Southern Living Home Décor Application for Modern House

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A lot of people choose southern living style for their house because this style has very comfortable atmosphere that makes their home become more like a country sanctuary. Furthermore there are a hint of elegant appearance on the southern living home décor which also loved by many people who want to adapt this style for their house. Not only the interior design but southern living also represents their own lifestyle which makes this theme very special since it support the way you live every day. If you want to adapt this style into your own house, there are some things that you need to know.

Learn to Adapt Southern Living Home Décor Theme to Your House

1. Comfort from color

When you want to redecorate your house to southern living theme of course you must choose color scheme that you want to use inside your house. When you do choose any color for your southern living home décor, make sure that the color you use will give your house more comfort. Common colors that usually give you comfort are white as classic colors, beige, cream, light peach, pale green, and pale blue. By mixing and matching several of those colors you will be able to create comforting pallets scheme to be used for your house. (via southernliving)

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2. Use big sofa

Another thing that you should have in your southern living house to achieve the comfort that become the signature of this style is by using big sofa. With this big size sofa all people will be able to sit comfortably without even touching each other. You can use big individual sofa chair or even sectional sofa which offers bigger seating size. To make it even perfect you can use all of those big sofas and put them side by side to create your own square shape seating area on your southern living home décor design. (via southernliving)

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3. Mix patterned Fabric

Fabric is another thing that you should use since it will be able to give your home the comfort that you want. When you want to use several fabrics as your next southern living home décor accessories then you need to mix several fabrics together. It does not matter if the fabric is plain or even patterned since you can actually try to mix all of those patterns together. You do not even need to match the pattern since by using unique combination of patterned fabric it will make the room appear more interesting and alive. As long as they give the same color temperature then they will go well together inside your room. (via southernliving)

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4. Mix antique and modern

Today you want your house to accommodate your modern living style, but you still want to use the southern living home décor theme, then you must try to mix the two styles together. To achieve this you can try to mix your southern living home décor design antique with modern pieces. As antique pieces could be expensive then you are allowed to only use one piece of antique from your grandmother house with your new modern furniture. As long as there is one antique piece on each room, then you already apply this method even though more antique pieces are also allowed. (via southernliving)

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5. Open the space

The last way that you could complete the comfort inside your southern living home décor interior is by opening the space. Do not use any boundaries inside the room so it will create a whole big space like a great room instead of separated by divider. If you want to ensure the area is clearly notice, you can use area rug instead. Open all of the window treatment or it is better if you do not use any window treatment at all. Let all of those natural sunlight to come inside the room to give your room best light that it need to make it feel bright and open. (via ballarddesigns)

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Tips in Using Southern Living Theme in Your Modern House

Even though you do not have southern living building, you could still use this theme inside your modern house. As long as you could embrace the feeling that the southern living theme and adapt it inside your house. Try to think of natural way of living as the southern lifestyle is filled by natural things. You can also try to include plants in your interior decoration as the plants will be able to bring that natural feeling inside your modern house. If you have modern house with big space with the living room, dining room, and kitchen in the same room then it will be the perfect building to apply this theme since it will be able to embrace the southern living home décor open space rightfully. Do not forget to also decorate your flooring to make it more comfortable by using rugs and carpet.

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