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10 Small Kitchen Essentials Storage Tricks

If you’ve been searching all over for the proper storage solutions, let me save you some time. Here are ten small kitchen essentials that can make life a little easier

Key point:

Your kitchen essentials don’t have to suffer through a sea of cutlery drawers and hard-to-reach places. To access more storage kitchen potential, you can start the discovery by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What do I store in my kitchen?
  2. How do I store it?
  3. Where do I store it?

The answers to those questions will help you revamp your kitchen with more functional and hidden storage solutions that are more efficient. For example

  • No 1. Tea towels & Drawer Divider
    Tiny kitchens can benefit from a tea towel ladder hanging inside one of the cabinets or a drawer divider that can be placed inside a drawer to separate storage items like utensils from plastic caps from forks and spoons. You could also store your tea towels in a basket underneath the sink or hang them above it for convenience’s sake.
  • No 2. Utensils Holder
    A utensils holder is an excellent wall-mounted iron rail that holds a multitude of kitchen utensils at one time. For instance, if you’re out having an intimate dinner with your fiancé (who in his bedroom is pretending to sleep), you can rest assured that your wedding ring won’t be lost or forgotten amidst the multitude of plastic utensil holders!
  • No 3. And the Knife Block
    Nowadays, knife blocks are made from stainless steel and are more affordable than plastic holders often found in department stores. They come in different sizes and can accommodate additional knives in the original set provided. A knife block can provide added protection against accidental cuts as well. That’s for the key points and let’s open this compilation

If you think your kitchen just has a few cupboards in the corner of the room, you might be really feeling the stress of figuring out how to get things worked.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. So, we’ve rounded up these 10 small kitchen essentials storage tricks of all time to assist you in using the available space you have efficiently. These ideas, including clever cabinet solutions and sneaky little tricks, might just help you feel like you have doubled your kitchen area. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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List Entries:

10. Add Hooks All over the Space

Chefs continually have cool presentations of copper pots hanging behind them when you see them on their television shows or social media.

This storage system isn’t the handiest and most fantastic way to show excellent cookware. However, it’s an incredible way to prepare and store that cookware.

Your first mission is to install hooks on the back of a door, the wall, or the cabinet doors or sides. They do not have to be fancy, though. Standard S hooks hanging over a rod would work like a charm. If you have ever lived in a kitchen with one cupboard, you know this kitchen hook storage idea is a lifesaver.

Detailed instructions:

  • No 1. Install S hooks on the walls, door frames, and back of cabinets.
  • No 2. Tie a string around a pot handle to mark where you want them hung.
  • No 3. Measure how long you need the string so that you can tie a longer knot in it and make sure the pot will not touch the door during storage.
  • No 4. Hang it!

9. Utilize unused Windowsills as a new Storage potential

If you have a big window for your kitchen, think about how you could use the windowsills as storage. Maybe you can place some vegetation on it or your favorite cookbooks?

Not all tiny kitchens are lucky enough to have a window sill. However, try to use this privilege to create a home herb garden if you have one.
It would be awesome to chop some fresh herbs that you just took from the window sill.
If it is not possible, you may go with fake plants like those in the picture.
The green of artificial plants will add some color and life to the kitchen. They may not be real. Still, they do in a pinch.

Detailed transformation instructions:

1. Explore the kitchen and try to find out what is already in place
2. Take a picture of the existing look to make a reference
3. Try to do some rearrangement and use what you may have.
4. Don’t forget to paint the exposed walls (when necessary)
5. Install windowsill herb garden or windowsill hanging solution
6. Arrange the cookbooks on top of each other
7. Place your favorite mugs on a rack
8. Use glass jars for storage when possible and safe
9. Profile your favorite appliances by painting them (when necessary)
10. Use the windowsill itself as a hanging platform for your hooks

8. Consider Supplement your vertical kitchen space with Pegboard

Your walls can do more than you think they can. Instead of putting multiple extra limiting shelves, strive for a pegboard, which adds a very flexible storage area that you can adjust over the years as your wishes change.

The concept of a pegboard just might additionally seem to pay homage to excessive school art class. However, it may be pretty beneficial and ornamental inside the kitchen.

A pegboard geared up with hooks can keep any often-used kitchen equipment and accessories, from dishtowels or a micro plane to might be even your favorite skillet. Also, they could flip your apron series or all your slicing boards into a focus and unfasten up other space.

Detailed transformation instructions:

1. Get a white pegboard from a home improvement shop and paint it with your preferred color
2. Attach it to the wall with a white or black hook
3. Hang up your aprons and accessories on the hooks
4. Place your kitchen accessories on a pegboard
5. Place your dry goods inside baskets
6. Hang up your mugs on hooks
7. Place more hooks for spoons, ladles, and other utensils
8. Put fresh vegetables in different baskets to add more organization
9. Make use of windowsill as the storage opportunity
10. Use the Pegboard to hang a curtain
11. Place a chalkboard on the Pegboard
12. Utilize the Pegboard for your kitchen organization needs
13. Create more hooks for utensils and other accessories
14. Paint the wall behind the Pegboard in your favorite color
15. Paint any exposed walls that are not covered by accessories
16. Frame your favorite fridge magnets and hang them up inside the kitchen
17. Add baskets to store spices, flour, sprinkles, and other ingredients  (when necessary)
18. Use the Pegboard to hang your water bottles
19. Hang your favorite tea mugs on the Pegboard
20. Place more hooks for spoons, ladles, and other utensils
21. Use the Pegboard to store your keys and other items
22. If you want to be more organized and make a kitchen system out of it, organize your knives
23. Hang your favorite mug collection on a pegboard
24. Schedule a regular cleaning for the kitchen
25. Install curtains for privacy or decoration
26. You can use this idea with all three sides of your windowsill or more

7. Add Baskets above Cabinet

The tops of your shelves offer high actual property for storage. You could stash special-event serving platters or even more pantry elements that you don’t need anymore there.

We love open shelves when they are on the wall. However, it would be hard to peer through racks in a cupboard or a pantry.

Therefore, it is always good to opt for baskets if you can no longer find available space.
Just put the baskets above the cabinets, and you are good to go. These baskets
are great to stash away the less-used items. It would be better if you labeled them to know where to find the thing you are looking for.

Detailed transformation instructions:

  1. To start the transformation project, you always need to start it by measuring
  2. You should measure the space
  3. Hang your baskets above the cabinets
  4. Arrange the items inside the baskets
  5. You can use baskets over cabinets for more than one purpose
  6. Hang spice-themed canvas art inside the pantry or cupboard
  7. You may also hang your favorite mugs to display them
  8. Use clipboards as a kitchen decoration and organize your clips at the same time
  9. Use a magnetic knife rack to display your knives
  10. Utilize the baskets above the cabinets to stay organized
  11. Consider adding copper hooks and copper bowls to the kitchen
  12. If you are a baker, you should use these baskets above the cupboards
  13. Bakeware can be displayed in an organized way on your baskets
  14. Use different basket sizes and styles for each type of baking accessory
  15. Use cupcake-themed canisters (if you are a baker) inside the basket for more organization
  16. Display your cookbooks by placing them vertically
  17. Use glass jars for storage when possible and safe (when necessary)
  18. Use the windowsill as the storage platform
  19. Use a pegboard to hang your curtain
  20. You may put hooks in various places to hang keys, accessories, and utensils
  21. Use different colored baskets for different purposes (when necessary)
  22. Remember that you can also use these baskets to display your cookbooks and mugs outside of the kitchen
  23. Add baskets on top of cabinets with hooks to store more items
  24. Alternatively, you can utilize these baskets above the cupboards for more decoration
  25. Hang your excellent shower caddy on a pegboard

6. Go with a Fold-down Table

Do you think you do not have room for a table? Are you sure about that? What if you can have a cozy breakfast nook in your small kitchen? Do you think it is possible?

Of course. A drop-leaf table will make it possible. You just need to screw and mount it on the wall. The piano hinge will enable you to fold down the table so that you will not bump into it.
When you need the table to set down the meals or enjoy your coffee, you just need to lift the leaf and set the supports in place.

5. Add Folding Chairs and Hang Them on the wall

Aside from the table, chairs also play a crucial role in ensuring your comfort when enjoying meals. However, they may take up a lot of floor space. Still, you cannot forgo them.

Opting for folding chairs can be the best solution. Just like a drop-leaf table, you can fold these chairs when you do not use them. Then, you can install a heavy-duty hook on the wall so that you can hang them. This way, you can have a comfortable seat without compromising the limited space.

4. Turn Your Backsplash into Storage

Your backsplash may be more than just a pretty focal point! Cling up a pot rail or, if you’re concerned about drilling holes, upload a few command hooks to your favorite kitchen utensils.

Also, add some open shelves, hooks, or a slender series of cabinets, and location a few regularly-used kitchen utensils on them.

Bakers can store mixing bowls and whisks, and domestic cooks who love roasting chickens might also need to shop their favored oven. Command hooks may be a splendid choice here if you have a tile backsplash.

Detailed transformation instructions:

  1. Start the project with measuring and marking the wall, the placing location
  2. If you have an old kitchen with a glossy backsplash, it is best to use a paint stripper to remove the adhesive residue and grout
  3. Use Command hooks to hang utensils like whisks, mixing bowls, and kitchen tools
  4. If you want even more storage space, you can use open-topped shelves
  5. Add hooks or baskets (when appropriate) to keep your most-used tools close
  6. You can also choose as many as six levels of hooks or racks (depending on your needs)
  7. For even more storage space, you may also opt for open-topped shelves
  8. You can also consider putting a pot rail over the kitchen sink
  9. Put baskets or hooks (when appropriate) in different locations to store other tools
  10. If your backsplash is not flush with the wall, you might need to drill holes to hang your utensils
  11. If you want even more storage space, add open-topped shelves above the kitchen cabinets
  12. Consider adding baskets on top of cabinets with hooks to keep more items (when necessary)
  13. Add baskets on top of cabinets with hooks to store more items
  14. You can add open-topped shelves above the kitchen cabinets to add more space
  15. If you have an old kitchen with a glossy backsplash, it is best to use a paint stripper to remove the adhesive residue and grout
  16. Consider adding open-topped shelves above the kitchen cabinets
  17. Kitchen utensils may be hung on or mounted on an open-topped shelf
  18. You may also use baskets in your non-stick cookware storage shelving (when necessary)

3. The Magnetic Knives Rack Idea

Many home chefs are passionate about their knife collections. However, with counter area, actual estate at a top class, one of these massive knife blocks might not make the cut.

Grasp a magnet strip and use that as a niche to save a handful of often-used knives. This way, you can store a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a chef’s knife. Have it inside reach for smooth bread slicing and vegetable prep.

Step by step to build the magnetic knife rack:

  • Step 1: You first need to complete the whole setup. Thus, you must set your magnet strips on the wall across your kitchen at desired locations. You can pick up a few sets of magnets, but ensure that they all match in size, length, and color.
  • Step 2: Since a magnet can be equally strong at both ends, this step will require you to use a particular nail bar to secure them together. Then, simply place the magnetic strip over your intended storage location.
  • Step 3: To hang your set of knives on the magnet strip, you can simply use Command or even elite screws or heavy-duty nails. Mix and match them any way you like. You can also use your creativity and combine all the ideas or the parts of these ideas to design a small kitchen with many storage spaces. Your unique kitchen would be a place where you can enjoy cooking and eating.

Try to improve your kitchen by utilizing ideas such as these so that you can make some space for yourself in your own home. Share with us! What tips do you have for those who live in a small kitchen?

2. Hang everything

Cups, pots, spoons, mugs, pans are something that you can hang, and it’s better that way. It can free up the cupboard or counter area by hanging everything up. They might look untidy, but they turn your kitchen stuff into decorations!

Other ideas to utilize the vertical space of your kitchen for more organization solutions:

  • No 1. Build the Open Space on the wall
    If your kitchen has open space on the wall, you can utilize it for more storage. You can install a simple metal hanging pot rack and hang different pots or even utensils up in the rack. This way, you will get a lot of storage space in your kitchen by using the empty area on the wall.
  • No 2. Utilize Hanging Hooks
    Hanging hooks are also a perfect solution to get more storage space in your kitchen. If you have a dining table in your kitchen area, you can use sturdy hooks to hang all necessary cooking ingredients like garlic and onions.
  • No 3. Utilize Command Hooks
    If your kitchen has a hanging pot rack, you can use Command hooks to hang utensils like whisks and measuring spoons. They are strong and can hold up heavy items, so they are best used in the kitchen instead of screws.
  • No 4. Build Wall Hanging Storage Rack
    Wall hanging storage rack is another idea that you can use in your small kitchen to get more storage space. You will need this kind of rack if you have small space in your kitchen. You need it to hang some pots, pans, or even small utensils for easy access for cooking.
  • No 5. Utilize 3-Tier Hardware Unit
    If your kitchen has a lot of storage space, you may want to use a metal 3-tier hardware unit to get more pot shelves. This unit is provided with metal hooks on the top shelf, and the lower two shelves are made from wood. This way, you can adhere to different pots and pans in it.
  • No 6. Build a Hanging Storage Board
    Hanging storage board is yet another idea that you can use to get more storage options in your small kitchen. You can easily hang this board from the ceiling, wall, or outside your window. You can customize it according to your need, like whether you want it to be tall or short and wide or narrow as well.
  • No 7. Utilize your empty vertical space as a Wall Mounted Spice Rack
    The wall-mounted spice rack is another idea you can use in your small kitchen to get more storage space for your spices and herbs. They are available in different colors, sizes, materials, and designs; therefore, you can ideally choose one that suits your needs. If you have limited storage space in your kitchen, then this type of rack would be a perfect choice for you.
  • No 8. Utilize a Magnetic Knife Holder
    The magnetic knife holder is another storage solution that you can use in your small kitchen to get more storage space. The magnetic knife holder comes with sturdy construction and can hold different knives. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the size of the knife as it will fit all of them perfectly.
  • No 9. Build a Bean Box
    If you have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, you can use a bean box to store your cooking utensils. You can also stack them if you have a tall kitchen.
  • No 10. Utilize the Slatted Base for Extra Storage
    If your kitchen has a lot of storage space, you can utilize the slatted base under your pots and pans to make extra space. You can see it as a shelf that extends from the top of the pan to the bottom. It is a perfect way to store small utensils and ingredients that you need in your cooking.
  • No 11. Neutralize Downstairs
    The neutralizing downstairs idea is also another idea you can use in your small kitchen to get more storage space for hanging things up and displaying them on the wall. You can paint your wall with a neutral color that blends well with the rest of your kitchen wall. Then, you can hang different metallic items such as pot racks, hooks, hand towels, and more on it. It will look neat and stylish in your kitchen.
  • No 12. Utilize Hanging Storage Hooks
    Hanging hooks are also a perfect solution to get more storage space in your kitchen. If you have a dining table in your kitchen area, you can use sturdy hooks to hang all necessary cooking ingredients like garlic and onions. You can also utilize Command hooks to hang utensils like whisks and measuring spoons.

Lastly, No 1. Don’t Forget the Sides of the Cabinet.

Take advantage of the side of your cabinet by making it additional storage. This is very helpful, especially for those with a small kitchen that lacks space, so you don’t need to create a new storage place. The simple idea is to hang things on the sides of your cabinet, like small pots/pans, which will help you cook your food. Hanging pots and pans can also prevent you from using too much space in your cupboard.

Detailed instructions:

  1. First, you need to measure the width and height of your cabinet. You will have to find the actual width and height of the cabinet. To check it, you will have to retrieve some items.
  2. Now, display these items in front of your cabinet so that you can see them.
  3. Then, you will have to measure the length of all these items and determine how much space they take up in your area.
  4. After calculating the size of these items, you will have to measure your cabinet’s width and height and divide the length into two parts.
  5. After doing that, you will have to find the space left for storage in your cupboard.
  6. Now, place these items and other things in place(make sure they are hung from hooks or the sides).
  7. You can also hang small pot racks on your cabinet if you can’t use hooks for hanging them.
  8. Now, after placing them all, it is time for making a plan for fixing some small pot racks or hooks from outside your cupboard area and hanging all these items onto it.

Renovations do not equal a complete kitchen remodel, but it often means that a larger area or amount of extra storage space is necessary. Adding extra storage to the kitchen will give everyone more room, especially if only two of them are cooking. Having additional storage spaces would make it easier to get out of the kitchen when you need something else done.

Well, those are 10 small kitchen essentials storage tricks we have presented. Do you have any other brilliant tips or ideas? Let us know and share in the comments below.



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