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10 Solutions for small space garden landscape

A small space garden is not easy to design. There are so many obstacles, and there’s no way to really maximize what you’ve got, especially if you’re limited with your gardening area. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post listing ten solutions for small space garden landscapes and how they can help! To get started, we’ll talk about the two most common issues that people have with their gardens: lack of ingenuity and budget.

When landscaping a small garden, you may find some difficulties that require the right solutions for each problem. Some of the common issues that gardeners find include the lack of privacy and awkward setup.
Those can lead to some dissatisfaction.
If you have the same problems, don’t worry! These 10 solutions for small space garden landscapes have a simple way to solve and make everything better for your garden. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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How can I make my garden unique?

Answer: To make your garden unique, first decide on what you want your garden to be. Your option is a formal garden, an informal garden, a Zen garden, a colorful flower garden, or just a place to relax and unwind. It’s up to you and your imagination, and it takes time and energy to do the things you want.
What are my options to make the most of the space I have?
Answer: The essential thing in making your garden unique is designing it with what you need and want. People usually think that all they need and want is a big and luxurious, and expansive garden, but that’s not always the case. Some people like simplicity, and they like to keep their garden small yet artistic.

How do you landscape a small garden for cheap?

Answer: To landscape your small garden without investing a lot of money. First, you need to ask yourself what you want to do with the garden. It is up to you and your imagination to design whatever garden suits your needs and taste. If you like simplicity, then you can do your garden without spending too much money.

How do you make a small garden look nice?

Answer: A nicer small garden does not have to sacrifice all your saving. The key is to utilize what you have so that it can give you more. The biggest mistake a small garden-lover tends to make is that he/she think that a small garden should be empty and empty means boring, and dull means sad. That’s not true! A small garden can have a lot of things, including plants, flowers, etc.

How do you make a simple garden landscape?

Answer: First thing you need to consider is size. Look at the available space you have and take measurements. Measure its length, width, height and determine how much you can use without going over the borders of your small plot of land. Then, imagine an image of a simple garden that you want to see in your mind’s eye or a photo from an example. Think about what plants and flowers to use and what kind of materials you can readily use for this purpose, such as rocks, pebbles, wood, etc.

How do you landscape a small backyard?

Answer: A small backyard is simpler to landscape than a large one because you don’t need so many different elements to look nice. You can do it by using an array of various tools to create your garden space. If you want to use something unique, you can use pebbles, stones, but for an overall effect, soft objects like raffia, wooden twigs, etc., give the illusion of a small garden landscape.

10. Build a Gazebo

Living in an area where the sun glares relentlessly could be bothersome. Therefore, the garden exists to give a shade in the first place.
When it comes to embellishing this type of area, choosing drought-tolerant plants is possible.
Even better, you can build a gazebo if you can afford it.
This small backyard offers a garden-like atmosphere with its ponds and bonsais. The pathway gives something nice on the ground with its step in white.
The curves create an interesting pattern on the green grass. If you prefer stones with abstract shapes, that will work as well.

To build your first Gazebo for cheap, use concrete blocks. The rough surface will allow the plants to grow well. The height of the structure can be designed according to your taste.
You should consider the height of the plants that you would like to protect from the sun.
Keep in mind that plants love light, but they hate heat.
Every sundown, you can move your furniture indoors or let them stay outdoors, enjoying the cool breeze provided by your Gazebo’s roof until sunset once more.

9. Know Their Pros and Cons

Small to medium-sized plants are easy to grow, and they are perfect anywhere. If you are a gardener, you should know each plant’s name, including its pros and cons.
This way, you can save your time and energy as you understand their basic needs and how to take care of them.

Unlike hardscapes that require a small amount of time, plants need to be watered or trimmed. You should do those regular activities, but it is fair enough as you will get beautiful landscaping.

To help you choose the best plants for your garden, pay attention to:

  1. Buy them in the right season.
  2. Plant them next to each other for a better gardening effect.
  3. Before planting anything, check the soil’s health. If it is too compact, empty it and let it rest for a few days to allow water to drain out of it again.
  4. Check if your selected plants are suitable for your soil’s texture and pH level (which you should find out before buying).
  5. Tender your plants carefully. If the stems are broken, they are already sick; if leaves are yellowing or drooping, it is a sign of disease.
  6. Buy high-quality plants. This way, you will save money, effort, and time correcting everything that does not grow as expected.
  7. Pay attention to the fertilization of the soil. Remember, over-fertilization will kill your plants.

8. Aesthetic Look with Gravels

When you prefer to use gravel or rocks instead of grass, these ideas could work with that. You can use DIY wooden planters that you can shape according to your imagination.

The fences can also be elaborated by using wooden panels or paint them.
Some may use threes or vines to make them look green.
The ground is pretty with neutral stones color. It can result in peculiar sounds from walking on the gravels. It can be a solution when you’re not fond of green grass or weed in the garden.

What are some exciting garden designs?

Answer: There are many different types of garden designs, depending on your lifestyle.
There are also some common design layouts that you should know about. We will take a look at some of them below:

  1. The formal garden looks excellent if you have the money to decorate it with flowers or install a fountain or pond that will create stunning effects in your house.
  2. The cottage garden is also great because it allows you to save money and resources because you do not need so much equipment to decorate it.
  3. If you have a pool, you can build an oasis around it or an island in the middle of the water.
  4. A herb garden will sustain your culinary habits.
  5. If you are looking for something adventurous, an urban jungle may be the best option. It’s not hard to do as long as you consider plants that survive without too much maintenance.
  6. If you want to give your garden a fancy look, you can use different plants or flowers to give it a tropical look.

How do you landscape a secret garden?

Answer: It is actually easier done than said as long as you follow these steps:

  1. Choose a theme for your garden. Whether it’s the wild west, the romantic garden, or Victorian-inspired, decide on a theme to determine what plants and flowers you would like to use and what kind of materials you can readily use for this purpose, such as rocks pebbles, wood, etc.
  2. Build a bench in the middle of your garden if possible. And add plants and flowers around it according to its theme.
  3. Decorate the border using iron railings or any other material. Create a door to the place, but make sure it is always open.
  4. The most common way to decorate your secret garden is with statues, but you can also use old furniture instead.
  5. Add a fountain for an exotic look.

What is the best way to decorate a small patio?

Answer: If you have a small patio on your house, you can just plant a few flowers and plants. If that is not enough, here are some additional ideas:

  1. Decorate it using red bricks on the borders or one wall of your patio.
  2. You can use a table and chairs for a more relaxing feeling.
  3. Use a colorful umbrella that matches the furniture you use.
  4. If you really love flowers, plant them on the patio too!
  5. Decorate it with colorful pieces of furniture like a hammock.
  6. For some extra comfort, you can install a small barbeque that you can use to cook your food.
  7. To give your patio more excitement, hang colorful lamps on some trees or the walls.
  8. If you have a pool, install a fountain and place lounge chairs around it for relaxation and enjoyment

7. Less is More

Limiting a garden with only a few plants or trees is a way to save your time. It’s still a lovely garden. With a small portion that they take, the garden appears larger.
You can focus on bringing peace to your garden by getting rid of unnecessary things such as statues or ornaments that don’t belong there.

Trees or plants with common foliage or flowers will be just fine, and you don’t have to go overboard for trying to adorn the garden with them. In fact, it would cost you only trouble when you’re not sure what to do about those plants that you consider pretty.

How do you make a beautiful garden landscape?

Answer: Here are your quick instructions:

  1. Measure the area you wish to cover with your landscape project.
  2. Make a list of plants and flowers that will grow well in your yard.
  3. Decide on a theme for your garden; if you do not have any idea about what kind of theme will look great for your garden, then you can choose from the following:
    a. Adopt a romantic garden theme.
    b. If you are interested in the traditional style of the garden, stay with geometric shapes.
    c. You can also make your garden look like a café or bar by adding wooden tables and chairs on the side of the garden, which will produce some more color for your yard.
    d. If you have a large area, you can add piggy banks for children to play with.
  4. Decide on what kind of plants or flowers you will place in your garden.
  5. It is also essential to know the types of flowers that will grow well in your yard. Take a few days and read some gardening manuals and find out about Nature’s Pictures for quick reference of your future planting.
  6. It’s also essential to choose the appropriate plants and flowers for your garden, so take your time and read the labels of the plant.
  7. Once you know what kind of plants and flowers you will plant in your garden, check the labels on the catalogs and compare them with your list. This condition is also a time when you can decide how much money can be spent on that project. And then buy them together with your family and friends if possible.
  8. Some plants and flowers need more sunshine than others, so you must plan carefully. Plan out where to put these particular plants and find out about their needs.
  9. Take the items you will plant in your garden and place them in a container to see how they look before deciding on using them in your garden.
  10. Once your decisions are made, you can start digging holes to plant your tree or plants you want to use for your garden project.

How do you design a garden layout?

Answer: This quick guide is meant to help you on how to design the perfect garden layout.

  1. Measure your area for your garden and then draw it on paper or use a digital drawing tool that fits your needs.
  2. When you are done with this step, you can start creating magnificent landscapes using shells, rocks, pebbles, leaves, etc., by placing them in the right places like the previous step.
  3. Before starting on the next step, do not forget to place the plants and flowers that you will use for this project.
  4. Organize your garden as you like.
  5. You can also organize your garden in different areas such as a flower area, a vegetable area, and a spot where you can relax and enjoy your time.
  6. Decorate your garden with your favorite statues, stones, trees, etc.

How do you design a walkway in the garden?

Answer: Here are some brilliant ideas on how you can create beautiful walkways in your garden.

  1. You can also decorate your walkway with beautiful stones that will give your yard the right kind of vibe.
  2. You can also build a pond in one part of your yard, and it will be the perfect solution when you want to add an ideal pathway to it.
  3. You can build a beautiful bench for your family and friends to relax in your yard.
  4. For the next step, you can add pretty flowering plants that will add a touch of beauty to your garden.
  5. In this step, you can also add small trees, flowers, and pots that will look great in your yard.
  6. You can also add some pretty lights that will give your garden the right kind of vibe.
  7. Add some cute figurines of animals like deer, etc.
  8. Use your creativity and turn your yard into a place where you can spend time with family and friends enjoying each other’s company.

6. Choose the Plants Wisely

Trees have lots of aspects that are wonderful for landscaping. From their roots to foliage, trees are a beautiful asset for creating a theme, depending on the design you like. If you know how to take care of them, it means you’re allowed to have diverse plants.

You can have white, blue, or pinkish three in your garden as long as they can thrive with the weather. This garden has a pretty gray fence that is attractive, and it’s shady enough as there are big trees that are higher than the fence.
Prairifire Crabapple and Royal Star Magnolia would be great trees that are worth considering for screening on your garden. Of course, you may add another that would benefit one another.

5. Plant It on Strategic Place

Although it may be small, this garden doesn’t seem to have any problem with having a medium-tall kind of tree here. The branches have some sort of unique decoration that turns the garden looks into something magical.
The white wall offers a considerable space for a vertical garden as it has an even surface. This way, you can squeeze some area to put more plants into your backyard by having them securely planted on pipes.

If you’re afraid a high seating area will consume space, you can just build a flat one. The seating area looks simple, with semi-round chairs on a wooden surface.

How can I landscape my garden cheaply?

Answer: When landscaping a garden, first, you need to know how much it costs. Standard gardening costs can be about 50-100 dollars per square foot or less, depending on the garden’s location, the number of plants you are planting, the type of plants, and your gardening abilities. This cost will not include any maintenance costs that will occur over time.

You should plan in the early stages for you to save money when landscaping your garden by keeping in mind what type of plants would suit your garden and what you would like to use in your garden space.

How do you make a dull garden enjoyable?

Answer: A boring garden is a good garden when it is put to use.

  1. Your garden can be made interesting by adding decorative elements like flowers, shrubs, leaves, etc.
  2. To bring some color into your garden, you can add some colorful fences or even flower pots with details that will enhance the look of your garden.
  3. You can also add in some benches or chairs that would provide a place where you can sit and enjoy this space with friends and family who want to visit your yard.
  4. You can also add in some lights that would provide a pleasant atmosphere to your garden.
  5. Lastly, you can also add some classical statues or even a fountain which will help give the right kind of feeling to your garden.
  6. Make sure that you look at the surroundings of your garden and what other people would do with their garden before you start using it so that you don’t end up spending money on something not needed for your yard.
  7. To enhance your garden, just add some ordinary plants that are beautiful. The best thing about plants is that they do not require much money to get you the results that you want.
  8. Use the internet for ideas on how you want your garden to look so that you can save money by being able to realize what things will go well with one another in your yard.
  9. You should take care of your plants by watering them regularly to not die, especially if it is a flowering plant.

4. Keep the Tree

If it doesn’t ruin your garden in terms of looks, a big tree can be more functional. It can provide a nice shade that alleviates the glaring sun and make a perfect spot for a swing. Your kid would love it as it’s fun to swing under a shady place.
You don’t have to build a wooden swing that costs you some money. But if it exists in an awkward place or it’s too leafy that you’re afraid it could fall when the wind strikes, then you should consider cutting it for safety.

You can also keep the tree tall as long as the branches are out of the way, like if it overhangs power lines or any other hazard. The possibility of this happening is slim, but you should check up on your tree regularly to see if it is doing okay.
Though you want to keep your garden simple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take an interest in other things than what people usually do for their gardens.

3. Two in One Garden

If you are looking for a garden where you can spend your time during the day and night, this one is for you.
This garden features a fire pit surrounded by two armchairs and a bench, which creates a perfect seating area that maintains a prolonged conversation. It would be great to hang out here while staring at the stars.
If you feel like hanging out in the garden during the day, the big tree will help you become more relaxed. It provides a perfect shade. Surround the hardscape with raised beds and grow your favorite shrubs in them to complete the look.

How do you make a beautiful garden in front of your house?


  1. A simple way to transform your boring backyard into a park is by adding some trees, shrubs, flowers, and other decorations.
  2. Create a bench under the shade of the big tree to allow you to sit there and enjoy your garden.
  3. Add in some decorative elements around the garden so that it will look prettier. You can add some play structures for children or even benches for adults.
  4. Always have a proper eye on your garden to have a better understanding of what things should be added to the garden so that everything will go okay.
  5. Make sure that you do not neglect the watering of your plants because if they do not get enough water, they will die.
  6. Lastly, you should also consider why you are putting your garden in front of your house.

How to plan the layout for a backyard landscaping project?

Answer: Before starting to design your backyard landscape, you will need to create a layout that will be the basis for everything that will come afterward. The best way to do it is by finding an image that has a picture of what you want. Remove it from the magazine and put it on an enlarged surface so that you can work on it more easily.

How do you make a flat yard landscape?

Answer: It is pretty simple, and the solution is actually to the point
Step 1: You can start by cutting the grass in your yard so that there is no more grass left.
Step 2: You can continue by digging out the large stones and any garbage that you will find in your yard.
Step 3: Next, clean the dirt of your yard to get it ready to be formed into the design you want.
Step 4: After the cleaning process is done, you can start working on the design of your yard. Form it into a shape that will suit your needs.
Step 5: Next, level the place where you want to put your plants and then put in plants that will suit this area.
Step 6: You can now put dirt on the plants that you planted.
Step 7: Now, cut out the grass from the edges to have a clear boundary between your backyard and other areas near it.

2. Create Your Own Landscape

When you care more about hard landscaping, this can be a recommendation. It has many steps from the house to the backyard that looks elegant. But you shouldn’t leave kids unattended if you have one.
Or they can strip and fall, and that’s dangerous. It’s undoubtedly a perfect place for adults to hang around. Having a garden without a fence makes it look spacious. If your area is safe from thieves or any crime-related thing, it would be fine.
Privacy is also a concern when it comes to building a fence. But it’s not wrong when you decide not to have it.

What are the 7 principles of landscape design?

  • Principle no 1: Specific Areas
    It is important to note that there are different factors to consider when designing a landscape since the space where it will be located is always different.
    This principle will help you make sure that your design can make your backyard better. You need to know what type of plants are suitable for some regions of your backyard.
  • Principle no 2: Level Change or Slope
    It is also vital that you factor in your backyard’s level change or slope in your design. This point is imperative when it comes to designing a garden in a sloped yard. You will need to know what type of plants will suit a sloping garden.
    If you have a downhill area where you can plant trees, you can do it if your overall yard design suits it.
  • Principle no 3: Unique Feature
    When you are designing your backyard landscape, you must consider the unique feature of your backyard. This point will help you create a design that will meet your needs. Think about the area where the sun will shine most in your yard.
    It is recommended that you install trees in these areas if they are shaded. The big trees in this part of the yard will help maximize the amount of sunlight to go to other parts of your yard due to their branches acting as light reflectors.
  • Principle no 4: Sufficient Landscape Area
    When designing your landscape in a sloped backyard, it is imperative to make sure that you have sufficient landscape area. You should make sure that you have enough space for the plants in your yard. It is also essential to make sure that there will be enough space for trees and other plants.
  • Principle no 5: Balance
    This principle is essential for your landscaping design because it will ensure that each part of your backyard has space for itself. If you have a small backyard near your neighbor’s house, you can use trees and other plants to make it look like your yard is bigger. You should make sure that the design of your yard reflects the balance of each part of your backyard. This step will help you avoid any trouble when you plant trees and other plants.
  • Principle no 6: The Principle of Standardization
    When designing your landscaping, it is vital that all parts or elements that make up your yard match and complement one another. This idea will help you eliminate the need to plant many plants and trees in your yard to ensure that your backyard looks neat.
  • Principle no 7: The Principle of Proportionality
    The principle of proportionality is essential for your landscaping design because it will ensure that all parts or elements that make up your yard are proportional. However, you should not overdo it on this principle.

Landscaping is helpful for landscapers and owners of large yards, as it can significantly transform a quaint cottage into a state-of-the-art showpiece. With the recent trend towards environmentally friendly landscaping, some people have been led to creating gardens from recycled plastic bottles and corrugated containers.

Lastly, number 1. Privacy is Priceless

It looks like the owner of this garden knows how to build something with privacy as one of the major concerns. The garden has some sort of swimming pool design where you need stairs to go there.
On the corner is a seating area with a gray couch. You can also find a fire pit with logs. This type of garden wouldn’t be hard to handle or maintain as there’s no grass and only a few small plants.

How can I landscape my yard without grass?

Answer: A backyard without grass is a sad yard. However, this is not as necessary as people think it is. Many plants will grow like ivy, and they can be placed in a container, and they will need little care.
Some plants only need sunlight, and they will live for years, such as begonia and lantana. You can simply plant plants like these in a container, and you don’t have to maintain them.
Grasses like sedum will pop out every month, only if you water them. You can also put grass in containers or window boxes. However, you need to place this at the garden’s entrance.
If you are planning to have a small backyard, these are some things that you can do.

What are some areas to landscape?

Answer: Another thing that you should know when it comes to landscaping is the location of things. There are some things that you shouldn’t place in a garden as they can damage it.
You should make sure that your plants don’t touch their neighbors because it might cause the plants to die. You can place many plants in a container, but you need to make sure that they will not overgrow and won’t affect the other plants.
If you want to work on a small backyard, you can use some options of things for this.

How do you Slope a landscape?

Answer: It is a tricky question. However, if you don’t know how to slope a landscape, this can be a problem.
You will need to cut the grass and remove the soil from one side of your yard, then place it on the other side, fill it with new soil, and plant another grass.
You should also plant small trees and shrubs as they don’t require much maintenance.

What are a Raised Beds?

Answer: Raised beds are great for small backyards. If you want to make a garden for your dinner, but don’t have enough space, this is a great idea.
Raised beds are designed to help you grow more vegetables, and they add a nice touch to your backyard. You can place them anywhere in your yard, and they will look nice, even if they are small. Next, the size of your raised bed will depend on how much space you want to use for gardening.

How do you make raised beds?

Answer: They are effortless to make. All you need to do is place some wood boards in your yard and place some dirt on it, then start planting your plants.
You should also put something under the wood boards so it won’t rot in a few months. This option could be a piece of vinyl, but you should make sure that it is thicker than wood.
It can take a few months for your plants to grow, so you shouldn’t place too many plants inside the raised bed as this may cause your plants to die because of lack of space.

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How do I plan a small garden layout?

Answer: Follow this quick instruction

  1. Decide what you want to plant
  2. Decide the size of your garden
  3. Determine how much space you have
  4. You can place your plants in a specific place or just spread them all over the yard
  5. Now, it’s time to see which plants are suitable for your area, choose some ones that will work best with the environment
  6. This is a critical step, make sure that all plants are well watered and fertilized throughout the year
  7. Make sure your plants are well-spaced; this will prevent them from growing too close to each other or touching
  8. Lastly, you can start planting your plants after a few weeks
  9. When you feel that the plants have been well taken care of, now it’s time to decorate your garden with some pots and small decorations
  10. If you want more, you can add some small things like birdbaths

What should I plant in a small garden space?

Answer: You can plant your garden, especially if you want to grow some of your family’s favorite vegetables.
You can also plant flowers that look best in your yard and make sure that you place them in the right spot. You can also plant herbs if you like to cook with them, and they can add a nice touch to your garden. Another thing you should know is that gardening is not only about planting seeds or plants, but it’s also about taking care of them.
Some of the things, for example, are weeding and watering.

What do you think or our 10 solutions for small space garden landscape ideas? Try using one of them, and see how it goes.



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