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A DIY Slim Spice Cabinet Project Idea

No, not the kind you put in your chili, but the kind you need in your kitchen.

Now, you might be thinking, “Jerry, I’ve got all these little jars of spices, and they’re all over the place. I can’t find anything!” Well, fear not, my friends. We’ve got a solution that’s slim, stylish, and easy to build.

First, we will cut some pine pieces and construct the shelves using wood glue and finishing nails. It’s like building a spice mountain but without the danger of an avalanche.

And we’re not just stacking the shelves any which way. Oh no, we’re making sure that each shelf is the right height for those tall and smaller jars.

Next up, we’re building the frame and securing it with L braces.

And what’s behind the fortress door, you ask? Why, a beautiful panel made of fabric or beadboard, of course. It’s like dressing up your spice rack but without the fashion faux pas.

After attaching the panel using a staple gun, we’ll install the hinges, magnetic closure, and knob.

And now, we’re done. It’s like having a spice oasis in the middle of your kitchen.

So grab that cumin, sprinkle that cinnamon, and spice up your cooking life with this awesome DIY.

Written by Simpson

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