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60+ Small Home Makeover Ideas

Welcome to our compilation that you can take to upgrade your interior regardless anything you currently have that you can’t lose. Also in the list, you can find relevant videos that would lift your learning experience if you’re brave enough to sacrifice few moments of your precious time to play the video and keep it stream until the last second of the video spared

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In the first sections you’ll be able to find few effective ways how to optimize almost every space under your house’s roof, decoratively or effectively. Continue your learning if you think this first section hardly sensible or achievable financially

5 Small Home Organization Tricks to Maximize Space:

1. The placement of Draperies

For you who could not let yourself away from draperies, you need to make sure that you place it correctly if you want to maximize the space in your apartment. Put the hands down if you want to make the ceiling look higher. For a hint, you need to place it about 2 inches below the crown molding. You also need to extend the rod for at least 4 inches on the window’s side. (via theletteredcottage)

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2. The Space Management to Store Cups

store cups
Many people might not think that a simple stuff like cups actually can give the potential in having wider space of small apartment. In a single shelf, most people will only fit two rows of cups. Now, you can make a difference by placing a wire shelf, hook, or even both to make more space. By performing this action, you will get more space to store many other things in the shelf. (via houzz)

3. Choose Retro Appliances

Why should you choose retro appliances in maximizing the apartment space? The reason is, because almost all retro appliances have smaller footprint compared to the modern appliances. On the other hand, retro appliances also work well in adding a decorative look for any rooms. Various pop of colors will decorate your apartment. Moreover, retro style has strong look which will draw any people’s attention, eventually , it will make them more comfortable to stay there. (via wanitamalas)

4. The Way you should Store your Shirts

store shirts
No matter how tired you are, you should not let your shirts hanging here and there in your small apartment. It is the top reason of why your apartment will look more stuffy and smaller. You can get more space by folding your shirts in the right way. For a trick, fold it vertically in your drawers. It will make you easier in finding it when you want to use your shirt also. (via simplifiedbuilding)
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5. Lets Stop Hoping for A Big Sofa

big sofa

For many people, having a big sofa is just the same as adding more comfort in an apartment. However, you should not let yourself being so selfish to keep placing it while your apartment is not so big. Big sofa will eat up much area. For a replacement, you can take a settee. Believe us that changing sofa with settee will give you surprisingly wider space in your apartment. (via bedroomfurniture)

5 Small House Interior Décor Ideas:

This may sound simple, but changing your door knobs can enhance a new atmosphere and look to your house. Other than that you can simply take your flower from outdoor to indoor, more on that later.

6. Dress your Tables

dress your table
If your tables are not dressed, then you can start dressing them to give a new atmosphere in your house. But don’t pick random dress; make sure it fits well and the colors match each other. Besides, this table dress is pretty useful so your table won’t get dirty easily. Even so, you might want to buy some sets so it can be changed occasionally. (via homeiswheretheboatis)

7. Change Knobs

change knobs
This may sound simple, but changing your door knobs can enhance a new atmosphere and look to your house, not only your doors, you should change the knobs or handles on your cabinets as well. Doing this may require skill in installing the knobs. Also, you might require to repaint both sides of the door once again. Make sure the knobs match your house design. (via dpaperwall)

8. Change the Curtain

change curtains
Have you ever thought of changing your curtain? Well, you should rethink about this. In fact, it is recommended to have some sets of curtain for each window that installed on your house. This small change is guaranteed to create a new look and atmosphere in your house. For the set, you can take an inspiration from the seasons. Or you can just stock some sets randomly. However, make sure that the colors will match with your house interior design and furniture. (via decoomo)

9. Build A Nook

build a nooks
Do you have space near your window? If yes, then you should build a cozy nook on it. It may require handcraftsmanship in building the bed frame; but when it’s done, it will make your home feel cozier. It doesn’t have to be big; its purpose is for relaxing; not sleeping. Try to give your family member a surprise by building this. A cozy nook will surely change the atmosphere in your house. In addition, place a bookshelf near it so it’s not only for relaxing but also as a place to read book comfortably. (via feedpuzzle)

10. Purchase New Pillows

purchase new pillows
If your house has accent already and there is a dominant color, then you should add more colors into it by putting new pillows on the couch, nook, or bed. You might feel bored for your house’s plain look; therefore you should try this idea. Purchase pillows with different patterns and color to brighten the atmosphere and look in your house. If you have a chair on the porch, then put one of the pillows there to give warm welcome to those who visit your house. (via lollyjane)

5 Creative Small House Makeover Tips:

Want to know how trick a small working space you have and make it more comfortable for your daily use?. In the next section, you can another storage and décor ideas suitable for limited area that you probably should have to deal with today, this year or this decade

11. Clever Closet

simphome clever closet
Having too much storage in a small house is not really fortunate situation, that is why you will need to replace them with an efficient storage because it will actually save more space in a room. For example, you can install new built-in storage space in the master closet that keeps accessories and clothing in order. This clever closet idea will make your time sorting clothes and accessories more efficient. (via bhg)
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12. Small Work Space

simphome small work space
You may not need a dedicated office space in your small house, but you can actually have one. By remodeling an unused space in your reading room, you can have your own small work space. In order to save space, you can reduce the width of the work table or counter. Make sure to select the right stool for the seating. By doing this, you can work while finding references in your bookshelves. (via evduzenleme)

13. Enhanced Kid’s Room

simphome kid room

Even though your kid’s room only shares one small bedroom, it doesn’t mean that the room can be filled with any space-eater furniture. In order to ensure an airy and open feel in your kid’s room, you can install open shelving for kid’s toys, paint the walls white, and keep the window to a minimum. You can beautify the room by adding colorful furniture, such as kid’s table and chairs to boast the appeal of the room. (via enesher)

14. Efficient Kid’s Closet

simphome kid closet

How about the kid’s closet? Well, in order to keep the room as open as possible, you can remove the closet door. Then, for the closet itself, you can have a closet system with a variety of storage options where your kids can have easy access and they can learn good organizational habits from sorting out the clothing to its types. (via thehappyhousie)

15. Bring in Light to Your Narrow Room

simphome narrow bedroom

Having a small house will absolutely affect the size of the room inside. Mostly, many homeowners that have small house find difficulty to include all room essentials, including windows, storage, and windows. In that case, you will need to scale down the dimensions of both wall and windows to transform it into half window tops and wall to fill the narrow room with light. Make sure to add more light sources, such as bedroom lamps. (via samstroy)

5 Ways How to Makeover a Small House:

Do you have unused things that you are about to throw away like unused jars, wire basket, or broken dresser? Well, don’t throw it away because you can transform it into decoration items for your boring interior. One thing, FYI, last time we checked this section remains clean from Amazon affiliate links

16. Organize your Stuff

simphome organizing stuff
If you have multiple racks and shelves to organize your stuff, those are surely taking too much space. Therefore, you should reduce the shelves and racks instead of your stuff by purchasing an organizer that can organize all of your stuff in one place. This is more practical and it saves more space. If you have this organizer, you can store your shoes, clothes, jackets, socks, etc. It would be better if the organizer can organize stuff of 2 people. (via wayfair)

17. Seasonal Atmosphere

simphome seasonal
What seasonal atmosphere means here is an element that shows the season, for example; fruits. Place some fruits that grow in particular season in a bowl or wooden plate and put it on a coffee table or island. This decoration might be small and not too bold, but when it’s placed on the right place it will change the atmosphere immediately. (via arredamentoprovenzale)

18. Make DIY Decorations

simphome wire basket
Do you have unused things that you are about to throw away like unused jars, wire basket, or broken dresser? Well, don’t throw it away because it can be transformed into decoration that can make your house to be lively. From the jar you can transform it into flower vase or small organizer, from the wire basket you can turn it into a table, and from the broken dresser you can turn it into an armchair. (via mykarmastream)

19. Build a Patio

simphome patio
This might seem difficult; but with planning, right materials and tools, and enough people, it can be done. You don’t have to make it big, small one should be enough. One thing for sure, you should buy more chairs and tables. This time, make sure the chairs and the tables will fit nicely on the patio. This way, your house gives not only a new look and atmosphere, but also a new feature. (via domino)

20. Refresh the Exterior Look

simphome rustic bedroom
To refresh the look of your house, you must replace the exterior look of your house. You might need to replace the door, the windows, and the paint job. It would be better if you choose an accent first. For example, if you want your house makeover to look rustic then you should add some wood panel on the wall. Also, you might want to add more green outside your house to make it look cozier and relaxing. (via hgtv)

5 Small House Makeover Ideas:

Ceiling is one thing that is responsible for your house atmosphere and accent. If you ever feel bored with it, then what you should do is to repaint it. If you can’t confidently spare some money to bring new color in, keep reading the section because you’ll find other improvement alternative that would not cost you a lot of cash (probably)

21. Add Greens

simphome add plants

Are you often feeling frustrated in your own house? A house is supposed to be the most comfortable place so if in there you don’t feel comfortable, then it is recommended to start adding some plants. The green color on the plant is known to be soothing and relaxing. You can either pick artificial plants or the real ones. Just make sure you have enough green in your house. (via architecturaldigest)

22. Repaint the Ceiling

simphome repaint the ceiling

Ceiling is one thing that is responsible for your house atmosphere and accent. If you ever feel bored with it, then what you should do is to repaint it. But repaint it with random colors won’t do any good to your house. So in order to change the atmosphere in your house you should match the color with less dominant colored furniture in your house. For example, if the couch is blue then the ceiling should be blue as well. (via quintessenceblog)

23. Store the Unused

simphome book in the box

Do you have any unused stuff that worsens the look of your house? A pile of magazines and books is one of the examples. These magazines and books should be put in boxes then you should donate them. If you are seriously want to makeover your house, then these books need to go. Why is it? Well, a new look means fresh start, doesn’t it? That’s why everything should look simpler and tidier. If you want some books to stay then choose the ones that will be useful for you. (via bookworship)

24. Keep the Electronics Updated

simphome new appliance

To enlighten your house, updated electronics are also needed. You don’t want to make your house look old and outdated, do you? Therefore you should buy some electronics like new TV, refrigerator, and, kitchen appliances. This will make your house look new and more modern. (via athomebyte)

25. A Shabby Chic Accent Idea

simphome shabby chic room

If you have a modern house and you want to give your house a new look, then it is recommended to replace your furniture with old furniture. This will give your house a shabby chic accent that will make your house look old and traditional. The furniture should have white or other bright color and so do your wall, floor, and ceiling. (via thriftyandchic)

5 Out of The Box Small House Remodeling Ideas:

For small house owners, light sources take an important part to make the interior feel bigger. However, since windows cannot be freely installed in any walls, creative tricks should be taken into consideration. More on that later after you read

26. A Better Idea to Craft A Fancy Bathroom

simphome fancy bathroom
Bring your sense of style into your bathroom as well. You may need to separate those shared shower and toilet into two areas, so that you can get more spacious shower experience without costly plumbing changes and reconstruction. You can do that by separating the shared area with a wall. Moreover, you will get a new walk-in and a total privacy while you are showering. (via starcanyonwinery)

27. Open-Plan Bedroom Suite

simphome simple bedroom
If you feel your bedroom too crowded with too many furniture in it, then you are recommended to remodel the room with open-plan bedroom suite idea. This idea is aimed to conserve more space in your bedroom. In order to do that, you will need to replace big old-fashioned dresser with tall and stylish dresser. Make sure to replace any big and dated furniture with more efficient space-saving furniture, such as drawers. (via decoideasluvlydecora)

28. Mix and Match Ceiling and Walls

simphome ceiling remodel
You may feel bored too early if you look at the same color of your walls and ceiling. Then, the only solution for that problem is to get the walls and ceiling remodeled. You can try to mix and match ceiling and walls. For example, you can replace the ceiling with wooden ceiling that also matches with the floor, while planks show up on ceiling and walls. It will give more contemporary and attractive look to your room while boosting up the environment to be more livable and vibrant. (via andreaclairestudio)

29. Make Use of Those Narrow Spaces

simphome kitchen
Sometimes, you can also take benefits from those narrow spaces in a certain room. The aim to make use of narrow spaces is to enhance the architectural details. For example, if your kitchen has throwaway space, you can actually make use of it. You can provide pretty spots for displaying your antique kitchen appliances to dress up your kitchen. It will look more beautiful and attractive when you stare at the walls in your kitchen. (via marathigazal)

30. Connect Spaces in a Creative Way

simphome kitchen 2
For those who own small house, light sources take an important part to make small rooms feel big. However, since windows cannot be freely installed in any walls, then you should have a creative way to do that. If you have a room with low lighting, you can create a window to the next room that receive more lights, such as your kitchen and staircase area naer your living room. Therefore, the window is supposed to share lights with the room that has poor lighting. (via cellcode)
Return to the living room, you’ll find a relevant video related to the living room of the small house

🔊Relevant Video on How to Organize & Décor A Small Living Room:

Post link: 20 Organization Projects and decoration for a Small Living Room

5 Simply Clever DIY Storage Solutions for Small Space:

Decorating home with small spaces is always challenging. Try these 5 simple clever DIY storage solutions for small space or limited space that will make your home looks larger. Good luck with your first choice and let’s continue the count up

31. Storage Inside Headboard

simphome headboard

The first tip you can try to decorate small space is by creating storage inside headboard. This is such a great idea since bed usually takes the largest portion of space in the bedroom. By creating storage inside the headboard you can save and maximize spaces. This trick can make your bedroom looks larger than its actual size. You can use the headboard to keep small items such as books, photo frames, lamps, and much more. (via advantagegroupuk)
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32. Storage Inside the Walls

simphome inside wall

In spite of leaving your walls empty and seem not more important than tools to support your house to stand above the ground, you can maximize their function. You can create storage inside the walls to keep your items. The nicest thing about creating storage inside the walls is that you can use all the walls start from living room up to the bathroom. Use your creativity so the storages will not look too overwhelming. (via anyhomedecor)

33. Use Cupboard as A Laundry Room

simphome laundry room

One of the items in house that takes much space is laundry tool. People usually free special space for laundry room. Instead of using special room for your laundry activities, you can use a cupboard as a laundry room. You can use shelves with various sizes of storage boxes and dimensions. Not only this idea can help you to save spaces in your house but it also can make things look well organized. (via ozueastkitchen)
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34. Room Dividers Made of Storage Units

simphome room divider

Why not use your storage units such as shelves and cupboard as room dividers? This is a great idea since you do not need walls anymore to divide rooms inside your house. Using storage units as room dividers is a good solution if you have difficulties in dividing your areas in your small house. This idea is also very suitable for you who prefer to apply an open floor for your interior design. (via homeadore)

35. Storage Under the Bed

simphome under the bed

Since bed always becomes one of items that requires large space in bedroom, maximizing the function of the item is really a good idea. Instead of using your bed as place to lay down your body only, you can make storages under the item. You can create separate compartments under the bed to keep things like blankets, extra pillows, curtains, and much more. You can also fill it with boxes to keep your children’s toys. (via countryliving)

5 Organization Ideas For a Small Rented House:

Although you only have a rented house for now, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do something about it. You can be creative to organize the house and here are some helps for you. Not only the living room, you’ll find ideas to improve your kitchen area or to win your current kitchen storage challenges. Hopefully

36. Multi-Use Furniture

simphome multi use sofa
As you don’t have a large space, you need to consider having multi-use furniture. For instance, you can add a sofa which can be converted into a bed for your guests. Remember to choose a nice sofa which is comfortable for sitting and also sleeping. Don’t forget that you need to choose a sofa which the size is fit in your small rented house. Source

37. Give a clear border on each room

simphome clear border room
You need to separate rooms and give a clear border. You need to separate them to make them look tidy. When you throw them altogether, you will likely have no clue what area it is. In addition, you might want to have doors to separate each room since it will make it look so small. You can separate them by giving different colors of the furniture and so on that it may work for you. Source

38. Make the use of Pegboard or sort of

simphome pegboard
In a small rented house, you might also have a small kitchen, right? However, you may have plenty of kitchen sets and don’t know where to keep them. Now you can keep them hanging. Yes, hanging. You can use a plain board or a pegboard. Put it on your wall and make sure there are some hooks to hang things. There you go. You can now hang your mugs, pans, or pots. Source

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39. Make A Slide Out Pantry

Slide out pantry Simphome com
Your fridge or your cabinet may not be able to place all of your needs like the canned foods, all of the seasonings, etc. Now you can organize the kitchen by adding more storage for them. This is called a slide out pantry. You only need to look for a good-sized gap in your house. You need to make a nook to make a pantry which you can slide it on one side. You can check this link below to know how to make one. Source

40. Make Use Some Space Around the Door

simphome space around the door
You can make use some space around the door. You can have built-in shelves around the door or you can add new shelf above the door. There you can put anything you like such as your books, a flower vase, a little statue, or even some towels. Source

5 Another Smart DIY Storage Solutions for Small Space:

Are you wondering about the storage ideas for your small home?. In the following section, you’ll find relevant information you can use to optimize your current space without spending money on mayor renovation project or reconstruction. One thing, it is suitable for renters too. Include small apartment owner

41. Create A Media Storage System

 media storage
It can’t be denied that an electronic device such as TV always takes large portion of space in living room . To help you create more free space in your small house, you can build a special media storage system to keep electronic devices. Simple shelving design with movable TV unit is one of the storage solutions you can try. This trick makes your living room will look better organized and create more free space. (via thedailyattack)

42. Using Alcove to Build A Home Office

If you need special area to do your office jobs at home, using an alcove to build a home office can be a good solution for you. All you need to turn an alcove as small home office are storage boxes with various sizes and open shelves. This simple idea is best applied for home with small space . Complete the alcove with sliding or folding doors to hide it from people sight. (via trendhmdcr)
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43. Maximize Every Inch of Space

maximize space
The best trick to design home with small space is by maximizing every inch of space available. This trick is also very suitable to decorate your small kitchen where there are many items you need to keep. To maximize each space available in kitchen you can try to use multiple racks or shelves. This is because there will be a lot of spaces available where you can keep food supplies and cooking appliances inside. (via futuristarchitecture)

44. Keep All Things in Just One Place

keep in one place
The limit space available in small house gives you not much choice to store the items you have. To trick it, you can keep everything in just one place. This is aimed to maximize the storage units and free more spaces. For example, if there are a lot of furniture pieces with different functions in your house, you can keep them all in one multipurpose unit such as drawers, boxes, or shelves. (via brit)

45. Using Bay to Keep Hallway Clutter

using bay
The last storage solution you can try to maximize each space in your small house is by keeping hallway clutter at bay. For example, you can use storage bench to keep the hallway clutter. You can put your items such as shoes, hats, boots, extra pillows, and much more there. This trick is really a good idea to make your home looks well organized and can hide those paraphernalia things from people sight. (via amazon)

5 Clever Small Home Modification Ideas:

Sometimes, having a small house can be a little annoying if you are getting tired of its look. Then, when the boredom comes to its peak, you will need to think of remodeling plans. For further information, check out these following creative remodeling ideas for your small house.

46. The Grand Great-Room

simphome great room

You may want to remodel your uninteresting looking of your living room. You can actually open the space up of your living room and combine it with the dining room. That is why the first idea is called as grand great-room, which features the combination of those two rooms. You can install few large windows to provide unobstructed view of your backyard and keep your room bright. Also, you can paint the wall with white paint and add a dated brick fireplace to give the room a contemporary look. (via hgtv)

47. Improve the Architectural Details

simphome architectural

Your worn and old furniture in the living room should be replaced as well because you must have gotten tired by looking at them. That is why the reason to make your living room feels alive again is to improve the architectural details. You can start by replacing those old couches with new ones that are colorful and more attractive. Then, you can place a small table in the center of your living room with the matched color. (via bhg)

48. Inviting Front Door

simphome front door

Once you have done with the living room remodeling project, you can move to your front door. Your front door should be more inviting to yourself and your guests. Therefore, what you need to do is to decorate the surrounding of the front door. You can start with having the wall painted with white color, add some furniture, such as a small drawer with two cushioned chairs, mirrors, and other few furnishings. You want to add large windows with minimal window treatments as well. These elements will create a large-home feel. (via decomg)

49. Remodeled The Outdoor

simphome yard

Planning to make your small house becomes more attractive and feels larger can be done by remodeling the outdoor as well. Many homeowners usually try to make space-saving design to give the outdoor a clean and contemporary look. You can start by replacing outdated entry lighting, painting the gate, and freshening up the landscaping by adding a long bench and tending a flower garden. After you have done taking care of them, you can replace the heavy double doors for glass front doors to allow natural light inside the house. (via homedecoration)
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50. Conserve Floor Space

simphome sliding door

The most common problem of having a small house is managing the spaces. If you find a hard time managing spaces, why don’t you start by replacing those doors with the new sliding doors? This idea will totally conserve a large amount of spaces in your small house. Besides, it will actually give a modern and fancy look to your house. However, don’t replace all doors with the sliding ones. It is recommended to replace those that make a room feels smaller or too crowded, such as your kitchen. (via cellcode)

5 Unique Ideas How to Declutter Small Home:

This is 5 unique ideas how to declutter a small home that you can use to experiment with your rented property or owned. Do not miss any important available on the following information and enjoy. Or keep reading to find another list that will complete the long list

51. Making A List

make a list
The very first step to declutter your apartment is by making a list. As recommended by Dana Byers, creating a list of areas or places in the apartment will be very helpful to declutter things. However, one important thing, which she added, is that you need to stop when you have done with one area. The list is not difficult to make. On the other hand, it will fit into any kinds of schedule you have. (via etsy)

52. Have Some Smart Furniture

smart furniture
If you live in not too big apartment and wish to declutter things, you can sort the stuff you will not need then invest only in smart furniture. What is it? Smart furniture is a furniture, which can have more than one function. For example, you can have an armchair with secret storage below or in the back of it. It will be very helpful for you to keep your stuff. You can also help yourself with nook and crannies. (via bloglovin)

53. Separate things in different boxes

different boxes
For the next idea, you can have several boxes with certain classiaon. Then have the idea in your mind that you should fill it quickly while you are cleaning yoour apartment. You can do it for several days, as doing it in a single day will dried your energy for sure. Do it slowly but thoroughly in all the rooms in your apartments. Soon, you will realize that you have many unused stuffs you do not need. (via tinyhousepins)
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54. Store your Papers in different time

storing paper
When you declutter things, you might find some papers in your home. For your information, papers have its own limited time to keep. For example product warranties. Since it will only be valuable for a year, you can throw it if it already passed the specified time. On the other hand, you can keep paper such as monthly bill statements for a month only, as it will not make any effect when the month changed. Sorting papers will give your apartment many places to keep any other things. (via kitchendecor)

55. Try the Closet Hanger Experiment

closet hanger
This is the last idea, which you can do to declutter your apartment. The trick is by identifying wardrobe pieces to get rid of. You can hang all your clothes in the reverse direction with hangers. After you pick an item to use, you can return it to the closet. After six months, you will be able to decide which clothes you can discard. This way can also be applied in clutter areas. (via theselby)

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