5 Smart DIY Tin Can Organizer Ideas That Don’t Look Cheap

Do a little hunt around your house for random empty tin cans because these teeny-tiny things here still can serve purposes if you re purpose them right. Next you are going to learn smart DIY Tin Can organizer that I don’t look crap. Sorry I mean, Cheap.

1. Gold Pencil Holder
1. Gold Pencil Holder
Turn your tin cans into a pencil holder and coat them in gold spray paint so your friends won’t suspect a thing. Cut a spare board to size and sand it on all sides and edges. Glue the cans down on the board with liquid nails and let it dry. Paint your cups with several coats of gold spray paint. You might have to do 3 coats to completely cover wood grain on the board. Fill your new organizer with scissors, pens, highlights, and pencils! One of the many DIY tin can organizer ideas that don’t look cheap that’s totally worth trying. (via diyprojectsforteens)

2. Tin Can Lanterns
2. Tin Can Lanterns
With only tin cans you can have some eye-catching lanterns. Remove the label (if your cans happen to have any) and pack the cans with sand, top up with water and freeze them overnight. Draw your design in a piece of paper to fit the size of the cans and tape in place. Put the cans on the sandbag and punch holes in them. Put them in the fridge for 30 minutes after each 10 minutes of work so they remain solid. Punch a pair of holes opposite each other 3/8 in. (1 cm) below the top of the cans for fitting the handle. Remove the sand and make a handle out of a 10 in (25 cm) length of a wire. Fill the cans with newspaper and spray paint them evenly and attach the handle once they are dry. (via craftfoxes)

3. Vases
3. Vases_simphome com
With only empty cans and place-mat, you can have your own vase. First, decide how tall and wide you want your vase to be and use scissors to cut the place-mat. Create a cylinder with the piece you cut and staple the ends together so they stay put in place. Cover the seam where the ends meet with Washi tape or electrical tape. Place the can inside of the cylinder and voila! Super cute and easy to make! (via darice)

4. Wine Racks
Wine rack Simphome com
This is really practical if you are a fan of wine. The trick is to remove both ends of the can, and then arrange them however you like. Then stack and glue the cans to each other. Pain the cans beforehand if you want to make the rack look cute. (via cornerstoneconfessions)

5. Rock Covered Bucket
Rock Covered Bucket
Instead of going to Home Depot and spend money on planters, you can make one on your own with a strong (not flimsy) metal can. Punch a few holes in the bottom with a hammer and a thick nail first for drainage. Apply a thick layer of thin set mortar then cut the mesh tile with a box cutter and layer the tile on the outside of the bucket. Mix up some grout and add it with a putty knife, then remove excess with a sponge. There you have it! A nice fully functioning planter ready to use. (via hgtv)

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