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5 Soothing Decorating Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Retreat

What do you feel is the most relaxing place in your home? For most people, the bedroom inadvertently comes to mind.

That’s because it’s a private sanctuary – a place where you have your most personal moments. This is why it’s important that you design it to be as soothing as possible.

There are many elements that you must consider to make it so, which is why we’re here to bring you some soothing decorating ideas to make your bedroom feel like a retreat. Let’s take a look:

1. Rely on color theory

The science of color theory explores the effect of major colors on the human psyche. For example, warm hues like reds, rusts, and burgundies evoke excitement, energy, and even appetite stimulation. Cool hues like sapphire, cerulean, and azure evoke calmness and tranquility.

You can educate yourself on this particular aspect of design to create the most relaxing ambiance for yourself. Neutral hues like sandy brown, tan, and cream are used to formulate whimsy and breeziness within a room. They’re light, airy, and tend to have a relaxing effect on the human psyche. They also have the ability to blend into the background and make you feel rather restful. You can also easily pair them with popping accents like reds and blues to create an imaginative spark within your ambiance.

Imagine hanging a tropical landscape statement art on a sandy wall – gorgeous contrast, right? That’s what you get by pairing an abundance of neutrals with just the strategic amount of bold hues.

2. Put in efforts for organizing and decluttering

There’s seldom a more satisfying high than a fully organized and decluttered bedroom. A neat space can go a long way in making your bedroom feel like the best retreat. You can do a minimalist organization overhaul and take on Marie Kondo-esque decluttering projects. Once everything is done and your space is as neat, clean, and void of clutter as possible, you’ll definitely be able to breathe more easily.

3. Play with your lighting

If you look at travel magazines and blogs that feature on-site hotels, you’ll notice how they take stunning shots of destination views that are framed by billowing curtains and artistic window frames.

You can take a similar concept and play with the curtains of your own bedroom to create a nice, holiday retreat effect. Note that soft lighting is key here – you don’t want a heavy glare.

So, stop by a custom curtains store and get yourself some sheer drapes. They’ll let in natural light while protecting your privacy. Additionally, they have a theatrical effect that can elevate the ambiance of your bedroom. You can even layer them up with heavier curtains to create a blackout effect when you need to close off the world.

If that’s not to your taste, you can always opt for opaque blinds to soften the intake of natural light while giving your bedroom a clean, modern look.

4. Opt for a plush bed

Modern bedroom designs that are crafted like retreats always put special emphasis on the bed. It’s the focal point of the room and should be selected to evoke a sense of utmost relaxation and luxury. Classic tufted beds with contemporary designs are the most popular choice in this genre, but many people also opt for low-height “floating beds” with a tall mattress as well.

Pro tip: never skimp on a quality mattress while choosing your bed – after all, if you truly want to make your bedroom a retreat, then you’ll want your bed to provide the most restful sleeping experience.

5. Make it cozy & refreshing

Your bedroom aesthetic and livability can be improved two-fold by making it cozy and refreshing. There are many ways to do that. You can ramp up the “refreshing” vibe by bringing in a statement planter and putting it in a highly visible corner of the room. Alternately, you can also adopt indoor creepers like String of Pearls and English Ivy – they look stunning when hung from the ceiling, beside a well-lit window. You can even opt for seasonal flower arrangements – opt for artificial ones if you don’t want the hassle of maintenance.

As for the “cozy” aspect, you need to think textiles and textures. A plush arrangement of pillows and cushions on your bed headboard can make a big impact. You can always match them with contrasting throws that are artfully arranged at the corner of the bed. Comfortable shag rugs that make your feet feel like they’re engulfed in a cozy embrace are a total must when you’re thinking about floor finishes. You can surround yours with floor cushions, bean bags, and small ottomans to make the space seem inviting and lived in.

Lastly, go for beautiful light pictures that illuminate the bedroom with just the right kind of warm lighting. Think floor lamps or bedside pendants that hang from the ceiling.

So, these are some of the ways you can transform your bedroom into a beautiful and dependable retreat. We hope these ideas help you convert your private space into the best sanctuary possible.

Written by Simpson

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