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12 Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions That Will Make Your Appliances Feel Like Royalty

A DIY Contemporary Appliance Garage Idea

No, not the place where you park your car, but a storage solution with a “garage door” to hide your appliances. It’s like having a secret hideout for your toaster.

Now, most people have this customized, but who needs customization when you can just build it yourself? It’s like being your own personal carpenter but without all the sawdust.

First, we’ve got to prepare a space for the garage. And by that, I mean we have to empty one or two shelves and remove the existing door. Or, if you’ve got open shelving, build a door to be the garage door later. It’s like building a secret passageway in your own home.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve got to make sure our appliance garage has access to an electrical outlet. I mean, what good is a hidden toaster if you can’t even plug it in?

Next up, it’s time to mark and drill holes to install the hinges. It’s like being in shop class all over again. And then, we get to assemble the arms and attach them on both sides. It’s like putting together a puzzle but with power tools.

And finally, we installed the stabilizer rod and the mounting plates. It’s like building a tiny car lift for your appliances. And just like that, you’ve got our very own appliance garage ready to brag about.

Written by Simpson

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