5 Small Kitchen Improvement tips

One option to make the tiny kitchen space looks bigger is by adding silvery shade. Take a look at your own pick for wall color.

1. Dig Up The Sink

If you are a fan of mix matching, your biggest enemy would be the sink. Unlike the stove that could blend to almost all styles, sink cuts the number of fashion your kitchen could adapt. If you still have the concave type, probably you need to consider about remodeling it. The top mount and front sink model has the most flexible style compared to the others. Its gray silvery color fits to most concepts. Source

2. Mount Wavy Board

Open shelves in the store usually have monotonous shape. Probably that is why almost all kitchens look similar: dominated by boxes. Give some motions in your kitchen by mounting curvy board to the wall. It works just like open shelves, but with style. Be careful if you have an open stove. Unless you have chimney for your stove, skip the plan to install the board above the heat. It could be dangerous, because the board might be burnt. Source

3. Get Glossy

Besides a mirror, another option to get spacious impression lays on the ceiling. Lacquer finishing gives blurred but glossy look to the above surface. It could reflect the light randomly, creating the illusion of endless ceiling. It doesn’t appear beautifully during black out or dim light setting. Flick the switch button and enjoy the majestic look. While picking the color, again, don’t go too far from the wall tone. Complete the set with mosaic tiles of similar color. Source

4. Splash Metallic Element

One option to make the tiny space looks bigger is by adding silvery shade. Take a look at your own pick for wall color. Find pretty silver wallpaper with similar background color. The tricks perform better if you turn on the light at night. Morning sunshine could also be the perfect lighting. The recommended color is blue, beige and other soft color. Be careful with the stain; minimize the mess during preparation and cooking process. Source

5. Trim with Colors

If you decide to go with this idea, you are aiming for small but fun cooking corner. The equipment is also easy to get. You only need a can of your favorite color and tape. Design the blue print first. Trimming helps to add contour by adding shape. If your kitchen already has back splash, then add some elements from it. That way, you will be able to display the coherence in the kitchen. Another color from similar hue is also possible. Source
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More ideas. If you’re lucky, You’ll find a video 5 Ways How to makeover small apartment ideas | There are more than 5 Ways How to makeover small apartment ideas you could find on the Internet. Nowadays, almost everything is reachable through your phones. Probably things that cannot be taken easily are ideas and tricks. You could always find the lists, but applying them to your own space is a whole different story. 5 Small kitchen renovation ideas | If it is not important, there shouldn’t be more than 5 Small kitchen renovation ideas. The concerns for cooking area | are piling up tools, stacking up the equipments, storing the raw materials, and providing enough space to move around. Pick the proper trick to fix the flaws in your limited kitchen. 5 Small house decorating ideas | Finding more than 5 Small house decor ideas is easy. The turning point is usually your own preference to jumble in everything to fit the limited space. Instead of having an impression of a bigger space, you will end up with a total messed up. Thus, priority of good to best decorating ideas might help you out. 5 Tiny apartment makeover ideas | When hanging the picture, make it move upward diagonally. If you could draw a line from the floor to the ceiling, that would be even better. No 1. Create a Mini Garden.. 5 Ways how to decorate a small house | People have been told that putting patterns together will not be pretty. Especially for small room, it could create the worst nightmare ever. No 1. Cover the Stove. In kitchen area, big preparations and cooking activity happen. It is usually also the coziest place to hang around and chat together. Then, 5 Small apartment decorating ideas | The easiest way to mark different area is by using carpet. Put different types and color to each section. No 1. Set a Lovely Balcony. Never give up the nature element. Even in a small apartment, planting is totally possible. You just need small pots, arranged vertically on the iron fence or on the walls. 5 Tiny kitchen remodel ideas | Don’t let the limited corner stops you from being fancy. If your kitchen is surrounded by windows in both sides, then probably this idea might work. No 1. Install Extra Storage. Adding the storage does not always mean expanding your kitchen. The area from the floor to the middle section of the kitchen is usually occupied by .. 5 house décor ideas for small space | The luxury of having open space is the ability to give each item its own personal board. Since this right doesn’t belong to the owner of small house, you need to think smart about the storage. No 1. Put Lightweight Furniture. Combining sofas and thin framed decorations could be an option for your limited space. For example, 5 Small Apartment makeover solutions | If you need more space, then you must fold something. It would be even better if the folded item could also function as something else.No 1. Highlight the Height. Your room might be short in terms of width, so make your guests pay more attention to its height. You could do several things, especially in the sleeping area. Install .. 5 Small kitchen upgrade ideas | There are reasons why eyes cannot be used as measurement. An instant example is when seeing bright top paired with dark bottom. The eyes will automatically decide that the property is proportional. No 1. Organize Sparkle Spices. Especially for those who take cooking seriously, they must have several spices on the stock. Even when you are not too fond of cooking, 5 Small home décor ideas | When things are limited, you cannot bound the function of an items. The storage spaces must be plenty for numerous purpose. Thus, choose your furniture carefully. No 1. Use Area under the Stairs. Having a small space forces you to utilize every corner of the house. The area under the stairs is usually overlooked, due to its awkward and unsymmetrical shape.