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10 Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

Making the most of your kitchen space has never been easier than it is today. And while opening up more room can be expensive, there are plenty of small kitchen appliance storage ideas that you can try out without spending a dime.

Clutter can quickly conquer any tiny space, including your kitchen. Some appliances, even the small ones, can take your valuable space for cooking. Luckily, you can find many ideas on the internet to make good use of available space to your advantage.

It has now an easy task to create discrete appliance storage without compromising your cooking space. You can achieve this goal through DIY projects or assistance from some experts. Either way, we have listed 10 small kitchen appliance storage ideas that would become your inspiration. So, check them out. And as always, Follow the Simphome link to access more details.

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10. Work All the Way Up

If you have a lot of appliances, you would like this idea. Stretch your cabinet shelves all the way up to the ceiling. Use upper cabinets to store lesser-used gadgets. If you have some spare time, try to DIY your own cabinets with some pieces of plywood board. These are the steps you should follow.

First, measure the size of the appliances to determine the cabinet depth. Then, cut base carcass and base cabinets pieces, and assemble them all. After that, add the back to the cabinet boxes. Next, install the cubby holes in your kitchen. Finally, finish the cabinets by trimming and painting them to your kitchen theme.

9. The Corner Storage Idea

The corners often become commonly neglected areas in the kitchen because many people think they cannot do anything with them. However, you can maximize the space using shelving optimizers and carousels that allow you to pull out your hidden drawer with ease.
Since the space is relatively small, you should carefully choose the appliances you want to store and put away larger ones elsewhere. Small items such as a toaster or hand mixer can fit nicely in pull-out corner storage. For packing dining sets, a carousel would be great since you can rotate it.

8. The Pop Up Storage Initiative

This one is perfect for storing the appliance that you use on a daily basis, such as a mixer, blender, and toaster.
Using a heavy-duty lift system, you can create sophisticated storage for your stand mixer, blender, and juicer. When in use, it provides a platform for the appliance but allows you to store it safely inside the cabinet.
If you still have sufficient space below the base, you can use it to save your supplies—no more bending over to take out or put back the bowls, pots, or pans. For more convenient use, you can install a socket inside the cabinets.

7. Knobs, Hinges, and Sliders

Kitchen appliances, although small, can take up more space if you have a lot of them. Stacking them inside the cabinet can damage your gadgets, and it will surely be hard to take them in and out.
Using some slides, you can add extra space to stack them in the cabinets for easy access. It might sound hype, but it will change your cooking experience.

Handyman Idea Featured on Simphome

Building variety types of slides are both versatile and functional because kitchen appliances have different heights and lengths. Furthermore, sliding drawer rails can work in a narrow space with a vertical pegboard roll-out. Yet, remember to measure the cabinet precisely before dividing it so your slides will not collide with something.

6. The Under-counter Hideaway Idea

When you cannot find anywhere near your cabinets for extra storage, consider using the island to store your mostly-used items like a toaster or coffee maker. You can hide it when not in use and take it out in the morning to make a plate of toast.
If you don’t have one, choose an island with shelves, cabinets, or drawers. Consider adding a pot rack to make the most of the space above. You can even sneak your microwave into your kitchen island if it has a large cabinet.
However, if you already have one, don’t worry. You can still remodel it. Removing sides and adding some drawers, slides, and even pop-ups would work like a charm.

5. Install some Floating Shelves

Floating shelves above your countertop might be a solution to put your appliances, especially when you have run out of space inside your cabinets. This basic floating shelve is easy to be done, even for the beginner.
Before starting, determine the materials you will use, the size of the shelf, and the weight capacity of brackets. Hardwood is sturdy but expensive. If you want a cheaper option, use pine, poplar, walnut, or plywood. Then, the size and depth of your shelves determine the support it will need. Last, you can invest in brackets to give extra support after deciding the material and size. If you use a full bar of a rod, you will find it easier to install the shelves.

4. The sweet Hanging Microwave Storage Idea

Creating hanging storage under a countertop or cabinet is cheap and easy. Once the tools and materials are ready, you can start doing the job. However, you have to make sure that the spot where you will attach the shelf is a sturdy material. Then, follow these steps.
First, drill holes in platform wood for hanging support assemblies. Next, screw in the hooks and attach the hanging supports to the boards. After that, attach the plywood to the base of the supports. Last, install your appliances on the shelf.

3. Sliding Quartzite Door on The Counter

Do you have extra space on your counter? Why don’t you combine open shelving and hiding spot? You can hide away your toaster or microwave behind a sliding door. Finishing the door using the same material as the backsplash will make it blend nicely and maintain an aesthetic view.
There are only six steps to creating this discrete storage. First of all, secure the door track to the shelves. After that, cut the frames and door. Next, assemble the frames and the door.
Then, add quartzite laminating to the door. After that, install the door to the track. Finally, trim the door and mold it to the top.

2. Show-Off Your Appliances

Instead of stowing away your appliances, you can try to show them off on open shelves. You can maximize the look of your kitchen by displaying all of the items, even the bigger ones. It is like creating a garage for kitchen appliances.
Although it might not be cute, the shelving unit is functional. When the items are on display, you have easy access to them. They will give you extra credit when they blend with the décor. Add some plants here and there to soften the space. However, you must keep them clean after using them.

Lastly, Number 1. Pare-Down your Appliances

You should consider paring your appliance down once you have done everything above but still think your kitchen is cramped. The first step is grouping those appliances into categories – frequently, rarely, and never used. Make sure that your appliance has multiple-use, robust, and not one-note. Instead of purchasing any blender, choose one that doubles as a food processor. Then keep your most-used items close at hand and store others neatly away.

To conclude, there are many ways to create extra storage for kitchen appliances. Don’t hesitate to innovate and improve the function of your kitchen. If you are seeking ideas to upgrade kitchen appliances storage, you could try one of our ideas.



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