5 Small House Interior Decor Ideas

This may sound simple, but changing your door knobs can enhance a new atmosphere and look to your house. More on that later.

1. Dress your Tables

If your tables are not dressed, then you can start dressing them to give a new atmosphere in your house. But don’t pick random dress; make sure it fits well and the colors match each other. Besides, this table dress is pretty useful so your table won’t get dirty easily. Even so, you might want to buy some sets so it can be changed occasionally. (via homeiswheretheboatis)

dress your table

2. Change Knobs

This may sound simple, but changing your door knobs can enhance a new atmosphere and look to your house, not only your doors, you should change the knobs or handles on your cabinets as well. Doing this may require skill in installing the knobs. Also, you might require to repaint both sides of the door once again. Make sure the knobs match your house design. (via dpaperwall)

change knobs

3. Change the Curtain

Have you ever thought of changing your curtain? Well, you should rethink about this. In fact, it is recommended to have some sets of curtain for each window that installed on your house. This small change is guaranteed to create a new look and atmosphere in your house. For the set, you can take an inspiration from the seasons. Or you can just stock some sets randomly. However, make sure that the colors will match with your house interior design and furniture. (via decoomo)

change curtains

4. Build a Nook

Do you have space near your window? If yes, then you should build a cozy nook on it. It may require handcraftsmanship in building the bed frame; but when it’s done, it will make your home feel cozier. It doesn’t have to be big; its purpose is for relaxing; not sleeping. Try to give your family member a surprise by building this. A cozy nook will surely change the atmosphere in your house. In addition, place a bookshelf near it so it’s not only for relaxing but also as a place to read book comfortably. (via feedpuzzle)

build a nooks

5. Purchase New Pillows

If your house has accent already and there is a dominant color, then you should add more colors into it by putting new pillows on the couch, nook, or bed. You might feel bored for your house’s plain look; therefore you should try this idea. Purchase pillows with different patterns and color to brighten the atmosphere and look in your house. If you have a chair on the porch, then put one of the pillows there to give warm welcome to those who visit your house. (via lollyjane)

purchase new pillows

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