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12 Small Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

If you want to give your master bedroom a long-deserved makeover but think you don’t have the budget, allow me to change your mind. At, we have rounded up 12 makeover ideas to help you create the master bedroom of your dreams without costing you an arm and a leg.

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12. Make it Tidier

12 Make it tidier by
The main takeaway from this makeover is how much tidier the bedroom looks. Even with more items and décor added, the overall vibe is more pleasant and neat. It feels less cluttered. Also, the neutral white colors and the black accent wall makes everything pop out.

Compare that to the almost monotonous color scheme before. The new colors make a big difference in livening up the bedroom. The white nightstands against the black wall are a great choice. And so is the black dresser, round mirror, and ceiling fan against the white. They all go well with the new theme.

Besides the black and white, some wooden elements match with the retained bed. Lastly, plants are always a good addition.

11. Simple Makeover

11. Simple Makeover by
A simple color change to the wall paint made a dramatic difference to this small bedroom.

The owner had bright bedding that didn’t pop out against the white. A neutral light gray color was selected to break the monotony. It also matched well with the gray and white striped duvet.

The walls are still bright enough to provide an excellent contrast to the black bed frame. New pillows plus a hand-made layered throw pillow give the bed a more elegant touch.

Finding a matching pair for the rectangular lamp is a minor change but provides a significant improvement. It gives the nightstands on either side more symmetry. Also, replacing the stuff on them with beautiful crystals made them look less cluttered.

10. Improve it with DIY Board and Batten Makeover

10. Improve it with DIY Board and Batten Makeover by
Accent walls behind your bed are always a terrific way to give the room a more appealing character.
Instead of a simple color change, you can improve it even more by installing a batten slat pattern. A 2” wide and 1/2” thick wood or MDF boards would do the trick. They’re thin enough to be flush with most baseboards.

The pattern applied here is two vertical strips paired about a foot apart and spaced 2” from the other pairs. You attach them to the wall with finishing nails. After that, you can apply wood putty on the gaps and nail holes and paint. In this case, it’s an attractive green color with a hint of blue.

9. Vintage Bedroom Makeover

9. Vintage bedroom makeover by
The old bedroom looked too busy and dated. It was time to give it an updated vintage look with a more timeless appeal. For a start, applying fresh coats of white paint made it brighter and airier. Tasteful blinds now adorn the windows instead of loud draperies. However, the most significant improvement comes from the new bed. It’s less ornate than the old one and has a more rustic but elegant look. A more subdued but larger area rug replaced the gaudy oval ones.

The nightstands are still there but now have mirrors above them with green wreaths hanging in front for some whimsy. Next to these mirrors are black wall lamps with stylish white shades.

8. Make Your Bedding Fluffy

8. Make Your Bedding Fluffy by

One of the most straightforward and inexpensive ways to give your bedroom a makeover is by changing the beddings and pillows. The improvement can still be dramatic. To help you visualize your design, use a design board with pictures to see if the materials and colors you pick would blend well.

In this example, the owner achieved her desired look by adding various subtly colored fluffy pillows. Besides white, there’s pink and some light grays. The most colorful is the center pillow that has a bit darker gray fabric and adorned with fringes.

The new neutral bedding, combined with the fluffy pillows, makes the bed seem cozier and more inviting.

7. Bring the Budget Down

7. Press The Budget Down by
If you have unused items lying around, you can use them in your bedroom. Also, a few DIY projects will help you bring the costs down.

First, determine what items would stay and remove the ones you won’t need. For example, if your curtains would still work in your new design, keep them. It’s even better if you can find other furniture and repurpose them for your bedroom. In this case, a pair of nightstands came from a DIY conversion of an old vanity.

An antique trunk that once served as a coffee table base now adorns the foot of the bed. It could be anything like an old dresser that needs some sprucing up. You can also modify existing fixtures like painting the wall sconces black.


6. Perfect Makeover Strategy

6. Perfect Makeover by
The old room wasn’t so bad but never had a makeover even once for several years now.

After clearing everything out, the wall behind the bed got a tongue and groove slat treatment and became the bedroom’s feature wall. The rest of the walls are now white. A new, more modern bed is now the centerpiece and decorated with several fluffy pillows. Two small benches are a great addition at the foot of the bed.

There’s also a sofa chair that matches the upholstery of the benches. Plus, new cabinets, including the nightstands and dressers, have a white finish. Furthermore, dark curtains now hang from rods above the windows. Their color matches the feature wall perfectly.

5. Family Night Movie Bedroom Idea

5. Family Night Movie Bedroom by
It’s a substantial makeover where the colors of the items selected match the existing wall paint.

Since this makeover was from Ikea, the team chose terrific items from the store. They set out to bring some of the living room into the bedroom for the family’s movie night. First, the team opted for a cushioned headboard that provides more comfort as the family sits on the bead to watch movies. There are also sofa chairs in a nearby viewing area beside a window.

A broad shelf, the room’s width, hangs over the headboard adorned with lovely black framed pictures. Underneath are sleek power-saving lamps useful when the parents and children are reading. Ikea also provided the mom with an elegant vanity cabinet and dad with a nifty desk for his laptop.

4. Bedroom Layout Ideas

4. Bedroom Layouts Idea by
You don’t design a bedroom with only its appearance in mind. It should also have the right layout to suit your needs.

If you want a bedroom mainly to relax and unwind in, the bed should be the centerpiece. You then design the rest of the room around it. On the other hand, a multifunctional layout provides you with other functions such as seating for socializing, a workspace, or a vanity area.

For small spaces, you work with what you have to maximize the layout. You may have to compromise furniture locations to optimize space and function. If you prioritize storage, then you’ll have to sacrifice seating to accommodate more cabinets.

3. Library in the Room

3. Library in the room by
DIY Billy Bookcase Built In with Corner Unit

This built-in DIY corner library unit made of Billy bookcases may be the solution for bookworms if the bedroom has enough space.

First, measure the dimensions of the corner walls. Then remove any baseboards or grills. All the bookcases are of 3/4” plywood. You can start with the corner case and anchor it with diagonal braces to the two walls. You’ll use it as a basis for your other cases’ height, width, depth, and spacing. The width of each bookcase may vary, but the choice is yours. You may have to extend the cases upwards to reach the ceiling. Space them evenly and use 3/4” boards as faces to cover the gaps.

2. Unrecognizable Small Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Frankly, the “before” pictures look like a movie set for a horror flick.
Now, every wall and the ceiling have fresh coats of white paint. It’s an excellent neutral color choice for any minimalist makeover. What gives the bedroom more pizzazz is the DIY red headboard that wraps around a pair of tiny but sleek-looking black nightstands. The fabric is of burnt orange velvet wrapped over 3/4” plywood.

There also an eye-catching combination of vintage buoys hanging over the headboard giving the room a whimsical boho vibe. A pair of stylish looking lamps from Maskor adorns the nightstands.
Dark gray and white colors for the pillows and beddings provide more elegance. Also, two white area rugs with black patterns and a hint of red brighten up the floors.

Look at this Awesome transformation:
The DIY turn the old room From This one
2. Unrecognizable SMALL MASTER BEDROOM MAKEOVER Ideas by
To This Amazing One:
2. Unrecognizable SMALL MASTER BEDROOM MAKEOVER Ideas by .

Lastly, Number 1. Finish it with this Awesome but Simple DIY Closet Shelving Organization

1. Finish it with this awesome but simple closet shelving organization by
A straightforward DIY closet shelving will allow you to organize your things and keep your new bedroom from accumulating clutter.

Cut a long shelf from 3/4” plywood to the closet’s width and 16” deep and another only 1’ deep. The shallower one is the topmost shelf hidden above the doors and will let you put your items conveniently.

On the right of the lower top shelf, build box shelves with four sections. Make sure the left side panel extends 6” below to hold a hanger dowel bar. You’ll also attach another dowel higher on the left to hang longer clothes.


If you want a cozy and elegant-looking master bedroom but only have a small space for it, the makeover ideas presented here should help you immensely.

What’s even better is that you can achieve most of the looks here with very little money. The ideas are varied to suit most tastes. More importantly, they’re useful to those on a tight budget and want enough money left to spend on something else.

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