bold colors as long as it fits in your room nicely. But, colors can be loud as well, so make sure not to overdo it. You don’t want your room to be too intense just because you opted for a huge area rug that just screams red.

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