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10 Small Sleeping Space Solutions

No matter how small your house is or how modest your budget is, there are always solutions for better living. Many homeowners sacrifice parts of their space to save money and make the most out of what they have

One place that always seems to be a casualty of this sacrifice is not bedrooms but the sleeping area. Sleeping space is usually the most neglected when it comes to maximizing space. Instead of letting the extra room go to waste and the money spent on furniture and decorations go to zero, here are ten small sleeping space solutions to help you get the most out of your sleeping area.


  • Conceal Your Bed: The most typical problem many people have in their room is that they don’t have enough storage options.
  • Use Your Walls: If you’re in a small space and want to maximize your storage capacity, you can hang things on the wall.
  • Use Your Windows: If you don’t want to put anything on your walls but still have storage options, use curtains.
  • Built-In Beds: Instead of letting the space go to waste when it comes to your bed, why not build it into the wall?
  • Create a Standing Desk: Instead of getting rid of your bed altogether and making a mess in your room just to use part of the space for your desk, you can use it under your bed and make use of it.
  • A New Furniture system to adopt to hide Your Bed: You can hide your bed by turning it into a sofa or creating a paneling system to make it seem like one big piece of furniture.
  • Use Mirrors: Mirrors are great for small spaces since they maximize the amount of light and create the illusion of space.
  • Use Shrink Wrap: If you want to make something look bigger, use the shrink wrap effect to make it seem like it fills the space better.
  • Don’t OverDo It: Oversized furniture makes spaces look smaller, so stick with small, simple furniture if you want a small space to feel bigger.
  • Floor Objects: If you have something to place on the floor, do so. The more, the merrier, especially if you can use it.

A comfortable bedroom is essential to help you get a good night’s sleep. However, some of you might then wonder what the criteria of a comfortable room are. Should it always be a spacious one?
Well, here we will show you that big space is not everything. Although your bedroom is not spacious, it will still allow you to have such a comfortable sleeping environment.

Thus, we have made a list of 10 small sleeping space solutions to assist you in dealing with this problem. As always, Simphome presents you with the list, and without further ado, let’s start the countdown.

This is 10 Small Sleeping Space Solutions Poster
10 Small Sleeping Space Solutions Poster

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List Entries:

10. Build A Drawer Bed

Building a drawer bed will probably work for your limited space bedroom. It will help you hide the bed when you are not using it, allowing you to have ample space for your mobility.
Moreover, applying this idea will allow you to create a specific area to support your daily activities, such as working or studying.

You can head down to your local hardware store to build your drawer bed to get your materials. Ensure to check whether there are any items you will need for further modifications; for example, if you are constructing a drawer bed for your bedroom, then make sure to get the right materials, such as drawer slides.

To complement this small space idea, it is also important that you consider building a simple nightstand on which you can place your phone and lamp.

9. A Bed Desk Innovation Idea

A bed-desk combo is not merely a solution for your space-less room. In fact, having furniture that combines the bed and desk seems to be one of the best offers during this pandemic era since people are mostly doing this WFH (Work From Home) thing.

You only need to build a rectangular-like block. Use the top side as the desk, while the sleeping area below.
Besides less space needed, this idea will help you maintain your health since it will provide you easy access to take a rest between your tight schedule.

To replicate the project, you only need to follow a few steps. First, cut the wood down to size and then use a nail gun or screws to fix them together. You will also need to drill some holes in the wood for you to be able to run the wires through. Last but not least, use durable materials such as the mattress and bedsheets so that your new bed-desk combo will stand longer.

The complicated issue will depend on the size you are working with and whether the project is intended for your kid’s room; otherwise, it can be a good idea for your master bedroom.

8. Purchase or invest yourself in a new Sofa Bed

Purchasing a piece of multi-purpose furniture is another instant way to save your space. Today there are many inventions in this field. It’s like a never-ending offer.
A sofa bed might be one of the most recommended. It has two functions, namely as a sofa and bed.

You can use it as a comfortable seat during the day and a cozy sleeping area when night comes. These days, most sofa beds offer an elegant and straightforward design. It doesn’t look bulky, although the bed hides inside it.

Anyway, don’t worry about the price because it comes in various designs to meet your budget and need. Moreover, many marketplaces offer seasonal discounts. So, besides the price and quality, you better consider the best time to buy the item. Good luck!

7. Max your Wardrobe potential

The bed is not the only big-sized item in a bedroom. Don’t you realize that the wardrobe is another area that takes up a lot of space? It’s easy to spot a huge cupboard filled with piles of clothes.

Unfortunately, some of you might not always wear all of those collections. Or even more, some of them already don’t fit your size and taste, and you end up never wearing them.
So, we suggest you declutter your wardrobe. Spare some time to eliminate all of those less-liked and disliked items. You can donate them or throw them at a recycling site.
The action will instantly downsize your wardrobe’s size, which means more free space will be available.

Relevant details on how to declutter your wardrobe and organize your bedroom necessities:

Step 1: Take an inventory of what you have

In detail, how much space does each item require, and then what is the total space you will need?

  • Put away all your unwanted clothes.
    It’s important to ensure that all the clothes in this unit are properly stored before closing them up. Otherwise, you might face a messy situation when you remove them later on.  So, make sure there is adequate closet space available for these new items by clearing off some of the shelves and installing additional racks.
  • Remove the items that are no longer in style
  • Throw away or donate those clothes that don’t fit well with your current body type and taste.

Step 2: Find and define your best storage options using storage accessories

Or, you can decide to keep it simple without anything at all. Do quick research or do online shopping to store things neatly. The idea is to make them easier to find later on.

  • Divide up the wardrobe into smaller units.
    We suggest setting aside a certain amount of space for each unit, such as half a closet or one-third of the total area.  You can adjust the number of units according to your preference.

Step 3: Create a schedule that fits your possibilities and lifestyle

You may want to ask for some help from friends or family members if you don’t have too much free time for such activities as decluttering or reorganizing your wardrobe. Step 4: Manage your space effectively.

  • There are countless ways to do this. We can’t mention all of them, but you need to understand the basic principles and principles, so you know what to avoid doing.
  • For instance, make sure that you only keep things you use and love in your room, not just anything and everything.

Step 4: Try to solve any storage problems

If you still are not satisfied with the way your wardrobe looks, you can always make changes voluntarily. You can do this by rearranging items in your wardrobe or using more space to store items.

  • For example, you can put more shoes on the bottom shelf and put more specific clothes on top so that everything will be easier to spot. Or, if you have a very large amount of clothes that don’t fit neatly in the wardrobes, try organizing them into trunks or packages.
  • Take advantage of potential storage solutions by utilizing storage accessories and furniture pieces that can give your wardrobe a different look while freeing up space at the same time.

Step 5: Use the things you have to make your wardrobe look more spacious than it is

You can add extra shelves, install hangers, and utilize the space left by removing stuff.

  • Either uses cheap rods as a material or takes down banners as room divider panels; they’re so versatile like that.
  • If you have any unused parts on your furniture, which you can easily turn into organizer units, go for it!

6. Maximize your Clean Floor Area

A clean floor will help to create the illusion of a larger space. Therefore, it’s better to use your walls instead of organizing your stuff by taking up your floor area.
For example, building a wall shelving is an option to maximize your vertical area.

There are various designs of shelving units that might inspire you.
Whether it’s a floating one or a ladder-like shelf, that’s up to you. Ensure that the shelves are sturdy enough to carry your stuff. You can also place your things in containers that you can easily move. For example, you can use a cube shelf with several drawers.

To make your sleeping room light, you could use a mirror and hang it above the bed to reflect more light into the space.

5. Opt for White Paint

A white color scheme will enhance your room’s space and brightness. Apply the color to your walls and ceilings.

If you are an all-white addict, you can choose furniture or other stuff in typical white shades.
However, if you starve for a more varied color, you can apply it to your accessories and furniture. You can add some pastels color or any pattern in a controlled way without detracting from the bright atmosphere of the room.

To complete the white bedroom, your choices are:

  • No 1. You could paint your walls and ceiling in white color too.
  • No 2. To enrich the boring white wall, you can place a mirror on the wall. It will reflect light, add depth, and makes the room feel larger.
  • No 3. A white nightstand with a small lamp can do miracles, too.
  • No 4. A white rug can give your bedroom interior design idea a welcoming touch. It adds color without committing to any patterns or designs that distract from the overall design or make it over-cluttered and busy.
  • No 5. You could paint your bed with a bright white color instead of the dark brown color normally used for a bed frame to get this bedroom decorating idea for small spaces

If you cannot go with white,

  1. The alternative color could be black or shades of gray, depending on your preferences.
  2. A new color could be tangerine, blue, or mint green. You can create a feeling of freshness with these shades that look like spring or summertime.
  3. You can even use these options to achieve the effect of placing your bedroom opposite a garden where flowers bloom all the year round: comfortable with the brighter side and clean-looking by using gray, light green, and pastel colors such as pink, yellow, gold and orange tones together.

4. A Bed Over The Storage Idea

By applying this idea, you can have ample storage and sleeping space in one area. First, you need to place a vast storage system –a piece of big cupboard-like furniture. But make sure to pay attention to the height.

Choose one which leaves much room between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling.
Then, you can place a single bed mattress on the top area of the storage furniture. To complete it, don’t forget to add a shelving set that also performs as the stair to help you reach the sleeping area.

To replicate the project, you will need:

  1. A storage system
    You will customize the storage system to your need. However, if you feel clueless, you could simply copy the idea that the author of the idea offers on his or her website
  2. Bed mattress
    The mattress you should pick is the thin one. Thick ones will reduce the headroom.
  3. A shelving set
    To reach the bed, you need a stair to climb up. You can make it from the storage system itself, but it’s better to add another one to have more space for belongings inside the storage system. Or, you might use a ladder instead of a stair which is simpler but less space-consuming and more flexible to move out when extra room is needed.

Alternative improvements:

  1. Attach a Shelf to The Wall
    If your sleeping area is small and there are no available places to put a bed or mattress, attach a shelf on your wall and use it as your sleeping place instead.
  2. Pipe tracks for drawers and shelves for function, security, and durability
  3. L-shaped brackets to connect the pipe track to the vertical post
  4. Wood screws or masonry screws.
    You can use these screws to attach the pipe track to the vertical post and also attach brackets such as the L-shaped ones to connect the pipe track with the Vertical post
  5. A mattress
    Consider a bed suspended from the ceiling if you want something sleek and modern that won’t just work but feels like home. You can build one from wood available in most DIY stores or develop your design.

3. Install more windows

A small room needs to have adequate lighting. Since it’s obviously will make the room feel bigger. It’s essential that you have a source of natural light. Thus, installing windows is the solution since it will allow the sunlight to enter your small room.

Furthermore, having windows is also helpful to circulate the air, which will give you a more healthy environment.

Also, if you have windows installed, you will have a great view of your garden or the neighborhood. If another window is installed for an apartment in the city, that item can give you a clear view of the city.

2. Make Use of Every Bedroom Corner You have

Don’t leave any single corner of your room unused. It might sound insignificant, but it works. Making use of every corner would surprisingly help you solve more problems.

For instance, you can have a reading zone in your small bedroom by hanging reading lights and installing a mini floating rack for your books above one of your bed corners.
Or you can try other ideas. For example, build a built-in storage room, as shown in the picture above.

Other choices:

No 1. See your corner area as a sleeping space

For this option, you can install an adjustable bed. Thus, you will be able to produce more fun and a cozy sleeping environment – especially with your family members.

No 2. Build a Built-in Storage Place

With this option, you will be able to store your clothes and other stuff in an organized way. You will never have to worry about not having enough space for your clothes.
Also, if you don’t have much free time, it’s a great option for you since it will only take a few minutes or seconds to move the storage wherever you wish to place them.
In conclusion, making use of every corner of your room can increase the size of your room without having to spend much money. Thus, it’s an ultimate solution that you should never ignore.

No 3. Use the area to experiment with your wardrobe alternative

In other words, you can use your corners to experiment with different outfits. For example, build and put a simple wardrobe shelving system made of plastic or iron pipes. But for the iron pipes, you will have to use a more advanced cutting and drilling machine or assembly.

You can also simply attach the pipes to the corners or walls of your room. You don’t have to be worried about not having a wardrobe or cabinet with doors and drawers for this solution. Also, this is a great solution if you only have a limited amount of clothes since it will give you more space for other more important things.

No 4. Use the area as your own “private zone.”

If you want to get a private zone in your small bedroom, use one of your corners as a private study zone (where you can do all your homework and other important stuff).
With this option, you can easily display all your favorite clothes for the next day when you wake up. Thus, it will save you the effort of opening your drawers and picking the “perfect” outfit for your day.
You can also add panels and paintings to make it feel more beautiful.

No 5. Use your beds as a storage room – Yes! It is possible!

It sounds ridiculous at first, but there are ways that you can make use of the space under the bed. You just have to be creative with how you use it since it’s such a little space (return to idea number 4)

No 6. Add a Built-in desk and shelving for your workstation

A new built-in desk will not only help you to organize your work but will also give you a more spacious feel. Using this option, you can use the space under the beds and install some shelves or cabinets.
You must choose something ideal for your budget and needs. Many designs can help you create a minimalist office area in your small bedroom.

Lastly, number 1. Opt For Scandinavian Style

A Limited bedroom space shouldn’t prevent you from having a comfortable sleep. To achieve it, you can consider a Scandinavian-style bedroom layout.

The simplicity, color mixture, and texture combination in Scandinavian style are the keys to creating such a relaxing atmosphere.

To begin with, you need to make it simple and minimalist. Since the space is limited, you need to remember that you shouldn’t load too much stuff in your room; moreover, the bulky ones.
Simplicity is not only about size but also design. Opt for clean-lined and straightforward furniture –without too much unnecessary ornament.

Moreover, the Scandinavian bedroom looks great with off-white shades cued from nature. However, you can still work with textures and tones, such as grey, cream, ivory, and navy shades.

That’s it, So those are all 10 small sleeping space solutions you need to try. Go, make your move and show the world how you do it.

Have Fun!



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