5 Small Kitchen Optimization Ideas

Do your pots make your kitchen look smaller? Then there is a way to store it without being so far away from the kitchen. More on that later.

1. Pallet Wood Mug Rack

There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. No need to put them inside the cabinets, just take and hang them on the rack. What you need to do first is to cut a pallet into your designated shape, then install some hangers on the pallet. When it’s done, it is ready to be used. Source

2. Cup and Teaspoon Rack

The rack is installed on the inner side of your cabinet. You can put some small utensils like measuring cups and teaspoons on it. To make one, paint a long and flat wooden stick with chalkboard paint and drill some holes on it to install the screw-in hooks. Make sure the wood length fits your cabinet door so it can still be closed. Also, write the measure of each cups above each hook. Source

3. DIY Transparent Jar Labels

Use a label on your jar to make your kitchen looks more organized. Also, this way you can keep using the same jar when storing your ingredients. For example, if you put a transparent label on your sugar jar you will know that the jar is used only for sugar. To make the transparent label, just print the writing on regular paper and put clear tape on the paper. Press the tape so the ink can stick on it. After that, put it into water and peel the paper. When the label is clean from paper you can put it on any jar. Source

4. Pot Lid Storage

Do your pots make your kitchen look smaller? Then there is a way to store it without being so far away from the kitchen. If you have a set of adhesive hooks then this storage can be made in no time. simply attach the hooks on the inner side of your cabinet door and put the pot lid on it. The hooks act as the mounting so the pot lid won’t drop or fall (unless the adhesive property wears off). It is safe, fast, and easy. Source

5. Mason Jar Lamp

Do you know that a Mason jar can become a lamp? This idea is great for you who want an improvement on your kitchen. First of all you need to have a drill, some Mason jars, electrical cords, and bulbs. Draw round shape on the lid and drill it to make a hole. The hole must be big enough for the cord to get in. Glue the cord onto the lid with construction adhesive and start hanging it. Don’t forget to put on the bulb. Source