10 Smart Home Technologies You can Adopt for Cheap

Technology has been improving rapidly for decades. Therefore, people find it more comfortable and convenient now, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that comes to the rescue.
Artificial Intelligence has helped people countless times. Sometimes it can be your personal assistant, like that prominent Alexa. However, it costs exorbitantly. Well, if you cannot afford one, you can make it yourself. Check out these 10 smart home technologies you can adopt for cheap. For more detailed information follow the link provided inside the description area.

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10 Smart Home Technologies You can Adopt for Cheap

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10. Set Your Security Camera with Raspberry Pi

10. Set Your Security Camera with Raspberry Pi by simphome.comSecurity cameras have become a must-have item lately. No wonder you can find them in cars, public places, and even houses. Some high-technology security cameras can be pricey. Therefore, you should try to make one yourself.
Have you ever heard anything about Raspberry Pi? It is a cheap micro-computer that can run Linux. It also allows you to make extension possibilities, including a security camera.
To make a security camera, you need a Raspberry Pi model B, Raspberry Pi Camera Module, power supply, SD card, and WiFi USB adaptor. You will also require housing for it. A cheap fake one can work like a charm.
First, you need to install the OS and software before inserting the SD card. Make sure you enable SSH in Raspbian so that you can control it easily.

You can also enjoy accessing the live stream of your Raspberry Pi security camera from anywhere. But, you have to enable the dynamic domain services to your local network. This way, you can connect it to your local IP address.

9. Turn on the Lamps Remotely

9. Turn on the Lamps Remotely by simphome.comWhen you are not at home and just realized that you haven’t turned on the lights yet, you might wish you could do it remotely. Well, don’t just dream it because you can have this smart system on the cheap.
To make this idea tangible, you need to install Telegram on your smartphone. Once you have done it, create BOT. After that, install putty. Next, open file manager, and choose the Telegram BOT folder. You will find “bot token” in python code. Enter the number and save the file.

8. Self-Watering Plant Idea

8. Self Watering Plant by simphome.comWatering plants regularly can be a real chore. Instead of manually acting as part of your routines, you can get it done by crafting a smart self-watering kit.
This self-watering kit features Arduino Leonardo that has integrated with the mainboard. You can also find an RTC that enables you to set the timing of watering. This smart technology has a 0.96-inch OLED that informs you about the soil moisture status.
The Arduino-based watering kit allows any tech-savvy to optimize its capability. You can create a hydroMazing smart garden system by combining it with Raspberry Pi, Microsoft, and DFRobot. Or, you can assamble a crop growth monitor with an HC-SR04 distance sensor.

7. Hands-Free Garage Door Idea

7. Hands Free Garage Door by simphome.comControlling and monitoring your garage door from a distance can be amazing. What makes it more wonderful is you can do it with your phone. To make this smart home technology, you will need the Particle Photon or Spark Core, power strip, and digital reed switch. You may also need High-Power Relay Shield. Make sure it works well with Particle Photon I2C 1-Channel SPDT 10-Amp.

You will also require some software, such as DO Button and IFTTT Amazon Alexa service.

6. Train Your Home To Welcome You

6. Make Your Home Welcome You by

This one is a simple project that you can follow and complete. Besides, it can improve your home security system in a fun way. So, this is how it works:
The Raspberry Pi will trigger the theme song when anyone opens the door. This function entails setting up the Pi and creating a small circuit to control the program.
You may also need to design a small script. This way, you can test it along with the door magnet before moving on to a more extensive program.
The more extensive program will use the Pi game to play the song you choose when someone steps into the room.

5. Smart Pet Feeder

5. Smart Pet Feeder by simphome.comWhen you have to come home late, you might be worried about your starving pet. Well, if you are a cat or dog parent, this cheap home technology is for you.
This smart technology allows you to feed your pet on time. Even better, you can control the time and the amount of food using your phone. Isn’t it amazing?
To make this smart pet feeder, you need NodeMCU, 6mm Flexible DC Motor Hex Coupling Coupler Copper, Resistor 1k and 10k, 12V 45RPM 0.3A Low-Speed High-torque Reducer Gearbox DC Worm Gear Motor, 1N4007 – High Voltage, High Current Rated Diode, Relay 3.3v, water pipe, holders, etc.

For more detail, follow the link area.

4. DIY Personal Voice Assistant

4. DIY Personal Voice Assistant by simphome.comRaspberry Pi is extremely versatile. You can produce various things with it, including a personal voice assistant.
This DIY personal voice assistant is not as smart as Alexa, but it provides several useful information, such as weather and time status. Besides, your Raspberry Pi will be able to speak. Isn’t it cool?
To make this personal voice assistant, you will need Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, GrovePi+, Grove – OLED Display 1.12”, audio amplifier module B25, Grove – Touch Sensor, speaker of Grove – Recorder, and cables. You will also need to make an enclosure for the kit.

3. Smart CleanBOT

3. Smart CleanBOT by simphome.comCleaning up the floor can be exhausting. Instead of doing it yourself, you can get it done by making this smart robot.
This robot cleans the floor in two different ways – vacuum or mop it. It is an auto-mode one, but you can always manually control it using a Bluetooth connection on your android phone.
You may require to gather a lot of components to make this robot. However, it will not cost you a fortune as you can use an old inkjet printer to run the active mop system. It also features bumpers and a thick carpet sensor. For the frame, you can use plywood.

2. Arduino-Based Thermostat

2. Arduino Based Thermostat by simphome.comIf humidity is a problem in your place, this smart home technology is what you need. This Arduino-based thermostat features temperature and humidity sensors and a control mechanism.
Once you assemble this thermostat, you will also need to build the controller. Therefore, you require Raspberry Pi and a mobile-optimized web interface to control it.

Lastly 1. All-in-1 Remote Control

1. All in 1 Remote Control by simphome.comYou have a TV, an air conditioner, a radio, and many other electronic devices that require different remote controls. Well, instead of collecting them, why don’t you use one remote control for all?
This remote control uses Arduino Yun that has two processors. One of them runs the Linux operating system and can be connected to either wired or wireless networks. The other one has the same ability as Arduino Leonardo.
So, Those are the 10 smart home technologies you can adopt for cheap. They may not as spectacular as Alexa, but they do in a pinch (mostly). More importantly, you can make DIY them. If you are not tech-savvy, feel free to seek some assistance or at least follow’s link first.

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