333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

Many homeowners love their kitchen so much that they want it not only to function perfectly, but also to look beautiful and luxurious. Kitchen is no longer a part of a house that is located far secluded in the back. In many modern houses, kitchen is located right next to a living room. Decorating, upgrade, and improving a small kitchen in the right way is thus an important task to do if you want to improve the overall atmosphere of your house. With more than 300 small kitchen ideas, organization, kitchen designs, and kitchen makeover that you will learn next, it should be easier for you to find inspiration to transform your small kitchen into a real centerpiece and attention grabber of your house.

This long list are grouped into 10 sections and each section has 30,40, even 50 ideas. One section could have 3 different sub section or more and other sections have less. So keep that in mind and enjoy your browsing. Next, this is a little navigation you can use to map this exhaustive list.

No.1 – No.30 Kitchen decorating, update, and optimization (Small size/Regular)

This very long list is opened with ten kitchen improvement ideas that covers function and storage, a 15 minutes video titled “20 small kitchen makeover and furniture ideas”and dozens relevant ideas that will keep you busy.

1. Function is a priority when planning your kitchen.
1 Function is a priority when planning your kitchenSimphome

You have to focus more on your kitchen’s function when planning your kitchen décor. Don’t merely think about whether to apply rustic or modern style or whether to use U-shaped or L-shaped formation in your kitchen.

The most important thing that you must consider is that your kitchen has all essential components that make it functional and that there is enough space for you to move easily in your kitchen. Make a list of essential components like fridge, stove and counters and make sure that you leave about 6 feet of empty space for easy movement. img: pinterest

2. Think about storage before anything else.
2 storage before anything else Simphome

Indeed you spend much time in your kitchen to cook and prepare your meal, but remember that you have to store much stuff in your kitchen, so make sure that you think about your kitchen storage before anything else. Think about the type of cabinet that your kitchen must have and how you will store your kitchen utensils.
2 storage before anything else 2 Simphome
If you have no problem with space, you can use cabinet to store your utensils, but if space is a problem, you can hang your utensils on the ceiling using ceiling-mounted pot rack or on the wall using pegboard. Source | Source 2

3. Light up your small kitchen.
3 Light up your kitchen Simphome

Cooking in the dark is never fun, so think about your kitchen’s lighting to make sure that every area in your kitchen is well illuminated. Don’t treat your kitchen like other parts of your house when it comes to lighting because overhead lighting doesn’t always work in your kitchen. Overhead cabinet may obstruct the light and cast shadow on the countertop where you do most of your kitchen tasks. Therefore, instead of relying solely on your ceiling light, install under-cabinet lights that effectively illuminate your work area. |Source

4. Supply your kitchen with needed power.
4 Kitchen power outlet Simphome

Admit it, your kitchen consumes a sufficiently large amount of power. Many kitchen appliances transform electricity to heat—a kind of energy transformation that consumes much power. Another thing that you need to understand is that your kitchen needs not only electricity, but also gas to power up some of its appliances. For this reason, check gas and electricity installation around your kitchen and position your kitchen appliances accordingly. |Source

5. Choose the right kitchen counter-top, if possible, choose minimalist
5 kitchen countertop ideas Simphome

You do most of your kitchen tasks on countertop, so you must make sure that your kitchen has the best possible countertop. Different countertops have their own pros and cons. Granite and marble are expensive, but they resist scratches excellently. Tiled countertop has hard surface that is relatively resistant to scratch, but its grout traps dirt and is difficult to clean. Understand the characteristics of every different type of countertop so that you can choose the best one for your kitchen. |Source

6. Understand what to keep and what to discard.
6 what to keep what to discard Simphome

When decorating your kitchen, you may arrive at a point where you have to economize. You have to decide whether to keep some items from your old kitchen or to replace them with new items. Some items, such as cabinets and utensils, can indeed be kept or refaced, but there is no doubt that appliances with poor condition are better discarded. They are not only unsafe to use, but they also adversely affect the atmosphere of your kitchen and are eventually not as cost-effective as you think. |Source

7. Safety assessment is always the most important regardless floor space you have.
7 Kitchen safety Simphome

There are many things in your kitchen that can potentially harm or even kill people, so make sure that your kitchen is safe enough not only for adults, but also for your children and pets. Choosing slip-resistant floor and placing oven and knives at a height only accessible to adults are some essential tips to make your kitchen safer for everyone. You can also look into choosing round countertop or installing fire detector to improve the overall safety of your kitchen. |Kitchen safety game

8. Ensure your small kitchen received proper ventilation.
8 Kitchen ventilation Simphome

With so many odors and gases produced in your kitchen, ventilation becomes an important matter. Ventilation plays an important role not only to keep your kitchen odor-free, but also to ensure its safety from fire and explosion. You can install a range hood above your stove, but make sure that your kitchen has enough windows to ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen. |Source

9. Also Keep an eye on your small kitchen sanitary all the time.
9 Kitchen sanitary system Simphome

You have to deal with garbage, slime and oily waste almost every time you work in your kitchen, so sanitation is always an important aspect of your kitchen. You have to make sure that your kitchen has a ready bin to store the waste; however, because an obvious trash bin is unsightly, you may want to conceal it behind a cabinet, inside it, or behind a door. Source.

10. Check the floor of your kitchen.
10 kitchen floor system Simphome

We have mentioned already how choosing slip-resistant flooring is important; however, there are many other things about kitchen floor that you need to know. Kitchen floor is wet more often than not because you have to deal with spills in your kitchen all the time. Therefore, choosing flooring made from non-porous material is important. If your kitchen floor is made from stone and other porous materials, be sure to have them resealed regularly. You may want to choose hardwood floor for your kitchen, but remember that fridge and stove are so heavy that they may wear out your floor faster, so choosing harder material is recommended. |Source
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Start from 11 until 20, you’ll learn ten ideas how to update your kitchen without breaking your bank.

11. Maximize the Kitchen Space.
11 Maximize the Kitchen Space Simphome

If you have a plenty of kitchen space, you are going to need add some stuff to your kitchen. The most possible thing to be added is a table. Add a big and tall table in the middle of your kitchen as the central attention. Make sure that the table is big enough to hold a lot of family members. Therefore, use rounded chairs to minimize the use of space around the table. Save more space for other family members by applying rounded chairs.

12. Maximize kitchen shelf space.
12 max kitchen space simphome

13. Create a Wraparound Shelving.
13 Create Wraparound Shelving simphome

This idea will offer you the flexibility in your kitchen. Go find some woods for the main materials of the shelves. Shape the wood as beautiful as you like, but the point is make sure that the woods are strong enough to carry all of your cookware and kitchen stuff. After finish shaping the woods, install them to all sides of your kitchen. Make two or three levels for each side to allow you storing as many stuff as you can on the shelves. Put the big stuff on the top shelves and the small stuff on the down shelves.

14. Around Corners // Three shelves wrap around the island in this kitchen to display decor and individualize the space.
14 Create Wraparound Shelving 2 simphome

15. Apply Charming and Neutral Concept.
15 kitchen neutral concept simphome

Applying charming and neutral concept can be done by adding a simple kitchen island and a fireplace. Provide any space in the middle of your kitchen and build the island. The island does not have to be big, as long as you match it with your kitchen style. Then provide any left space at one side of your kitchen to build the fireplace. Make sure that it can warm the whole kitchen. Do not give any additional touch to the island and the fireplace to keep it charming and neutral.

16. Twenty eight Neutral Kitchen Wood Cabinetry Design Ideas.
16 kitchen neutral concept 2 simphome

If you own a cabinet that’s worn out and you would like to change it, installing a new one could be a pricey choice for you. It is preferable to choose cabinets whose adhesive have minimum formaldehyde.

17. Customize the Lighting.
17 Customize the Lighting

One simple touch on your kitchen lighting can bring significant change to your kitchen. Decorate the main lighting in your kitchen by adding some simple touch on them. Make an antique milk-glass pendant lamps shield to cover your original lamps. Make sure that the lamps can illuminate the whole spot of your kitchen. Get your kitchen a living room elegance with this pendant lamps. Hang some artworks will be necessary.

18. The kitchen is outfitted with a granite countertop and custom casework;
18 Customize the Lighting 2

The hardware is by Tom Kundig. Richard and his wife, Kristine, sourced the pendants from Craigslist, then had them plated in copper. The appliances are by Viking, and the bar stools are Real Good chairs by Blu Dot.

19. Provide a Food Spot for Your Pet.
19 Provide a Food Spot for Your Pet simphome

If you have a dog or cat in your house, this idea is worth trying for you. Provide some spaces on your bottom part of your kitchen island. You can simply feed them while you are doing the cooking. Create as many food spots as you need, depends on how many pets you have. Apply these food spots to avoid your pets messing around while they are eating. It will also ease you to do the dishes since the food spots are placed in your kitchen.

20. Here you’ll learn Fifteen Awesome Kitchen Built-Ins for Your Pets
20 Food spot for pet simphome


So your kitchen floor disable you to be creative and organized at the same time? Study at least one of these next ideas. Here you’ll get ten small kitchen optimization ideas.

21. Pallet Wood Mug Rack.
21 Pallet Wood Mug Rack via simphome com

There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. No need to put them inside the cabinets, just take and hang them on the rack. What you need to do first is to cut a pallet into your designated shape, then install some hangers on the pallet. When it’s done, it is ready to be used. img Pinterest

22. Wooden Pallet Coffee Mug Rack.
22 Pallet Wood Mug Rack via simphome com

If you just love using the whole pallet boards for amazing functional purposes in home then this of DIY pallet coffee mug rack is sure to be much lovely for you.

23. 13x inspiration for your own coffee corner at home.
23 Pallet Wood Mug Rack via simphome com 2

Start your day always with a nice cup of coffee. Make it extra special with your own coffee bar at home. More than one spot on the counter for your coffee machine. Shed your prettiest cups on open shelves above them. A small countertop? Then look for a roller table or a sidetable.

24. Cup and Teaspoon Rack.
24 Cup and Teaspoon Rack via simphome com

The rack is installed on the inner side of your cabinet. You can put some small utensils like measuring cups and teaspoons on it. To make one, paint a long and flat wooden stick with chalkboard paint and drill some holes on it to install the screw-in hooks. Make sure the wood length fits your cabinet door so it can still be closed. Also, write the measure of each cups above each hook.

25.Unique measuring spoon rack.
25 unique measuring spoon rack simphome

Now the boys can’t get Tablespoon and Teaspoon mixed up!

26. DIY Transparent Jar Labels
26 DIY Transparent Jar Labels via simphome com

Use a label on your jar to make your kitchen looks more organized. Also, this way you can keep using the same jar when storing your ingredients. For example, if you put a transparent label on your sugar jar you will know that the jar is used only for sugar. To make the transparent label, just print the writing on regular paper and put clear tape on the paper. Press the tape so the ink can stick on it. After that, put it into water and peel the paper. When the label is clean from paper you can put it on any jar.

27. Packing Tape Image Transfer & DIY Clear Labels.
27 1

Make clear stickers using an easy packing tape image transfer method. Great for pantry labels, gift tags, custom designs on glass, wood or metal objects!

28. Pot Lid Storage.
28 Pot Lid Storage via simphome com

Do your pots make your kitchen look smaller? Then there is a way to store it without being so far away from the kitchen. If you have a set of adhesive hooks then this storage can be made in no time. simply attach the hooks on the inner side of your cabinet door and put the pot lid on it. The hooks act as the mounting so the pot lid won’t drop or fall |unless the adhesive property wears off. It is safe, fast, and easy. IMG by Pinterest

29. Nine Genius Ways to Finally Organize Pot Lids.
29 Pot Lid Storage via simphome com

30. Mason Jar Lamp.
30 Mason Jar Lamp via simphome com 1

Do you know that a Mason jar can become a lamp? This idea is great for you who want an improvement on your kitchen. First of all you need to have a drill, some Mason jars, electrical cords, and bulbs. Draw round shape on the lid and drill it to make a hole. The hole must be big enough for the cord to get in. Glue the cord onto the lid with construction adhesive and start hanging it. Don’t forget to put on the bulb.

Try also similar idea here, Mason Jar Chandelier
30 Mason Jar Lamp via simphome com 2

Learn more about video in this first page.

No.31 – No.60 Small Kitchen makeover initiatives, cheap updates, and DIY organizations

Our second page is opened with ten small kitchen makeover initiatives that covers a topic about chippy table, patterned countertop, kitchen island and many more.

Before that, Next I have a relevant video you can enjoy.

31. Chippy Table.
31 Chippy Table via simphome com

It is not a coincidence if you happen to notice a chippy pedestals. Your dining table needs something fancy, so work it up! Take the pedestals to replace your table legs. Work with half sized table if you enjoy a private dinner. Pair the farmhouse look with several wall shelves on top of the table. Fill it with spices, and delicious decoration!
31 221 Chippy Table for kitchen via simphome
I stressed it again. If you happen to notice that your dining table pedestals are chippy, you can as well take the opportunity to make the dining table fancier. Replace the legs with fancy ones. Use a half sized table if you prefer a private dinner. Give it a farmhouse look with several wall shelves on top of the table.

32. DIY Chippy Painted Table.
32 DIY Chippy Painted Table via simphome

If you love the look of chippy painted furniture and would like a chippy painted table, click over to see how easy it is to do yourself to save yourself a lot of money.

33. Pattern Countertop.
33 Pattern Countertop via simphome com

Simple makeover could start from the counter tops. Again, you have to block the colors and pattern: having two colors or two patterns in a single item will ruin the whole set. To solve the problem, you could stain the counter top with granite color.
33 222 Pattern Countertop 1 via simphome
Since the counter top would be the main focus, give dark paint on the upper and lower cabinets. Pick tone from the nearby hue for the floor. For the tap, it is suggested to pick silver hardware.
33 222 Pattern Countertop 2 via simphome
More inspiration..
33 222 Pattern Countertop 3 via simphome

34. The Pluses and Minuses of Kitchen With Granite Countertops.
34 The Pluses and Minuses of a Kitchen With Granite Countertops simphome

Granite countertops are attractive. These all-natural rock surfaces can be found in a variety of shades as well as patterns, are incredibly long lasting, and also include a deluxe “really feel” to your residence, while also improving resale value. If you’re considering purchasing a residence with granite countertops

35. Working Table to Kitchen Island.
35 Working Table to Kitchen Island via simphome com

Create your own kitchen island instead of purchasing one for some high price. Take your old desk and pair it up with cedar wood plank and paint. Since you need to coordinate the whole look, attach wallpaper of similar tone on the bottom board. Tear up the top board and replace it with cedar plank as the countertop. Stain it and protect the color with sealer.
35 223 Working Table to Kitchen Island Beadboard kitchen island with open shelves and plank wood top by 2Perfection Decor featured on @Remodelaholic and @Simphome
Attach a hook on one side to hang mitten and other equipment. Install casters to help you move it easily.

36.Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating.
36 Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating Simphome

The kitchen island is the ideal location to stabilize congregation and splitting up, Find and save ideas about kitchen island design Ideas on

37. Expand your Kitchen Island.
37 Expand the Island via simphome com

After a while, you might notice that your current kitchen island is not big enough for you to do all cooking preparation. If this is the case, expand your island by copying the concept of a table. You will get additional space on both sides. Pull out the countertops and drawers; you need to build the frame.
37 224 Expand your kitchen island via simphome
Lastly, Make sure it adds equal size on both wings and has one wide board on the top. Support the wings with fancy legs and the board with chic trimming.

38. Mobile kitchen island.
38 Repurpose an old window for kitchen separation and mobile kitchen island

39. Space for Oven.
39 Space for Oven via simphome com

When things in the kitchen are already arranged, you got an oven as a gift. Now it is time to find a new home for the oven. Make use of the space under your protruding kitchen island to put it. You need to build or purchase a shelf that fits under the island. Make two rows on the shelf: one is for the oven and another one is for the cook book or baking equipment. Connect the new shelf to the old shelf and paint it with the same color.

40. Kitchen storage idea for large island.
40 Kitchen cabinets with presidential doors via simphome

This remarkable kitchen has maple cabinets with presidential doors. A wall was removed to make way for the large island. The island seats 12 or more and features a hibachi cooktop and range hood.


Updating a kitchen is challenging and could leave you a large hole in your pocket. Before you thinking to give up your hope, browse one of these next ten affordable kitchen update ideas.

41. Apply Round Table.
41 One Table for Two Simphome

This idea is still discussing about maximize the space in your kitchen. This time you have to deal with your table. You can start using rounded tables to replace the old rectangle table one. Rounded tables will allow you to invite more friends in your kitchen. Save as much as possible space in your kitchen by using this rounded and multi-function table. Place the tables properly so that you can move yourself freely while enjoying your meal in the kitchen.

42. Breakfast nook idea.
42 Breakfast Nook Ideas Simphome

Large or small, breakfast nooks are a perfect way to make the most of extra space in or near your kitchen. Get breakfast nook design ideas, see how to add a breakfast nook with storage, and how to tuck a breakfast nook just about anywhere

43. Combining Rustic and Stylish Idea.
43 Rustic and Stylish kitchen Idea Simphome

It is no secret that rustic concept will always look good for kitchen. This tip will offer you to combine between rustic and stylish idea. As you will combine a rustic concept, make sure that you have enough wooden materials. For the main thing, place a classic rectangle wooden table in the middle of your kitchen. Prepare enough space for four wooden chairs around the table. To complete the rustic concept, put some flowers in a yellow-colored vase on the center of the table to make the atmosphere cozier. Source

44. Classic and modern kitchen combination.
44 Classic and modern kitchen combo via simphome

45. Black and White Combination.
45 black and white kitchen combo simphome

You can always count on black and white combination when it comes to a decorating idea. If you already have white painted wall, then use the black theme for the rest of your kitchen set. You can start by painting your kitchen cabinets black. To add the dramatic point, you honed black granite for your countertops too. Both cabinets and countertops will make your kitchen look more dramatic. Then hang some dark-colored artworks on your white-painted wall to complete the combination.

46.Black White and Warm Kitchen.
46 1 Black White and Warm Kitchen via simphome

The textiles and fabrics in this space make it feel cozy and inviting. I love how the family room and kitchen have colorful ethnic rugs for color and personality. This space is the product of a mix master. It’s a beautiful black, white and warm kitchen. I hope you have enjoyed this kitchen inspiration today


46.2. Modern Mountain Home Tour: Great Room, Kitchen, Dining.
46 2 Modern Mountain Home Tour Great Room Kitchen Dining via simphome

46.3. Three black and white interiors that ooze class
46 3 Three black and white interiors that ooze class via simphome

46.4. Ohio Ikea kitchen.
46 4 Ohio IKEA Kitchen via simphome

46.5. Seven {To Die For} White Kitchens.
46 5 7 Die kitchen for via simphome

47. Install Some New Small Shelves.
47 Install Some New Small Shelves via Simphome

When your cabinets are full of all kitchen stuff, you can always maximize all the unused space. Maximizing the space on your kitchen wall is really necessary. Use any wood or steels as the main materials of your shelves. Cut them into a proper size before you install them to the wall. Make sure that you place each shelf with some distance to provide the space. Then put any kitchen stuff on the added shelves to save more space in your cabinets.

48. Add sleek and shine stainless steel kitchen shelves.
48 Install Some New Small Shelves via Simphome

49. Add Some Lids Storage.
49 Add Some Lids Storage via simphome

Maximizing space in your kitchen does not always come from the visible areas. You can also use any space from the invisible areas. Put any additional lids storage inside your cabinet. Store the additional lids on your cabinet door to maximize the space inside the cabinets. Make your cabinets more functional by storing these additional lids and put your cookware on it.

50. Here are some helpful tips to help you organize your pots and pans in your cabinets.
50 ideas to organizing pans and pots via simphome

It helps saves space and makes them easier to pull out by Jamonkey.


Here you’ll learn how to be a trickster for your limited cooking area. If you look closely, you’ll find organization ideas include decor that will your small kitchen to a new level. This is ten DIY organizing tricks for you small kitchen

51. View Kitchen backsplash ideas that are NOT subway tile By Bailey
by Bailey Swilley All kitchens have a backsplash.
51 Kitchen backsplash ideas that are NOT subway tile via simphome com

Follow link to learn another nineteen ideas related to our topic.

52. Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas to Fuel your Kitchen Remodel
52 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas to Fuel your Remodel via simphome

A kitchen is a place where everyone collect to cook, eat and also chat, so it’s typically the heart of your home, and also creating it in country farmhouse design is a great decision! From reclaimed wood to antiques, there are countless ways to amp up your kitchen’s country style. Obtain our best ideas for creating a sophisticated, rustic, vintage, modern and small farmhouse kitchen decor.

53. Cardboard Word Decoration.
53 Cardboard Word Decoration eat simphome

Have you ever made a cardboard into a word decoration? It is cheap and easy. To make it, you need to have a large sheet of cardboard, scissors, ruler, glue, and spray paint. Simply cut the letters; cut the same letter twice then glue and put them together. After the glue dried, paint the cardboard and it is ready to be hanged. Source

54. DIY With Bookhou: Plaster Letters Project.
54 DIY With Bookhou Plaster Letters Project via Simphome

Cardboard letters. You can bend it and shape it as you please. PLUS you could plaster it and make a firm shape, either way a wonderful letter formation.

55. Kitchen Command Center.
55 Kitchen Command Center via simphome com

Got empty space on the side of our fridge? Get organized with a few items from Homegoods, Staples, and Goodwill. That’s it, a kitchen command center was born!

56. Clever kitchen organization initiative.
56 Clever magazine holder for limited space kitchen simphome

New home? Update? make over? These 20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas will get you going with lots if brilliant ways to stay organized!

57. Fruit Organizer.
57 Fruit Organizer via simphome com

Do you want to organize your fruits? Try make a fruit organizer then. What you need to have is a wooden plank, mail basket, and needle-nose pliers. First, you may decorate the plank first with transferable paper ink |see number 12. Then, measure where you will drill the holes to install the pliers by placing the baskets on top of the plank. When it’s measured already, install the pliers and hang the baskets. Finally, put the plank on the wall.

58. Twenty DIY Kitchen Organization Projects to Get a Better Kitchen.
58 Wooden Vegetable and Fruit Organizer via Simphome

I have picked up this DIY kitchen organization “fruit storage” ideas that will all left you with a super functional and perfectly user-oriented kitchen!

59. Clever Storage Closets.
59 1 Built in Closet idea via simphome

Built-in closets are the ultimate storage solution, but why not take things to the next level by creating a functional room within the hidden space?

59. The perfect pantry.
59 2 The perfect pantry via simphome

60. Utensil Closet Door Organizer.
60 Utensil Closet Door Organizer via simphome com

There are many organizers already shown above, but this one can hold many things at once. Simply take off a door from your closet |if it’s not needed anymore and clean it. The door itself is great, but if it is painted then it will be amazing. You don’t have to paint the entire door, just paint half of it. Use a paper to make the tidy line. When it’s done, you can install hooks, nails, or anything you need to store your kitchen needs.

No.61 – No.90 Small Kitchen upgrade ideas, and cheap update ideas

After you learn how to craft new storage for your utensil, Here you’ll get ten small kitchen upgrade ideas with twenty relevant ideas that you can test and try soon after you read this post. Or this next following video. A Super relevant one I assure you.

61. A Simple Paint Project – with 4 more ideas
61 Add a Chalkboard decoration via simphome com

We have only 1 ideas here and 4 more on another site.

62. Six Ways To Use the “Little Walls” in Your Home.
62 ideas to use small kitchen wall via simphome

Smart and stylish ways to use them in your home to add more function and more beauty.

63. IKEA Space rack makeover and optimization.
63 Ikea space rack and chalkboard wall makeover via simphome

The humble IKEA spice rack may look simple and modest but behind that straight-forward design, if you look with an open mind, you’ll find a lot of ingenious secrets. We’re talking about all the creative ways in which you can re-purpose this piece and all the hacks that revolve around it.

64. A DIY Home Command Center.
64 A DIY Home Command Center via simphome

DIY family command center that helps you stay organized and keep your schedule, mail, magazines, book recipes, and more all in one place.

65. Top kitchen cabinet ideas that are classics and will be on trend for years
65 top kitchen cabinet ideas that are classics and will be on trend for years via simphome com

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can drain your investment. Here’s our view top kitchen cabinet ideas that are classics and will be on trend for years

66. Flea market find kitchen makeover.
66 Flea market find kitchen revamp via simphome

I can’t believe it’s already the weekend! Weekends to me mean junkin’ and pickin’. It’s pretty much my favorite weekend past time. One of my favorite places to look for treasures is at the flea market. So many hidden gems there.

67. Farrow and Ball on.
67 Farrow and Ball on via simphome

Brassica walls paired with Pelt shelving and Manor House Gray cabinets create a contemporary look in this modern kitchen.

68. Amazing Modern White Kitchen Cabinet with 45 more ideas.
68 Amazing Modern White Kitchen Cabinets via simphome com

When it comes to kitchen cabinets that you pick for your kitchen, don’t guess they must be custom. The contemporary cabinets are absolutely different in style and you’ll feel like they are somewhat smaller from the outside, but that’s just how..

69. $10 est, kitchen wall art.
69 Cheap kitchen wall art via simphome

Create this original kitchen wall art for under $10. Few supplies and only a screwdriver required to complete this piece of kitchen decor. Click and you’ll find more than 40 kitchen art inspiration.

70. Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas.
70 Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas via simphome

You employ your kitchen as a center to prepare and cooking food, but it is also a storage area. The most universal complaint is that people have the time to move to a new home without having enough room for the kitchen. This may also happen in your existing kitchen. To assist you upgrade your storage space, we have chosen these simple ideas for keeping in the kitchen. It’s very easy to achieve, it does not require advanced skills and the materials are cheap and easy to find. Which storage solution do you need in your home? Follow link.


Some of the simple but stylish rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners are implementing some unique elements. Some of the combinations are quite appealing and pleasing to the eyes. The idea is that simplicity can be super attractive.

You don’t have to do any fancy project to create an impressive effect. Some of the simple designs are surprisingly very good, as long as you can match it up with the right elements. From 71-75 I give you 5 Rustic Kitchen Décor Ideas for All Homeowners.

71.Stylish Vintage and Industrial Kitchen.
71 Stylish Vintage and Industrial Kitchen via simphome com

Combining industrial and vintage theme is possible when you are able to combine the right elements. In this kitchen décor, the wooden cabinet and countertop looks somewhat matching when paired with the wall mounted metal open shelves. The open shelves construction creates an air and open atmosphere. With dark wood and dark metal style, this kitchen somewhat looks masculine and attractive in its simplicity. The wooden cabinet also comes with smart storage inside.

72.Wooden Log Kitchen Island.
72 Wooden Log Kitchen Island via Simphome com

Not many homeowners choose this ancient style kitchen island. But you have to admit that this solid and thick wooden log is perfect for the ancient-look kitchen island for very traditional kitchen theme. It may not have enough space but it is enough as a platform for food preparation. When you are able to pair it up with rustic style chair, the overall effect will be perfect. It is a great inspiration for rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners. Credit: by Meagan

73. Floating Shelves.
73 Floating Shelves via Simphome

Floating shelves with a solid wooden board will provide a sturdy and also stylish storage area for the kitchen utensils. You can even stack the two boards to create an even unique look. If you don’t use the top shelf, it looks like your floating shelf has a canopy on it. Of course, you can also have more than two stacks, depending on your preference and whether there is enough space on the wall. Try this rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners – you will see your kitchen improves in the simplest manner.

74. Pallet Kitchen Cabinets.
74 Pallet Kitchen Cabinets via simphome

Do you know that you can actually have a kitchen cabinet from wooden pallet? Some of the premium quality wooden pallet can be made for industrial use, including for the kitchen. The high quality kitchen cabinet from pallet may be more expensive than the regular pallet, but it is going to worth your spending, for sure. Depending on your preference, there are different designs to pick. In this picture, the top wall mounted cabinets and the bottom ones are all coming with beautiful dark finish. Such an interesting idea, don’t you think?

75. Veggie Bin.
75 Veggie Bin via simphome com

Stacked wooden boxes like this can be great as veggie bin or potato bin. This bin certainly adds functionality to the kitchen because not only it provides storage for the veggies, the stacked construction provides direct and easy access. For a busy mom looking for a more efficient way to store their stocks, this bin will be the ideal option. Would you like to try one this rustic kitchen décor ideas for all homeowners next week?

Next, I give you five DIY Ideas how To Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen

76. Hanging Herbs.
76 Hanging Herbs via simphome

Growing herbs in a kitchen is totally simple. The main thing you need to consider is the position to grow herbs. Hanging herbs in best spot in your kitchen is recommended for you. Remember that herbs or plants need light to grow well. You can use hanging pot to grow herbs, and then hang it on spot that receives enough light. Finally, your herbs can grow well and add exotic look in your kitchen. You can also hang more than one hanging herbs to make your kitchen looks fresh.

77. PVC Planter.
77 PVC Planter via simphome com

When you want to grow herbs, you may be confused by a type of planter for growing your herbs. Don’t worry because of it. Do you have PVC pipe? It is recommended planter to grow your herbs. By using it, you can grow herbs in your kitchen. Make sure you choose best spot for placing PVC planter. For example, you can use area in front of kitchen windows because it is area that receives enough light.

78. Glass Jar Planter.
78 Glass Jar Planter via simphome

Actually, there are so many ideas about material you can use for growing your herbs. How about glass jar? Have you ever thought about it? Glass jar can be used as planter to grow your herbs in your kitchen. By using small glass jars, you can grow various types of herbs. Don’t forget to place every jar in best spot. For your recommendation, you can place glass jars on small rack or mounted shelves that receives enough light. It will make your herbs grow well because get enough light.

79. Tin Can Planters.
79 Tin Can Planters via simphome

If you don’t have small glass jars, you can use tin can to grow your herbs. You may have various tin cans because often buy products with tin can, such as canned food. Don’t throw tin can to your bin rubbish because it can be used for other purposes. For example, you can clean your tin can and covers it using good wrapper. Finally, you can use tin can for growing your herbs.

80. Plastic Bottle Herbs.
80 Plastic Bottle Herbs via simphome

Not only tin can, you can also use plastic bottle for growing your herbs. You may have so many plastic bottles. Cut a half of bottle, and then use it for growing various herbs. By mounting plastic bottle herbs, your kitchen will look more interesting. Especially, you use some plastic bottles to grow various herbs.


Revitalizing your desperate kitchen doesn’t have to corrupt your soul. With next list, you’ll learn ten cheap ideas how to update your kitchen and make it more up to date.

81. Combining Light and Modern Idea.
81 Combining light and modern concept via simphome

If your kitchen is plain and white-painted, this idea will suit your kitchen so much. Combine the light and modern idea by putting any plants in your countertop. Let the plants bring freshness in your kitchen. In the middle of your kitchen, put a wooden dark brown-colored table as the place you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To complete the modern style, put some chairs with pinstripe pattern. Try to match the chairs’ color with the table.

82.A Revitalized Barwon Heads Boat Shack.
82 A Revitalised Barwon Heads Boat Shack via Simphome

Combining old and new in this light-filled holiday home.

83. Apply Various Textures.
83 Apply Various Textures via simphome

A kitchen with so many textures will guarantee you not only a good looking kitchen but also a cozy cooking atmosphere. Create an instant visual impact in your kitchen by combining in mixing some multiple textures and materials. For the kitchen cabinets, you can apply white and cream color to lighten the whole space in your kitchen. To add the contrast look, use a stove and its stuff which are made of steel. Use cypress wood as the main material of the island to make your kitchen has more variation.

84. How to Make a Clock that fit for your Kitchen Interior and sixty more inspiring ideas.
84 Inspiring kitchen interior via Simphome

Kitchen has become the most significant region of the home. Decorating the kitchen does not need to be costly or difficult. In case you have a very small kitchen, you may want to decide on a mirrored time clock as this can give the illusion of a bigger space.

85. Display Some Artworks.
85 Display Some Artworks via Simphome

Some simple yet extra ordinary things can bring whole differences to your kitchen. Choose some of your favorite artworks that you already have then put it in your kitchen. Differentiate the artworks before placing them in the kitchen. Mark some free spaces to let the artworks in. Make sure that the artworks you are going to place have the same concept or background with your kitchen style. Avoid any unnecessary artworks by selecting them first.


86. Ideas For Revamping Your Kitchen Art.
86 Ideas For Revamping Your Kitchen Art via Simphome

Looking creative ideas how to revamp your kitchen? We’ve got some great art inspiration to get you started.

87. Apply Colorful and Various Painting.
87 Apply Colorful and Various Painting via simphome

A kitchen with more than one color will always please anyone who cook in it. Start from the wall, you can paint it with a combination between white and light green color. Both color will match in every occasion. Do the white for the windows and light green for the wall. To make it more colorful, use neutral blue color for your upper and lower cabinets. Dark-colored countertop will be okay for the blues. At the center of your kitchen, place an island with brown and cream colored which is a good combination.

88. A Couple’s Hollywood Regency Hell’s Kitchen Home.
88 Paul and Simon kitchen painting via simphome

Paul and Simon share a welcoming 625 square foot home full of vibrant colors, natural textures and personalized treasures in West Midtown, Manhattan.

89. Add a Multitasking Pot Rack.
89 Add a Multitasking Pot Rack via Simphome

You can really maximize the space on your kitchen wall by adding a multitasking pot rack. Place this multitasking pot rack above your countertop so that you will able to hang as many cookware as you can. Make sure that you place the pot rack on the free space in your kitchen wall. Do not let the pot rack disturb you while you are cooking. Hang your cookware on the pot rack to free up precious cabinet space.

90. Forbes’ 10 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens.
90 Wall hanging cooking post by Rebekah Zaveloff KitchenLab via Simphome

Feeling burned over a small cooking area? These features and tricks can help prevent you suffer kitchen meltdowns.

No.91 – No.120 How to makeover a small kitchen and Kitchen storage cabinet ideas

Why you need to type “How to makeover a small kitchen” on your search engine? If you share similar experiences, then probably you could find some inspiration from the designer to expand your tiny cooking space. Find and learn the trick to make your cramped corner a little bit comfy and brighter.

91. One Tone
91 One tone via Simphome

Vintage stove never loses its charm. Even when the surrounding has contemporary and more edgy style, your eyes will focus on the stove only. While doing the makeover, surely you cannot remove the stove. One thing you could do is to make the other elements have the same colors as the stove. Simply repaint the targeted surface. Highlight colors is okay, as long as it belongs to the same hue as the stove. Also, don’t forget to change the knob to suit the whole design. Source:

92.√ Here are some of best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Make Organized Kitchen.
92 Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet via simphome

Rustic farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas to help you transform a kitchen into a place that has been craving for so long. Explore and find the best ideas now!

93. Painting without Sanding.
93 Painting without Sanding via simphome com

In most DIY project, you are required to do the sanding while working with wooden materials.
93 Prep and Paint Cabinets without Sanding via simphome com
You can skip this process and get a perfect result, too. But then you will need a rinse substitute, deglosser, primer and paint. Un-mount the cabinet door, and clean it thoroughly with the rinse substitute.
93 2 212 Painting without Sanding via Simphome
Then apply deglosser and give thin layer of primer after the deglosser dry. Next, paint and mount it back to its place. See how pretty the result is.

94. Click to find 10 tricks How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming-Step by Step.
94 10 How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming Step by Step via simphome

It is essential that the kitchen looks great as it is where you and your loved ones can bond together.

95. Concrete Countertops.
95 Concrete Countertops via simphome com

Want to do a makeover for your countertop? Challenge yourself with a concrete mix. Prepare the mixture, sealer, carnuba wax and sandpaper. The process will take repeated layering, so free your time.
95 2 213 Concrete countertop via simphome
Layer the old countertop surface and sides with thin concrete mixture and allow it to dry. Smooth the countertops with sandpaper before you add another layer. Repeat the layering process until you get five layers in total. Take the brush to seal the concrete by applying sealer and carnuba wax.

96. Interesting use of seams in this medium grey concrete countertop.
96 Interesting use of seams in this medium grey concrete countertop via Simphome

97. Peninsula and Corbel
97 Peninsula and Corbel via simphome com

Cover your peninsula with planked wood, so it will get different look. Protect the edges with adjustable mold trim, and take gun nails to set the plank on its place. Fill in the nail hole and sand the plank, before you paint them. After the paint dried, you can start installing the corbels. Set them on both ends, as if they support the peninsula surface. Drill a hole for screw and don’t forget to add wood glue to the corbels before installation.

98. Cottage Kitchen Makeover Reveal by theletteredcottage.
98 Peninsula corbel idea by theletteredcottage via simphome

99. Countertops for Butcher.
99 Countertops for Butcher via simphome com

There is always a way to cut your budget for countertops, but you have to invest your time instead.

Purchase a butcher block on the store to fit your kitchen size. Then seal both the surface and bottom of the block with sealer liquid to protect it from heat, scratch and moisture. If you want to paint the block, do it before applying the sealer.
99 2 215 Countertops for Butcher by brianandkaylor com via simphome

The next job is to cut the area for sink and also join the corner. After that, you only need to install the counter on its place using fastener.

100. How to Care for Butcher Block Countertops.
100 How to Care for Butcher Block Countertops via Simphome

Step-by-step instruction how to pay attention of slab countertops in kitchen room renovation, as well as sanding and oiling. If there is one question we have a tendency to get asked repeatedly regarding our room renovation is “how does one like your slab countertops?” Follow link to learn more


Here, you can bring home twenty kitchen organization ideas that cover kitchen shelving, IKEA cart, Pot and pan rack, and more. Follow at least one source link and I hope you’ll be happy with what you find.

101. Kitchen storage cabinet idea inspired by Muji
101 Kitchen storage cabinet idea inspired by Muji Via SImphome com

Shelf is a big success when getting something made as something like dishes and cooking utensils. Tightening parts are convenient for maximum use to the ceiling. You can also add functionality with glass sliding doors boxes and drawers

102. Clever ways how to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen with 20 alternatives
102 Clever Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen via Simphome 1

If you’re going a little crazy trying to fit all your cooking accouterments in your teeny-tiny kitchen, here are 20+ ideas for a little extra storage.
102 Clever Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen via Simphome 2

103. Baking Station extracted from IKEA cart.
103 Baking Station from IKEA Cart via Simphome

Baking Station-a great use for an ikea cart?! Couldn’t use the mixer but awesome for baking storage

104. Clever, fashionable, and space-saving ideas for decorating the heart of the home with nineteen extra ideas.
104 Real simple Smart stylish and space saving ideas for decorating the heart of the home via Simphome

105. Kitchen Island Pot And Pan Rack
105 1 Kitchen Island Pot And Pan Rack Via Simphome com

This idea is a multi purpose and it can breath new live to your kitchen. Suitable for small,medium, or large kitchen I am sure.

Put Molding and Pull Together | How do you know that a space has large size? One way to measure it is by looking for hanging space.
105 2 Create Rack Chandelier Via Simphome com

For example, the embossed surface from the molding and drawer pull. This concept could be adapted to your kitchen. Add at least two inches of molding to your counter top edges. For the drawers, pick the pulls that are easy to grip, easy to clean, and have simple yet stylish design. Second image source.

106. Ten Peeks at IKEA’s GROLAND Island at Work in the Kitchen.
106 10 Peeks at IKEA GROLAND Island at Work in the Kitchen via Simphome

IKEA has a number of popular kitchen islands and carts — the OLOFSTORP, the STENSTORP, the FÖRHÖJA, the BEKVÄM — that are ideal picks for small kitchens

107. This is $319.99 Calphalon Contemporary Non-Stick 9-Piece Cookware Set with Bonus.
107 Calphalon Contemporary ™ Non Stick 9 Piece Cookware Set with Bonus via Simphome

108. IKEA Stenstorp trolley and shelves. Spice jars stored in nice little tray from H&M home saved by Leslie Suen.
108 IKEA Stenstorp trolley and shelves Spice jars stored in nice little tray from HM home via Simphome

109. Small Kitchen Remodel and Storage Hacks on a Budget.
109 1 Small Kitchen Remodel and Storage Hacks on a Budget via Simphome

I’ve aforementioned persistently and will not get uninterested in it that the room may be a heart of the house, wherever we are able to reproduce our dreams and wherever we have a tendency to share our triumphs and sorrows. These tiny room rework and storage hacks on a budget ar the items that you simply want. an area wherever cold or hot drinks will bring USA back to life. Here we have a tendency to pay loads of your time whereas reception, it isn’t solely concerning change of state, however conjointly for outlay our precious time with our family and friends. however there is a downside, for a few individuals, they found it troublesome

109. An entry from FOR EMMA, FOREVER AGO.
109 2 An entry from FOR EMMA FOREVER AGO via Simphome

110. Build Copper Open Shelves, Small Kitchen Ideas: Traditional Kitchen Designs.
110 Copper open shelves via simphome

Locate small-kitchen design inspiration that will fit your home’s traditional style.
This clever idea, small kitchen layouts maximize available space, pack in must-have kitchen amenities, and all without sacrificing good looks.

111. Hutspot Amsterdam.
111 Hutspot Amsterdam via Simphome

112. Another open shelves idea found from the big web.
112 Build Copper Open Shelves 2 Via Simphome com

Courtesy: nishto

113. An open kitchen concept written.
113 French Open kitchen concept via simphome

by Fabiana

114. Apply Monochromatic Look.
Fact: A beautiful kitchen makes everything taste better.
114 Monochromatic kitchen concept via Simphome

115. BC House is a minimal interior located in Leuven, Belgium, designed by Dieter Vander Velpen.
115 BC House is a minimal interior via Simphome

116. Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: 110 Modern Design Photos.
116 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas 110 Modern Design Photos Follow Simphome

There area unit various things to require under consideration after you need to revamp your room. you may quickly discover you do not very ought to pay usuriously to revamp your room. Your room has become the foremost essential area in your home. it’s one in all the most gathering places in your home. There area unit means that to form the room such an area. it’s attainable to alter however the room seems quickly by revitalising the lighting. The room is that the center of the residence. because the center of your home, it’s the space with all the action. Even after you get a touch room, the style within which you employ the house is basically planning to earn a distinction.

117. Top Kitchen Trends Prediction last 2018 – In case it’s still relevant in 2019.
117 Top Kitchen Trends Prediction for 2018 new kitchen concept via Simphome

117. (2). Best |according to writer Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas.
117 2 Best Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas via Simphome

Our kitchen cabinets set the stage for the styling and look of your kitchen, as well as how well organized your kitchen necessities are. But the latest in kitchen cabinet ideas and design trends can be tricky, since certain trends

118. Put Oversized Art.
118 Put oversize art via simphome

If you arrange things effectively, there might be a case when you have empty wall. Don’t let it show the bare tiles or walls. Hang a piece of oversized art. Instead of squeezing the space, it expands the visitors’ view. As the result, you have what looks like spacious kitchen, as well as chic focal point in the room. Keep in mind that the effect will stand out only when you have one tone walls, floor and cabinet.

119. Cabinetry color / art in kitchen.
119 Art Cabinetry color via Simphome

120.Trend Alert: Flower Power and BIG FLORALS in Interiors.
120 1 Trend Alert Flower Power and BIG FLORALS in Interiors via Simphome

Trend Alert post on the resurgence of florals in interiors. And not just florals, but FLORALS in call caps. Inspired by the Old Dutch Masters paintings |Holland, roughly 17th and early 18th centuries we are seeing big, bold and beautiful still life works adorning walls in larger than life size scale.

120.2. American Plum Kitchen design.
120 3 American Plum Kitchen of Kohler Inc via Simphome

With purple and white kitchen cabinets, this playful space was designed for fashion and function. It features a farmhouse sink, bar sink, pot filler and faucets all in Brushed Stainless.

120.3. Justin Kennedy and Sarah Collins kitchen design — The Design Files | Australia’s most popular design blog.
120 3 Justin Kennedy and Sarah Collins via Simphome

120.4. Kitchen Love by Design Sponge
120 4 Kitchen Love via Simphome

Follow link for all things Design include Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters makeover and much more.

No.121 – No.150 Creative small kitchen hacks, DIY Projects, and DIY Storage ideas

This 4th page will talk about 30 ideas that covers small kitchen hacks, Do it Yourself Project list directed to small kitchen space owners, and DIY Storage ideas for limited kitchen property owners.

121.Functional Kitchen.
121 Functional Kitchen via simphome com

When you move to a new house, the kitchen arrangement is sometimes awkward and not satisfying. With an oversized island in the middle, you could make the space more functional and pretty. The basic rule is that the sink, stove, and fridge should be in one continuous line. As for the over-sized island, you could remodel it by making spaces for throwing garbage. The idea is to simply wipe the leftover foods or vegetables literally under the table. To make things prettier, you could coordinate the color of the kitchen and island countertop.
121 216 Functional Kitchen via simphome

122. Forty five picture inspiration how to choose a kitchen island.
122 45 picture inspiration how to choose a kitchen island via simphome

In this list we present you many ideas in photos about how to choose the best cooking island to get a beautiful and practical kitchen.

123. A Functional and Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs
123 A Functional and Inspired Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs via Simphome

Islands are integral part of kitchens. They are usually placed in the center of your kitchen, and are functional elements that supply extra counter space and storage. Kitchen islands are also the focal point of the kitchen design. Follow link to get 44 extra ideas.

124. White and Gray Cabinet Makeover
124 White and Gray Cabinet Makeover via simphome com

When you purchase cabinets form the store, they usually have similar colors. Lighten up a bit with white and gray tone. Ask for a cabinet transformer while visiting the store. It covers almost everything that you need.
124 2 White and Gray Cabinet Makeover After via simphome
Starting from the top cabinet, you need to take off the doors. Apply a layer of deglosser solution and apply the first white coat immediately. Let it sit for three hours and go for the second layer. Repeat the same process to the bottom cabinet.

125. A Family Command Center Ideas That will Help You Organize Like A Pro
125 15 Family Command Center Ideas To Help You Organize Like A Pro via Simphome

This Family Command Center ideas assist You Organize sort of a Pro-Word to Your Mother journal A family command center could be a excellent thanks to organize a busy family! These DIY family command center ideas can assist you organize and keep track of your mail, calendars, kid’s prep, backpacks, and college papers!

A family command center could be a excellent thanks to organize a busy family! These DIY family command center ideas can assist you organize and keep track of your mail, calendars, kid’s prep, backpacks, and college papers! Get your house and life organized for back to high school currently with these ennobling family command centers for your room or office! I like this concept by Fine Home Building. Follow link to find 14 extra ideas.

126. Kitchen Refacing
126 Kitchen Refacing via simphome com

It includes replacing the cabinet door with different style. In the process, there will be no kitchen re-setting. It is pure improvement for cabinets only. You could choose the model that you like. The first step is to purchase the suitable cabinet doors.
126 218 Kitchen Refacing via simphome
Don’t forget to buy the paint with similar tone, because you will need it to repaint the body. Unmount the old door, and paint the body first. Then you could install the new cabinet doors.

127. Exotic Apartment design With a Sense Of Nostalgia
127 Amazing Apartment With a Sense Of Nostalgia via Simphome

One of the amazing apartments in Sydney is the Vicky’s Apartments. Admittedly, it is one of the gorgeous homes that you will ever get.

128. Charming Molding.
128 Charming Molding via simphome com

If you already fall in love with your current cabinet, add molding to upgrade the look. It will not remove the original beauty of the cabinets. First, you need the molding wood, which you can easily get in the store. Then take your ruler and start measuring. Make sure you mark the area where you want the molding to be attached. Try to arrange the molding and glue it once you are satisfied with the result.
128 219 Charming Molding via simphome
Last, repaint the cabinet doors and enjoy!

129. Addition of beadboard backsplash & corbels to kitchen cabinets via lovelyfamilyandhome
129 Addition of beadboard backsplash and corbels to kitchen cabinets via Simphome

130. Fancy Range Hood
130 Fancy Range Hood before and after via Simphome

If you have built in stove, then you will have a range hood installed, too. It helps for cooling down the stove, as it functions as the fan. Most of them come off with a trim design. Upgrade the look with another trimming trick! Like always, you need to remove the old molding. Sand the wood and create a trapezoidal shape sketch. Cover the mark of old molding with paint, before attaching the new molding and bead board wallpaper.

130. Luxury kitchen design.
130 2 Fancy Kitchen ideas via Simphome

Fancy Dutch Blue Ceiling and Shades offset by Cream and Yellow. Sweet molding and glass cabinets.
130 220 Fancy Range HoodRemodelando la Casa Kitchen with open cabinets via simphome

131-140: DIY Projects

131. Downsize the Kitchen
131 How To Downsize And Organize Your Kitchen via Simphome

The first thing you should consider in decorating small kitchen is focusing on the function of the room. Get rid of unimportant things you rarely or even never use in your kitchen. Just keep only important things you usually use every day. This is aimed to free more space for more important things and activities you usually do in kitchen. You can use the spaces for keeping basic cooking appliances, microwave, refrigerator, single sink, and stove.

132. Smart ideas to help organize your kitchen pantry
132 Clever ideas to help organize your kitchen pantry 35 ideas via Simphome

When designing your kitchen pantry, its not always about aesthetics, its more about practicality and functionality, pantries help you to keep organized.

133. Open It Up
133 Open It Up via simphome

The next useful trick to make your kitchen looks larger than its actual size is by creating open area in the room. Instead of putting all the kitchen stuffs on overhead cabinets, you can leave the top space of cupboard as open storage. This trick will create better organization of kitchen stuffs and makes the room looks more spacious. You can also choose to use spice holders, pot racks, shelving, and magnetic knife for your kitchen.

134. Open kitchen shelf by Shanty-2-Chic.
134 Kitchen Renovation Where to find all the goodies via Simphome

135. Mix and Match the Materials
135 Mix and Match the Materials via Simphome

To trick small kitchen space and makes it look larger than it should be, you can mix materials to be applied in the room. You can try the idea to mix metals and wood and then combine them with other surface materials. But just keep in mind that whatever materials you combine, you have to make sure that all should be in same colors to create harmony and makes the room looks less “crowded”. Source by Mix and match kitchen.

136. Kitchen cabinet idea saved by Doitdecor
136 Sweet White Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea via Simphome

137. Look Into It
137 Look Into It via simphome

The next tip you can try to create larger impression for your small kitchen is by letting the stuffs visible. You can use incorporating glass for the cupboard so you can see through the objects kept inside. This will help you to create spacious impression of your small kitchen. Glass tabletop can be good choice. Instead of choosing wooden door, you can also pick glass kitchen door to give impression of visual expansion to the room.

138. A Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with 22 extra ideas.
138 Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 23 ideas via Simphome

Your kitchen cabinets do not have to be white! Explore 23 gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet ideas and see the suggested blue kitchen cabinet paint colors.

139. Light the Kitchen Up
139 Light the Kitchen Up via Simphome

The selection of right lighting can affect the impression to every interior design, including kitchen. To give visual expansion to your small kitchen space, you can consider to picking up hanging pendant lights. Not only that kind of lighting can give spacious impression to the kitchen, but it can also beautify the room. Pick up incandescent hanging pendant lighting which comes with more yellowish colors and then hang it underneath of the kitchen’s upper cabinets.

140. Trending topic: Five Kitchen Trends deserve your Consideration.

If you are thinking of tackling a kitchen remodel or kitchen refresh this year, then here are some kitchen trends for you to consider! Open Shelving “Focal Point” Kitchen Hoods Wall of Windows Above the Kitchen Sink Persian & Oriental Rugs Patterned Tile Backsplash Open Shelving Love them or hate them.
140 Trend Alert 5 Kitchen Trends to Consider via Simphome

Light the Amazing Shelves. If it is not possible to own a wall for display, find another way to spice up your kitchen. Ceiling shelves might be your savior. The first option is to paint the inside with bright color, more vivid than the outer frame. During the day, it will be an art to see the cutlery, plates and bowls stored inside a color box. This scenery will fade during the night. Thus, you could install small lighting at the top ceiling inside the shelves. Follow hyperlink for more detail.

141- 150: DIY Storage ideas for small kitchen

141. Add Shelving to Your Backsplash
141 Ideas for Your Kitchen Backsplash Tile via simphome

The first storage idea for small kitchen is adding shelving to your backsplash. Backsplash usually gives new nuance to your kitchen. Actually, backsplash is also good spot to create shelves. By using glass or woods, you can add mounted shelves on your backsplash. It will save spaces in your kitchen. Shelves on backsplash can be used for storing some kitchen utensils, such as plate, glass, and many more. It will also make you easier to grab kitchen utensil you need.

142. Marrakech Design Dandelion kitchen tiles.
142 Marrakech Design Dandelion Kitchen tiles via simphome

143. Add a Plate Rack to the Wall
143 Add a Plate Rack to the Wall via simphome

If you have a small kitchen, you just need to know main trick for saving space in your kitchen. The main trick is using wall area to create useful rack or shelves. The example is plate rack. On-the-wall plate rack is solution to save spaces in your kitchen. It is also the best way to use wall area as storage for storing plate. With on-the-wall plate rack, your kitchen will look tidy.

144. The 1890 house had “all its integrity,” say its owners: stained-glass windows, a monumental staircase, fine woodwork, and even a dumbwaiter. But it needed their loving restoration.
144 1 1890 house kitchen ideas via simphome

144.(2). Secret Compartment Cabinets – From kitchen workstation designs to compact armoire kitchens, the YesterTec design company has space-saving ideas for compact kitchen projects.
144 2 Secret Compartment Cabinets via simphome

145. Squeeze in Floating Shelves
145 Squeeze in Floating Shelves via simphome com

You may often see floating shelves in kitchen and other room. Actually, floating shelves is the best way to save spaces in your kitchen. For you who have a small kitchen, you can try this idea as soon as possible. You can create floating shelves of various materials, such as wood, iron, and other materials. Use your floating shelves for storing kitchen utensils, such as glass, plate, jar, and many more. Extra 18 ideas waiting for you behind hyperlink.

146. Few Awesome Tips on Improving Your Kitchen Those are Actually Useful and I think works.
146 5 Awesome Tips on Improving Your Kitchen Those are Actually Useful via simphome

Want to boost the general atmosphere of the room, however don’t recognize how? Confused by the ocean of potentialities that the decorations are? Don’t recognize what color to color your kitchen? need to grasp what accessories to buy? Don’t worry. we have a tendency to square measure here to assist you with all of your decoration desires.

147. Add cabinets Above the Window
147 Add cabinets Above the Window via simphome

You may feel so frustration when having so many kitchen utensils but don’t have enough storage in your small kitchen. Don’t worry because of it. There are still many ways to create storage in your small kitchen, such as adding cabinets above the window. Yes, area above the window can be used for adding cabinets. Finally, you can use cabinets above the windows for storing various kitchen utensils. It will make your kitchen looks larger and more elegant than before.

148. Here I have some of the most Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Welcome 2019 (17 ideas).
148 Some of the most Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Welcome 2019 and beyond

149. Make Your Countertop Double-Duty
149 Double duty counter top via simphome

Other recommendation for you is making your countertop do double duty. You may use your countertop to prepare ingredients for cooking. How about countertop that can be storage too? For example, you can create countertop which has an integrated bowl. It can be used for storing some ingredients. the ingredients will not spread or fall. Finally, you can save little space in your kitchen. Source

150. A Functional and Inspiring Kitchen Island Idea and Design.
150 Creative Functional and Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs via simphome

Islands are integral part of kitchens. They are usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, and are functional extra that provides extra counter space and storage. Kitchen islands are also the focal point of the kitchen design. Here are some functional and inspired kitchen island ideas

151-160: Creative wall storage ideas for small kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen always leaves homeowners with kitchen wares arrangement dilemma. It’s a matter of knowing how to trick out the cabinets, drawers, island, wall and even the back of the pantry door. Consider all these potential spots especially your wall then you won’t have to worry where to stack your cooking accouterments.

No.151 – No.180 Creative wall storage ideas for small kitchen, How to maximize, and upgrade them

151.Hanging Pegboard
151 Hanging pegboard via simphome

Colanders and pans take a lot of space when stored inside a cabinet or drawer. That doesn’t help the fact when you have many kitchen appliances. One thing you can do is hang them on the wall and save space for other things! Get a pegboard with a reasonable size for your wall but one that will still be able to store more than 5 utensils. Use a level to mark the edges and correctly align the anchors (6 anchors in total and 3 for each 1×2 support). Note that it’s better to use semi-gloss paint for the finish for easy cleaning. This creative wall storage idea for your small kitchen is totally worth trying!

152. DIY Pegboard
152 DIY Pegboard via simphome

Here, we have step by step tutorial to make your a personal giant DIY Pegboard! It’s an easy Do it yourself project and is great for displaying personal items!

153. Repurpose Your Office Supply Organizers
153 Repurpose Your Office Supply Organizers via simphome

Everyone has one or two office supply organizers just lying around at home. Put them to good use by repurposing them to store your dish soap and sponge. Hang one on the wall near your kitchen sink for easier access when washing your dishes. This might be a small thing to do but it won’t hurt to make your sink area a little more organized, right?

154. A Bamboo Cable management box organizer
154 A Bamboo Cable management box organizer via Simphome

Bamboo Wooden Charge Cable Organizer iPad Cell Phone Charging Station Dock Holder Cable Cord Organizer CableBox Wire Storage Cable Management System Case

155.Wall Rack
155 Wall Rack idea via simphome

Instead of placing your platters inside a cabinet or on the counter, why don’t you display them on the wall? If you arrange them in a unique way it can add beauty to your kitchen. Use plain pine boards in 1×4 and 1×3’s and figure out the right measurements of the space you will place the rack in. Use a nail gun to attach the shelves then you can polish it with a color of your choice to make it look like it’s bought from IKEA.

156. DIY Wall Spice Rack by Angela Marie Made.
156 DIY Wall Spice Rack by Angela Marie made via simphome

How to build a DIY spice rack that you can mount on a wall. This awesome wood spice rack will help your spice organization, it looks pretty, and save drawer and closet space since it hangs on the wall.

157.Double-Surfaced Shelves
157 Double Surfaced Shelves via simphome

Now is the time to think outside the box! Build a shelf on your wall to stash your cans and bins or any other kitchen appliances on top and stash your spice and herb jars underneath with magnets. Attach the board you will use as a shelf with brackets and simply screw on some glass jars under the shelf. You will only need to twist the jar and the lid will stay in place. A great way to assign function in a place anybody wouldn’t normally use!

158. Easy DIY Projects For a Better Kitchen and follow link to get 14 more ideas.
158 an Easy DIY Project For a Better Kitchen via simphome

Given what proportion time we have a tendency to pay within a room, it’s completely essential to form certain yours is as aesthetically pleasing and useful as potential. cookery and baking, eating together with your family, discussing your day over sensible food becomes even additional gratifying once you are doing it during a pleasant setting. however as everybody WHO dabbles in cookery is aware of, it’s only too simple for a room to show into associate untidy mess coated in flour.

If you are looking to feature barely of order, or perhaps, aesthetics to your room, you do not have to be compelled to communicate interior designers. In fact, there are lots of DIY ways in which to enhance your room. Take a glance at a number of these comes and begin organizing your utensils, functioning on the shelves, adding some wall art to your room and then way more.

159. Assign Your Backsplash
159 Assign Your Backsplash via simphome

Your wall and the back of your pantry door already run out of place for new storage so now you are wondering if you still have any space left to store your utensils. Take a look at the backsplash between your cabinets and countertop. That is a perfect place to build another shelf or two! If the blank space happens to be on top of your sink, you can opt to have glass shelves and make it your own wet bar to stow glass wares.

160. A Magnetic Spice rack idea by Thehouseonstandford.
160 Magnetic Spice Racks via simphome

Over the past few months I’ve been CRINGING every time I have to dig through the spice cabinet for something.

Detail information for 151,153,155,157,159. Here , Here , and Here.

161-170: Ideas How to Makeover and Maximize a Small Kitchen potential

161. Change the Backsplash
161 Change the Backsplash via simphome

Backsplash is one of the common aspects in a kitchen and it might be pricey to change one. But you can always use things that you already have. For example if you have wood pallet, you can put and arrange it to be the backsplash on your kitchen. Also if you have so many garden stones and you want to reduce their numbers, you can turn it into your backsplash. But first you need to glue them altogether and put it on the wall to cover your old backsplash.

162. Ella™ marble quartz countertops
162 Ella™ marble quartz countertops via simphome

When you pair Ella™ marble quartz countertops, driftwood cabinetry, and aqua tones, the result is the perfectly balanced coastal kitchen by @JKathDesignBuild

163. Cleaner Organizer
163 Cleaner Organizer via simphome

To clean your kitchen you might need to take the cleaner set in another room and return to the kitchen. Now you don’t have to do that anymore. What you need to do is just to install a towel rack on the inside of the cabinet under the sink. The rack can be used to hang your soap sprays while the rest of the room can be used for the cloth and other cleaner tools.

164. A Kitchen Backsplash Shelf and Organizer.
164 Kitchen Backsplash Shelf and Organizer via simphome

Clear your countertop clutter and access of your essential kitchen gadgets easier and faster. Follow link to get Free plans and tutorial how to build this DIY kitchen backsplash shelf and spice organizer.

165. Reusing Magazine Organizer
165 Reusing Magazine Organizer via simphome

Do you know that a magazine organizer can be placed in the kitchen to store your food cans and boxes? Simply install it on the empty side of your cabinet or on your wall and you can start using it. To match the look of your kitchen, you might need to install the one with white color because it always matches any color. This way you don’t have to buy expensive organizer to improve your kitchen.

166. A Small Kitchen Decor tips On a Budget to Maximize your current Space (24 more ideas here)
166 A Small Kitchen Decor tips On a Budget via simphome

There are more than a single kitchen decor ideas come to mind when you are planning to improve your kitchen. As we know, a kitchen is not just a space for crafting recipes and eating. It’s more than that.

167. Fruit Organizer
167 Fruit Organizer via simphome

Do you have unused mail basket and you don’t use it? Simply install it on a wooden board and hang it on the wall. Now you can use it to organize your fruits. To make it tidier, add name labels of the fruits on each basket. Source |

168. Turn a Blanket Rack into a Farmhouse Vegetable Stand.
168 Turn a Blanket Rack into a Farmhouse Vegetable Stand via Simphome

169. Foldable Mounted Dining Table
169 Foldable Mounted Dining Table via simphome

There is no practical dining table than a foldable mounted dining table. It can be made from an unused wooden board. First you need to have a wooden board as the frame and install it on the wall. Then just simply add hinges on the edges of the board and also on the mount and install them on the frame. Folding the mount when not in use will allow the table to be folded down. Now, you can eat in the kitchen and save the space in the dining room.

170. Trendy kitchen decor  you can try for your own kitchen (59 ideas here).
170 PULL OUT Table Island Desk via simphome

PULL-OUT Table OK~ include Island ~ and Desk

171-180: DIY ideas How To upgrade any Small Kitchen

There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. More on that later.

171. Add a Chalkboard
171 Add a Chalkboard via simphome com

Add a little bit of fun by adding a chalkboard into your kitchen to write your needs like grocery or recipe. Do you have any plywood? The chalkboard is made from it. If you already have one, cut the plywood into your desired shape and size then prime it with magnetic primer. As a result, your plywood has turned into a chalkboard. Now, you can write anything on it whether it is your groceries or a to-do list. A chalkboard can also bring warmth to your kitchen.

172. How to optimize your limited kitchen space.
172 Chalkboard kitchen wall via simphome

In all the houses there are walls that we do not know well how to decorate, they are walls that are empty, that have no furniture and that we do not know very well how to fill. Today we want to show you decorated walls so you can find ideas and inspiration to help you decorate the desired wall. Next you will find ideas for optimizing your kitchen space

173. Cardboard Lettering.
173 Cardboard lettering via simphome

Do you want to improve your kitchen’s looks? Well you can always make your own decoration. One of it is word sign with size of a kitchen cabinet. You can make these from cardboard. Simply cut cardboard into your designated word. Make sure you cut two for a letter. Then, make the connecting pieces and glue them on the edge of each cut so it would look 3D. You can paint or cover it with decorative paper to make it more interesting. Also, make holes on the back letter so it can be hanged on the wall.

174. A Big Girl Room Doors makeover & DIY Magnet Board
174 Big Girl Room Doors DIY Magnet Board via simphome

I finally wrapped up Eleanor’s room. Since work her room, our living room got a bit of an improvement. I also renovated our bathroom, worked on an nursery because I need to welcome a brand new baby boy. Needless to say, I have left you all hanging.

175. Revamp the Cabinets
175 Revamp the Cabinets via Simphome

Other than decoration, you are also able to do little renovation by yourself; revamp your cabinet. It may cost you a lot of money but the budget can be pressed if you choose the right replacement. Or you can just repaint it to make it looks different. Simply uninstall the cabinet door so the door can be taken off. Then, you can repaint it. You can also repaint the carcass with the same color. make sure to tape the things you don’t want to get painted. Image: pinterest

176. DIY Countertop makeover ideas– Twenty clear Tutorials to do the job.
176 DIY Countertop 20 Easy Tutorials to Revamp Your Kitchen via simphome

Looking for DIY countertops to revamp your kitchen? It’s a big home project and you need to get ready for it properly

177. Make Wall Art
177 1 Wall art in kitchen via simphome

A wall art that will be great for your small kitchen is a photo on wood board that can brighten your small kitchen. To make one, you need to prepare a wooden board, matte gel medium, and a printed photo on regular paper. Simply apply matte gel medium on the photo and put it on the wood. Flatten it and let it dry. Then rub the paper with wet cloth until the entire paper is scrubbed. Finally, the transferred photo will be on the wood.

177. Bright, White and Bold Kitchen Revamp exposed Part 1.
177 2 Bright and White and Bold Kitchen Revamp via simphome

The expected day is here! Animation is usually a real euphemism when you describe it, however I feel after completing the site and browsing it on the web log, however, I believe this is often * the most * excited I’ve ever finished the project project! The center of our home has been renewed more than five weeks and the fourth day of Revelation is here! although it was quite a bit of breathing road …

Sometimes, not knowing if some of my items would come when or work would be complete.

Let’s just say that my service provider came yesterday, removing small items that have unfortunately not been seen in the pictures I received during the weekends. It’s so low until the end of the yarn, however, we have a tendency to create and I can not be happy with the final result. The white room arranged in my dream was real.

Our Bright, White and Bold The Revamp Room is perfect and I can share all of this with you today, because last week of the year, a new Refresh Challenge was held by the Watkins Living House. I honestly can not believe this

178. Do you save a plan to re-construct and makeover your kitchen according to current decor trends and in a modern style, if yes, calm yourself and follow this link for some stunning pallet kitchen furniture projects.
178 From pallet to functional kitchen cabinet via simphome

(99 more ideas waiting you on another site)

179. Mason Jar Organizer
179 a Hanging Herb Mason Jars via simphome

Do you know that you can still make your old Mason jar into jar organizers? To make it you need a wooden board, clamps, and some Mason jars. Just install the clamps on the wooden board; they are for tightening the jars so they won’t fall.

The organizer will bring rustic yet elegant look to your kitchen. Also, it won’t be difficult anymore to store your spatulas, spoons, or whisks when you need it nearby. Anyway, Since I already talk about this idea in point 70th. I dedicated this point for an image below which is a Hanging Herb Mason Jars picture from Domestically-speaking.

180. DIY Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden.
180 DIY Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden via simphome

If you are bored of your old kitchen design and are fighting with some cheap ways to simply add a fresh touch of color and liveliness to your kitchen, then you are in the right hyperlink! Follow link and uncover tricks behind image in this point. What you need is: Wooden Plaque with Mason Jars, Hand Made Modern Paint, paintbrush, screwdriver, soil, herbs and a chalkboard marker.

No.181 – No.210 Small kitchen renovation ideas, How to upgrade their interior, and renovate them

Next you are going to learn 10 small kitchen renovation ideas combined with related tricks how to optimize a small kitchen room. Do you have the thought to improve your small kitchen? or do you know want to know view tricks how to optimize a small kitchen room?. Well, you can always do some DIYs to make your small kitchen look better and more useful for daily uses. So without further ado, let’s get to the detail. And FYI, this list is completed with a relevant video that I think will complete your learning experience.

181. Mason Jar Sink Soap Dispenser
181 Mason jar dispenser via simphome

This idea might be small even for your small kitchen, but it is guaranteed to make your kitchen look rustic and elegant. To make one, first of all you need to cut off a neck of a dispenser bottle. Then, you need to hole a Mason jar lid big enough for the bottle neck to be secured on the lid by using hot glue. Simply attach the lid back onto the jar and insert the pump onto the bottle neck. Courtesy pinterest  and instructables.

182. How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers.
182 How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers via simphome

Give your kitchen some personal style with a new Mason Jar Soap Dispensers! They’re easy to build obviously and it brings a perfect vintage touch to your kitchen space. Follow link to grab easy step-by-step instructions on how to make them: If you’re just tuning in, get excited because I am still going to give you view dozens kitchen optimization ideas you can take home.

183. Wood Pallet Utensils Organizer
183 Wood Pallet Utensils Organizer via simphome

Do you have old pallet but you have no idea what to do with it? The answer is simple; what you need to do is to rip one side of the pallet, clean it, and then repaint it with your desired color. Also, attach a hanger on top corner of the pallet for a place to hang the apron. When it is done just hang it on your kitchen wall and use it to organize your plates. Source: 99Pallets & Pinterest

184. Kitchen Organization: Top 15 Kitchen Rail Storage Ideas
184 Kitchen Organization this is Top 15 Kitchen Rail Storage Ideas via simphome