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10 Storage layout and Project choices for a Small Bedroom

A cluttered bedroom is a miserable bedroom, especially if you need help with what to do with your various kind of possessions. It’s possible you’re under the idea that there’s not much more room for your belonging, although you still have sufficient if you look around.
To help you feel less stressed and more organized, we have compiled a list of 10 storage layout options and DIYs you can experiment with in a small bedroom. Simphome, as usual, provides the index.

10 Storage layout and Project choices for a Small Bedroom Video:

10 Storage layout for a small bedroom poster

10. Turn a Sewing Machine into a Vanity Table

If you have an old sewing machine, don’t let it stay unused. Try to turn it into something more practical, such as a vanity table. This way, the machine won’t take up your space. It provides you extra space for your daily make-up instead.

Start with breaking your desk down completely. Take off the sewing machine and the hinged cover. If the veneer sheets are in poor shape, remove the sheets with an oscillating tool. After that, sand everything down using a hand sander.

Then it’s time to build the storage area using a thin wood panel. Once it is done, sand them down before painting or staining them. Last, assemble all the parts. You can add a mirror and some cabinet battery lights as final touches.

9. The DIY Wall Mounted Floating Cabinet idea

This wall-mounted cabinet would be a perfect addition to your bedroom. It can make a great nightstand. Most importantly, you can make it yourself.

First, purchase heavy-duty stainless-steel brackets and screw them to the studs. Next, get wooden boards and cut them to length. The dimensions will vary depending on the available space and desired outcome.

After that, assemble the top and three dividers. Then, screw the top to the brackets. The brackets should be right under the top because you will conceal them later, making the cabinet seem floating.
Next, assemble the door panel with the bottom of the cabinet using a piano hinge. This way, the door can fold out and down instead of swinging sideways.

You can cover the cabinet fully or let half of it remain open. If you opt for the latter, trim the hinge using an angle grinder.

8. The DIY Large Nightstand with Charging Shelf Idea

If that floating nightstand is not your style, consider making this one, which is larger and more functional.

To make this large stand, you need to cut ¾”x4’x8′ plywood boards into two 17 ¾” x 22″ for the sides, one 27 ½” x 22″ for the bottom, and 27 ½” x 17″ for the back. Then, assemble those pieces together.

You do not want to have pocket holes from the sides up to the top because it will ruin your nightstand look. Therefore, you must screw a 4″x27″ support to both sides. That way, you can use the remaining opening to secure the top while creating a flawless look.

Now, you can create the top. The top should be flush with the sides. Thus, the top has a frame made of pine board. You will also need to cut an opening in the top because you will slide a recessed power outlet.
This nightstand has an additional shelf floating above it with four legs supporting it. The front legs tilt a little bit. Thus, you need to make sure that the angle is correct. If you can get salvaged wooden material, that would be an ideal alternative for the current storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget.

7. Or turn the corner section a new center of attraction

Bring the medium size tree trunk in and transform it into a useful corner bookshelf that will be helpful for your limited bedroom space.
Once you seize the perfect size for your bedroom, get a piece of driftwood or any wooden board for the shelf’s base. Then sand it down to ensure all areas are smooth and ready to be stained or painted if you want.

Start the building by cutting the tree trunk into several parts. Then, on the top of each piece, glue the wooden board. Then assemble them into complete shelving using wood glue. If necessary, sand them again before sealing the bookshelf using wood wax.

6. Upgrade Your Nightstand with These Simple DIY Storage Add-Ons

A row of cut-down tree stumps is one of the most reliable forms of natural Lawn edging. Although they don’t have the same shape and size, their differences make a great garden border you will surely love.

To organize your bedroom better, add a bottom shelf to your nightstand. First, install brackets on the legs of your nightstand. Then, screw a wooden board to the brackets.
Do you want more? Sure!

You can add another shelf to your nightstand by assembling a long board with two shorter boards as support. You can also install L-brackets to make the shelf sturdy. After that, attach the back of the top shelf. Drill a hole in it for cords. Finally, install the additional shelf on your nightstand.

5. Opt for a Behind-the-Door Shelving idea

Optimize the area behind the door by adding this narrow bookshelf.
It starts with doing the measurement. Consider the possible size of the shelving and the available space. After that, you can cut down the wooden board into several parts.

Then, create the perimeter butt joints. You will need some help here. If you do not have any assistance, you can use a corner clamp. After that, glue and screw the perimeter butt joints.
Next, add as many shelves as you need, along with the dividers. You will also have to drill some holes in the paracord. Then, create a French cleat and attach it to the shelf so you can easily mount it to the wall.
After applying any finish you want, mount the shelf to the wall and thread the paracord to the holes you have drilled.

4. A Built-in Storage Idea Ideal for a Compact Bedroom from Sawdustgirl

Do not give up yet if you have a compact bedroom with a tiny space. You can optimize the available space by building some built-ins, just like the ones in this bedroom.
This bedroom features two wardrobes flanking the bed in
the middle. Begin assembling the side piece and shelves using 1-3/4″ screws. Then, attach the opposite side and leave the cubby to remain open because you will use it as a built-in nightstand on which you set down your books, phone, and other small items. This way, you can access them without opening the wardrobe.
Next, attach the front and back of the wardrobe. You will also need to create back cleats to secure it to the wall. Finally, attach the face frame and beadboard.
Position the
towers in the corners so you can place your bed in the middle. The good news is the platform bed also features built-in drawers that you can use to store bedding and blankets.

3. The DIY Wall Mounted Nightstand Project Idea

This wall-mounted nightstand can be the best solution for your small bedroom. It will help you organize your room better without taking up more floor space.
Begin with assembling the outer frame consisting of the top, bottom, and sides. Make sure the pocket holes face the inside of the frame.

Next, build the phone caddy by creating an L shape from a ¾” x 10 ½” x 10 ¾” board and a ¾” x 10 ½” x 6″ board. After that, attach it to the frame with the front edges flush with the box.
Finally, attach the back and fill the holes.

2. The Multipurpose Bookshelf Idea for underutilized wall

Every inch is valuable in a small bedroom. Thus, you should not let any wall in your sleeping space remain dormant. This bookshelf will help you tackle it.
First, you need to measure the area where you want to position your bookshelf. The dimensions will be different because they depend on the available space.
Then, get 1×12 lumber and cut it into two identical pieces. After that, cut some other boards to create the shelving pieces.

Once you have got all the pieces, assemble them using screws. To make the bookshelf sturdier, you can use 1×6 boards and secure them to the back of the bookshelf. You should get an “X” shape if you do this step. This “X” will be the brace that supports the bookshelf and decorative detail, adding a bit of the farmhouse style.

1. A Queen size lift bed with storage idea from Ana-white

Another way to have extra storage in your little bedroom is by installing a lift-up bed. First, you need to build the basic frame of the bed using 1x8s. Then, add a layer of plywood at the bottom side, which gives you an area to attach the caster wheels.

Once it is done, you can install caster wheels to the base. Note the weight limit on your casters. Add additional, if necessary, to cover your expected weight requirements. Consider a locking wheel at the front and swivels for the rest of the wheels.
Add another plywood panel on the top side. Attach it with the hinge. Do not forget to attach springs to the underside of the plywood piece to allow you to access the area beneath the bed.

That’s all the 10 Storage Layout for a Small Bedroom. They are DIY-friendly. Even some of them are worth trying for a beginner. So, just give it a shot!



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