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10 Split Level Home ideas

A split-level home features one house level on a higher elevation than the other. Split-level homes are designed with porches, decks, and landings to bridge the different levels. Split levels have many advantages, some obvious and some not so obvious. Check out these ten split-level house ideas for an overview of this type of design and what it can offer you

Key Points:

  • A split-level home transformation will change the overall appearance of a home.
  • A split-level home will function as two separate homes, which means a new foundation and new plumbing for each level on either side of the space.
  • When a split-level home is restyled, it will generally offer more living space.
  • Split-levels are only designed to be single-story to keep the cost down. Homes over two stories will not have a split-level theme in mind. For example, even though you can build a second floor onto your home, that doesn’t mean it will work with this house plan design.
  • Because the split-level home is essentially two homes in one, you will have twice as many rooms as a normal single-story house.
  • Split levels are practical and functional, but they also have excellent resale value.
  • When looking for a duplex-style home, look for a split-level house plan to have a front porch on each side of the home.
  • The best part about splitting levels is that you can do it without making significant renovations to the existing structure of your house.
  • Split-level homes are better suited for neighborhoods with small lots and high traffic areas.

Split-level houses were famous from the 1960s to the 1980s. This type of house is one with staggering levels. You can quickly notice the short and staggered stairs from the exterior.

All of the floors and rooms tie together closely. When you come into the house through the front door, you’ll see a staircase that goes up to the upper floor and directs you to the basement area.
This type of house might sound outdated. However, you can easily modernize and re-decorate it. In addition, the open-concept living arrangement offered by this style has attracted many people.

Thus, if you intend to purchase a split-level house or own it, we’ve gathered several worth-trying ideas to accentuate it. Stick with us to find out more about 10 Split Level Home Ideas. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

The 10 Split level home Poster
10 Split level home Poster

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List Entries:

10. A Modern Style Split-Level idea

The exterior building of a split-level house might seem old. However, to turn it into a modern design style, you can renovate some main building parts into a more geometrical shape.
Then you can combine different elements with a bold color scheme to accentuate the modern atmosphere. For example, experiment with a black mate or gray paint, wooden accents, and exposed walls.

Relevant details:

  1. Start the adaptation by painting the stairway floor in black and white.
  2. Put some wooden beams together with an art wall in the living room
  3. Create a focal point by showing off your home’s features to the outside world with the help of lampion lights that highlight a trellis
  4. Give it a feeling of space and elegance using floating shelves that elevate even more furniture in your living room
  5. Add some built-in cabinets to give your house a more contemporary look
  6. Place floating bookshelves to add some extra storage space to your bedroom, especially if you sleep on the upper level
  7. Make changes to your exterior by adding some wooden accent pieces like covering the front door with some floor to wooden ceiling beams
  8. Create an entrance that looks more modern by adding some lights in your doorway
  9. Finally, add more texture and color with floor-to-ceiling shelving in your dining room and a shocking red splash of color on the dining table itself

9. The Elevated Ranch Style Split Level House Idea

Perhaps you’re into the idea of a ranch, yet you don’t want it to be accessible. After you walk through the immaculate grass of this impressive ranch, you have about three stages of climbing before arriving at the front entryway. The steps offer an elevated entrance rather than laying level on the ground.

Relevant details:

  1. The most significant part of the exterior is the steps leading to the front door
  2. The porch is elevated as well, and it comes with a distinct small roof that stands out from all other parts of the house
  3. Many windows are used on all sides of this home for a welcoming effect
  4. Installing Dormers would turn your high level into a more gracious, open-plan home
  5. It’sIt’s important to get the right amount of sunlight warming your home as a whole, so you can try painting your roof white or adding more light-colored siding
  6. Using natural stones in your landscaping would add to the aesthetics of this home
  7. You can also add some wooden shelves in the living room for extra storage space

8. Produce a new Accent with Wood Panelling

Nowadays, sustainable architecture has become more popular. Thus, opting for wooden paneling for your siding is a terrific idea. It will not merely offer you a more eco-friendly building but also add a warm and welcoming touch.

If you decide to select this option, pay attention to what type of wooden paneling you will use. Since it is for the exterior, you need to select the one with robust durability, suitable for various weather conditions, solid, and dimensionally stable.

7. Highlight Your Garage

The garage is not only a place to park and store your car, but it can also become a part of the curb appeal.

The garage is the focal point of the exterior. Thus, it may turn your house into one of the eye-catching ones in the neighborhood.
You may consider applying different finishes or installing other materials to your garage exterior to create contrast with your house. For instance, you can attach stone siding to add a textural element or paint a bright hue to incorporate a pop of color.

Other alternatives you can try to transform your garage such as:

  1. Add a stone wall to create a feeling of height in your garage
  2. Cover the garage with an indoor-outdoor space that’s used as an extension of your living area
  3. Install a glass ceiling inside the garage so that you can enjoy the sunlight while working there
  4. If you have a lot of storage space, use it for additional shelving in the interior
  5. Try installing wooden beams on both sides and separate them from each other to create textural change
  6. Create a rustic vibe by installing wood beams made from cedar wood
  7. Use wood paneling and horizontal pieces of aluminum or even steel to complement the style of your home
  8. Create a more geometrical look by installing metal paneling as a backdrop for garden pots and plants
  9. Add columns to the exterior to highlight the entrance
  10. Paint your garage with interior colors to provide a pleasing contrast with the house

6. Use Colors and Textures to Accentuate the Different Levels

Most homeowners use one color and texture for their house exteriors to make all rooms look united and conceal the split level. Well, that may not be a big problem.

However, if you want to create an exterior that draws the eye better, you can create layers. Incorporating different textures and colors will help you create layers.
You can use a different color of paint and combine it with exposed brick or wooden paneling.

5. Updating or Adding a Front Porch

If your split-level house does not have a front porch, go build one. But, if you already own it, update it into a refreshing area. Sure, it will help you improve your curb appeal automatically.
Moreover, it also provides you with a refreshing area. Place one or two chairs and a small table in the area. Sit on it while enjoying your morning coffee and the beautiful view of your front garden.

Other ideas to enrich your front porch such as:

1. Install a ceiling light over the front porch to make the space more welcoming
2. Add a stone wall to add some extra height
3. Use different colors and textures for the columns for a refreshing change
4. Finally, install windows on all sides of your front porch so that you can enjoy natural lighting as well as great views of your home’s exterior

Also, Make Use Of Different Materials: Stone, Wood or Metal Panels, and More

Materials like stone, wood, or metal panels make a siding. However, they are perfect choices for other exterior features as well. For instance, choose a material that suits your taste and style to enhance your home’s exterior. Stone, wood, and metal panels are excellent options. You can install them in the front of your home over a concrete patio as a backdrop for landscaping and plants.

  • Stone: With stone siding, curbside walls have an interesting visual appeal. The material is incredibly elegant, durable, and easy to maintain. You can install this type of siding on the front for privacy.
  • Wood: Solid wood does not get damaged by insects or rot due to its excellent resistance to moisture and termites. It is one of the most popular choices for siding options for split-level homes. The natural finish is preferable over the painted one since it creates a unique appeal while adding warmth to the exterior.
  • Metal Panels: Perhaps, this material is not as popular as stone, wood, or even concrete. But when you choose metal panels, your home’s exterior has a sleek and elegant look.
    Among all types of metal panels, aluminum is one of the most favored ones because it adds color to your home’s exterior. It makes sense to stay away from flat and monotonous exteriors.

4. Store more in your entryway

Building a storage room in your entry could be a way to make the most of the space in your split-level house. Do not let the walls around the entry wall empty. You can turn it into a storage room and shelving area. Then, you can place some decorative elements, like a photo frame, a collection of small cacti, etc.

Or you can also make such drawers for your entryway stairs. The drawer storage is hidden, so it is an excellent option to store your items. For instance, you can use them as your shoe rack or any stuff which maybe you don’t know where to put.

3. A fascinating entryway

The entry hallway is the first thing your guests will notice when entering your house and could be a starting point to create an impression of your interior design. Thus, it is essential to make it impressive.

There are various ideas to achieve it. For instance, you can add some decorative items around it, like paintings or a huge mirror wall and a slim entrance table decorated with sculptures, indoor plants, and some framed family photographs.

Other ideas to upgrade your entryway:

  • No 1. Paint the walls of your entry hall with a color, or you can use wallpaper to make it a more colorful and inviting area
  • No 2. Install two chairs in front of the mirror wall to create an extra seating area
  • No 3. Install an outdoor fireplace to increase the ambiance inside your home
  • No 4. Use wide shelves instead of a simple table, and add some rustic decorations inside your entryway
  • No 5. Another idea is to install a burl wood in your entryway as decoration
  • No 6. Hang a large mirror above the table
  • No 7. Install a chair rail on the walls of your entryway

Also, when possible, install a Staircase in a Corner.
This idea is excellent for split-level home designers because it allows you to save space and make your home’s interior more attractive.
The staircase you built in the corner of your house will significantly impact the overall look of your home. You can choose which materials you would like to use to construct it and the style you will apply to it.

2. The Cozy open Living-Dining Room Idea

People tend to blend the living and dining rooms in a split-level house. The only thing that separates them is some short steps. Therefore, it is necessary to make each part cozy so that the occupants will not disturb each other when both areas are used.
Start with furniture arrangement. Decide the focal point of each room and let it guide you. Next, you can use a rug to define an area or traffic flow. Another idea is creating an intimate seating area.

Relevant details:

Combining the living room and dining room is challenging for a small space; for that reason, you need to make your living room comfortable. For instance, you can add decorative items like a rug, pillows, a big comfy sofa, etc.

Also, it would be best if you created some furniture arrangements that could make your living room feel more spacious than it is. Therefore, furniture arrangement is the best option for you to transform your living room from a cramped and functional space to an inviting one

A tip is to make your dining area cozy and relaxing as well as a place where the family can relax and eat together:

  1. Add a fireplace in the dining area to create an intimate feel
  2. Install a high table for your dining area
  3. Choose some light and durable materials to build your dining room set to reduce cost. Then, you can paint the walls white. This idea will make your dining area feel more significant than it is
  4. Hang some decorative items in your dining area. For instance, you can use a chandelier or a large mirror.
  5. Add some pendant lights or hanging lamps in the center of the ceiling to create an intimate space.

1. Produce a uniform color scheme for a stylish, contemporary look

Creating a uniform color scheme is a simple thing that can bring your split-level house’s interior to the next level. You should pay attention to what color to use, either for the wall or the furniture inside.

Well, it can be overwhelming in the process. But, no worry. There will be no significant difficulties if you stick to the basic concept.
So, the basic concept is to know about each of the six main types of interior color schemes—monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triad, split-complementary, and tetradic.

After knowing each type of color scheme, you may decide which one. For example, if you prefer a monochromatic one, you can utilize a combination of matte metallic black, regal navy blue, deep shades of grey, and eye-catching ivory.


So transforming a regular house into a Split Level style would be simpler, and you have to coordinate the interior color scheme with your design. For instance, you need to use dark wooden floors, dark brown drapes and furniture, white walls, light grey upholstered furniture, and throw pillows in neutral shades like beige or sand.

1. The Best Option for a Split Level Home

Nowadays, the split-level home design is considered the best home design. It is because of its attractive outdoor appearance and its comfortable indoor area. Therefore, you might consider it a good option for you when you want to build a new house.

If you have decided to build a split-level house, it is noteworthy that you need to pay attention to its foundation before anything else. The foundation provides stability for this type of house design, so it is essential not just for the structural integrity but also for your family’s comfort.

2. Interior Design Tips for a Split Level Home

Some interior designs and tips that you should put in mind when building a split level house include:

  • No 1. Start with the flooring. Whether you’re placing hardwood or carpet, make sure that it complements your home’s design and suits your needs (i.e., pet owners).
  • No 2. Add some modern furniture pieces to add a distinctive look to the room
  • No 3. Don’t forget to include a proper lighting fixture in each room
  • No 4. Look for durable materials; this will help you save cost in the long run
  • No 5. Create an area where you can spend quality time together as a family and where everyone can do what they want without disturbing other members of your family
  • No 6. Spruce up the kitchen; this will make your cooking/baking experience better
  • No 7. Add a seating area in the living room to make it an office too
  • No 8. Install a glass railing in your stairway to create an open and modern feel

3. The ideal furniture choices for a split-level home

For the furniture choices, you need to start with the stairway. At the same time, you need to consider arranging your furniture based on the structure of your home.
Concerning the stairway, some important factors that you need to take into account are:

  • No 1. The stairway should appear light and bright
  • No 2. The stairway should be wide enough to accommodate your family members
  • No 3. The stairway should be simple. You don’t have to apply too many details to it
  • No 4. The best material for the stairway is wood, especially hardwood flooring

When you are arranging your furniture, you need to consider the structure of your home.

4. The Alternatives of Split Level House

Nowadays, the split-level home design is considered the best home design. It is because of its attractive outdoor appearance and its comfortable indoor area. Therefore, you might consider it a good option for you when you want to build a new house.

If you have decided to build a split-level house, it is noteworthy that you need to pay attention to its foundation before anything else. The foundation provides stability for this type of house design, so it is essential not just for the structural integrity but also for your family’s comfort.

So, the basic idea is to know about each of the six main types of interior color schemes—monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triad, split-complementary, and tetradic.
After knowing each type of color scheme, you may decide which one. For instance, if you prefer a monochromatic one, try out a combination of matte metallic black, regal navy blue, deep shades of grey, and ivory.

That’s all the list of “10 Split Level Home Ideas”. Consider one, two, or maybe more ideas above to help you upgrade your split-level house. Good luck!



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