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Tips for Those Who Hate Cleaning But Want to Live Clean

American scientists have estimated that women spend at least half an hour cleaning the house every day. Men lag behind: they do housework 2 times less often than women. Netizens of both sexes argue that the need to constantly maintain cleanliness in the house is annoying and nervous. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely abandon household chores and get bogged down in clutter, but some secrets will help to clean the house two times less often.

Today we have collected the best tips for those who do not like cleaning but do not agree to live in a mess. They are perfect for every day. However, if you are redesigning your apartment or moving to a new house, it is reasonable to address house cleaning Spokane as they will help you with hard cases and will save your time.

1. Liquid soap will help keep the sink clean for longer

To reduce clutter in the bathroom, use liquid soap instead of a regular one. Solid soap bars leave marks on the sink, which then have to be wiped long and thoroughly, and liquid one, on the contrary, saves a lot of time.

2. Repeated cleaning of “hot spots” will allow you to wash the floor in the apartment less often

To lessen the need to wash the floor, you only need to monitor the “hot spots” from which garbage is spread throughout the house. Usually, the most problematic places in the apartment are the hallway and the space around the cat toilet. To maintain perfect order, it is enough to clean these areas once a day, and you can forget about frequent floor cleaning.

3. Clean bathroom without daily cleaning

Take a universal plumbing cleaner and add it to the toilet brush holder. Thus, with each use, you will simultaneously perform a mini-cleaning and disinfection of the toilet. In addition, this method helps to combat odor.

4. Storage systems will help maintain order

A competent, organized storage system is the basis of order in the house. If all the things are in place, then you have to clean less often. Instead of using boring plastic containers, designers offer an alternative: you can approach the problem of storage creatively and use every free inch wisely. For example, instead of a regular bed, install a chest of drawers with shelves, arrange vertical pull-out shelves in the kitchen, or use modular storage systems that you can arrange as you wish.

5. Refusal of paper

Paper bills, letters, newspapers, and magazines are all rubbish that one day will have to be thrown away. Without delay, getting rid of deposits of such paper garbage and cleaning will take less time. Children’s drawings can be converted into electronic form, and then piles of paper with masterpieces of your child will no longer clutter the desk. All receipts and invoices can be received and stored electronically: long live the internet!

6. The humidifier will help reduce the dust

The humidifier prevents dust and wool from settling on the furniture, so it is simply irreplaceable in a house where there are small children or people with allergies. However, you should use this device with caution: a humidity of 40-50% can result in the formation of mold.

7. Cabinets with glass doors will protect souvenirs and books from dust

Books, figurines, souvenirs, etc. — the more small items are in your home, the more often you have to wipe the dust from them. Cleaning experts suggest storing such things in a glazed closet — it’s beautiful and reduces the amount of work for you. Everything that can attract dust should be hidden, then you will have to clean less often.

Minimalism is becoming a fashion trend, and perhaps it’s time to reconsider your attitude to things that might come in handy and stop accumulating junk. In this case, cleaning will be a rarer and faster process for you than before.

8. Water-repellent window cleaner will keep them clean longer

Rain, snow, and wind can easily destroy all your efforts to wash windows, which, of course, is very unfortunate. To keep the windows clean longer, it is necessary to cover them with a hydrophobic spray that repels moisture and dirt. This solution can be bought in a store or made by yourself.

These tips are simple enough to implement into your daily routine right now. Try them out!

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