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12 Small Kitchen Living Room Combinations

Designing the interiors of open space layouts can be difficult if the kitchen and living room are both small. It could be challenging to: Arrange the color schemes, Create the impression of more open space and fluid movement between the kitchen and the living room by emphasizing their distinct functions.

While these issues apply to most open-concept kitchens, it is essential to remember that a kitchen/living room combination can also be highly comfortable and cutting-edge. If you feel clueless about it, dig deeper.

Your kitchen needs dedicated space to help you achieve maximum cooking efficiency and experience. However, not everyone can access sufficient kitchen areas.

With that said, you may need to consider an open layout transformation.

The barriers between the kitchen and other rooms, such as the living room, are removed in an open-concept kitchen (also called an open floor plan), creating a larger cooking area. However, there are some cons too. Fortunately, we are here trying to minimize that downside.

Here we are going to discuss 12 tips for combining a tiny kitchen and living room to help you reduce the space clutter and allow you to focus on your latest cooking experiment. As always, Simphome curates the countdown.

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12. The IKEA KALLUX Rolling shelf project idea for a small kitchen and living room

Add wheels to transform the KALLUX into a moving shelving unit. Because the wood is composite, choose beautiful, firm rubber ones and be careful while securing the wheels to the bottom of the bookshelf. It is recommended to utilize carriage bolts, which should be drilled into the bottom board of the unit immediately inside the bookcase’s outside wall.

With another trick, you can also create a solid wall divider from the KALLUX. Simply cut some luan-type lightweight plywood to size. Stain the plywood to match the color of the Kallux, then polyurethane. Several coats of polyurethane make it look more like furniture, BTW.

The Kallux (aka Expedit) will be extremely heavy if you use drywall or homosote as a backing board. Instead, use thin plywood with a beautiful finish if possible.

Pay attention to the center vertical divider on the shelves when putting the plywood to the rear of the unit, and tack the finished plywood to that divider and the sides, top, and bottom.

11. The detachable portable KALLAX kitchen island project idea.

You’ll need two 2×2 KALLAX shelves for this project so that you can wheel one of them out to the living room or onto the patio to serve as a buffet.

At the outset, put together the two KALLAX shelves as directed. Next, fasten the wheels to the base. Every unit should have four total, two of which should have a stopper. Use the jigsaw to separate the countertop into two equal parts. Be sure the overhang is uniform on all sides. The countertop will measure 25 inches wide by 35 inches long when trimmed. You can use an iron to quickly and easily adhere some edge banding over the cut edge, thereby concealing the cut.

In the next step, spread some silicone glue over the KALLAX’s top surface and carefully adhere it to the work surface. For further safety, you can fasten a few screws under the KALLAX surface in the direction of the countertop.

Finally, place the door magnet on the bottom edge of one counter and the metal corner on the other unit’s edge.

And then repeat the process all over again on the other side.

10. The floating dining table idea double as a divider

Luciana and Diego moved in just 70 days after purchasing the home, and Lu was in her seventh month of pregnancy. In other words, the restoration, which covered everything from wallpaper installation and carpentry to wall openings, unfolded in a fairly disorienting fashion. But, in the end, everything worked out, and the house obtained that extremely inviting feeling that the images so beautifully depicted.

Lu began by installing her grandmother’s chandeliers over the kitchen table to create the project’s concept, and everything else fell into place effortlessly. By using a neutral and modern base, she was able to emphasize her vintage collection.

9. A small kitchen-living room combo with A compact dishwasher hidden in the cabinet

Organizing a small kitchen is challenging, but you can build a new cabinet with a hidden dishwasher like the one in the image.

Mollie Goldstein put the layout of the kitchen together in a very short amount of time. She provided her contractor with a few wallpaper colors and a haphazard list of objectives, including the fact that she desired a concealed dishwasher. Still, it needed to be less noticeable than the existing model. The wallpaper by Hygge & West inspired her color choice, and she designed an ingenious built-in dishwasher made by Fisher & Paykel that was concealed in one of the drawers.

Mollie decided to get go of her full-size dishwasher to free up more space in her cramped kitchen. Her contractor devised the ingenious idea of designing a pull-out drawer that could hide a much more compact unit in a flash of brilliance. Because of the switch, there is now one less obvious appliance.

8. The Open kitchen and living room combo with a range hood

Put money into a quality range hood. Although ignored in most homes, a good range hood is a crucial piece of equipment in your small space kitchen. It will assist in eliminating all the heat, smoke, and stench created by cooking, leaving your space fresh. The last thing you want is to come home to an onion-tainted home.

This Malmo apartment may only be 47 square meters (including the mezzanine), but it has a beautiful and unique layout. The designer’s bold color contrast in an otherwise subdued room is mostly responsible for this effect. The kitchen’s light blue appliances and cabinets beautifully complement the living room’s yellow sofa. Vibrant wall art and one-of-a-kind furnishings help maintain the vibe of a fun and creative space. The bedroom on the mezzanine floor has an unexpected all-black wall, a gold light fixture, and a zebra-upholstered couch that you can adopt if your budget allows.

7. Create a Hint to produce a Cohesive Look for your space

Defining zones in an open floor plan is vital. You should not, however, neglect to maintain a unified appearance.

This compact cooking space is separated from the living room by a warm and inviting breakfast nook next to the kitchen. If you look at the couch and the cushions, you can still see that the room has a unified style, despite the slight imperfections.

The homeowner tosses a cushion in a cool mint color over the gray sofa, which complements the cabinets well. You can get the impression from this indicates that even if they do not perform the same role, they are still a part of the same being.

6. The DIY Open Concept Kitchen

The author retrieved the tabletop from the bar like a real buffet, a tabletop made of live edge wood. Additionally, this is the one luxury item.

The money spent on the project totaled Eagan, Minnesota’s Building Materials Outlet, will charge you $150. You may find a pine board at Menards that will work as a wall cap in the store’s Standard Pine Boards department.

The author fashioned the buffet cabinet and hung it on the wall using basic pine wood purchased from Menards. He finished repairing, priming, painting, and staining the wood. Polyurethaned and caulked the wood surfaces after installing the tops.

Still about kitchen management,
We recommend one of our favorite resources, “10 Ways to Spruce up A Cramped Kitchen in a Rented Space.” One of the ideas will allow you to upgrade your dull cabinet more colorful one, including instructions you need to start and finish the project without calling a professional. Check it out and without further ado, let’s complete our countdown with

5. A Folded table idea for a super tiny living room, kitchen, and bedroom

A design-build company, Variant Space focuses on providing small homes and other space-conserving solutions with all of the furnishings they need. Their solution includes:

  • A magnetic wall-mounted spice rack.
  • A pulley-based laundry drying rack.
  • A fold-out table product.

For the folded table, the user can serve it as a breakfast bar, a desk, a dining table, or a bar for up to five people, and it can be stored flush against the wall when not in use. The width is elastic and can fit even a narrow opening. Please be aware that expert installation may be necessary, and the dowel legs may need to be shortened to accommodate the height of your folding table. The folding wall brackets will be delivered unattached so the user can move the table to the appropriate stud location.

4. Consider a New Peninsula to re-manage your space

If you have a small studio apartment, dividing the kitchen with an island wouldn’t be a good idea. Consequently, you should give a peninsula some thought.

A kitchen with a peninsula has an extra work surface extending from the kitchen’s end wall and splits the kitchen from the rest of the available area.

Some peninsulas even include built-in cabinets for extra kitchen storage. In conclusion, with this peninsula hack, you’ll be able to access a breakfast nook that offers additional seating without taking up any additional room in the kitchen.

3. A Fold-Down Dining Table, Divider, and space saver for a small apartment from Pulltab Design

The New York City architecture firm pulltab created a foldable dining table as part of a space-saving design for a young couple’s renovated studio flat.

The apartment was tight, and the customers wanted an airy vibe, so there wasn’t much room for a dining table. The architects, however, came up with a cunning solution to this problem by incorporating a fold-down dining table into the available wall space. The white pedestal base and wooden top of the built-in dining table allow it to comfortably seat four people. The exposed wall is customizable and can be re-upholstered periodically. The owner can store the dining chairs under the kitchen island bar when the table is folded and hidden.

2. A custom DIY rolling kitchen island you can double as a living room shelf

First, you’ll want to either come up with a sketch or have someone else do one for you with all the mathematical detail. Cut everything to size from 3/4″ plywood. Finish off the edges with poplar strips for a finished look and to hide the plywood layers underneath. Using a T-square, measure and mark the positions of your screw holes, and then pre-drill the holes with a counterbore bit.

The completion brings us to our next point. Use of the Kreg Foreman for drilling pocket holes. Attach the fronts to the shelves and the bottom rail to the base by gluing and screwing them together. And use the table saw to trim the edges. To save time and effort later, sand and prime all the parts separately before putting them together. Spend some time putting everything together, and then decorate it.

1. A foldable tree-panel room divider project to split your space

Six boards should be trimmed to 13 inches in length to get started. These boards will serve as your horizontal bracing. Even without a miter saw, you may do the job with a circle or hand saw. For a more “polished” appearance, sand down the edges.

If you want to join our horizontal boards to our vertical ones, you can use the Kreg Jig pocket hole kit to drill pocket holes in both sets of wood.

Cut the vertical planks to size with the miter saw. Cut the remaining six 8-foot planks to 7 feet in length if you want your room divider to be that height.

First, clamp the seams of the first panel together while it is still on the saw horses. Start at the top.

Iterate this process for each of the three panels. Wait for the wood filler to dry before filling the pocket holes. Assemble all three parts, then attach the hinges. Finish the wood with staining and varnishing. You can decide to take this section off its hinges. Once the adhesive has dried, you can staple the IKEA sheer curtains into the wood with my heavy-duty stapler. Expensive latticework timber for concealing fasteners.



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