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10 Small Courtyard Garden Ideas

Dealing with a small courtyard needs extra thought. Surrounded by at least three walls, wrong design could make it dark and uninviting. Nevertheless, once you’ve got the design that suits the space and your taste, it probably would be your favorite spot. The walls block the street noise and add more privacy. Add a set of dining table and you can relax while having alfresco in the courtyard.
Since the courtyard is the first thing that your guests will see before entering your home, it is important to make it entertaining and inviting. From clever planting to inviting garden feature, here I present you 10 Small Courtyard Garden Ideas to turn your courtyard looked more optimized and upgraded (with dozens of relevant inspirations).

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10. Advantageous Courtyard Project idea | HGTV Advantageous Courtyard Project idea 2Do you ever imagine how it feels to harvest your favorite fruit in the courtyard? It must be so delightful, mustn’t it? You too can make it happen.
Instead of filling your courtyard with flowers, you can take some advantages by growing fruits, like this. Some orange trees are planted on the edge of the courtyard and bordered with low hedges. The oranges are not only beautiful to look at but also delicious to taste. You now must be considering what kind of fruit you are going to plant, right? Advantageous Courtyard Project idea 1If you are short on space, opt for mini fruit trees, such as mini apple trees or berries. Some fruits can be planted in containers, so don’t worry about your space. Make sure to choose a tree that can grow in your environment well.

9. Use Bamboo for your Screening | Homestolove Use Bamboo for your Screening 3Do you need a little privacy from neighbor or you simply want a visual border? Consider planting bamboo to create appealing private sanctuary. Bamboo is known for its rapid growth and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, not all kind of bamboo will play well in your courtyard, so beware of the species you choose. You don’t want the courtyard look like a bamboo forest, do you? Use Bamboo for your Screening 2Bambusa Gracilis is the kind which is used here. It is versatile, low maintenance and can grow up to 8 meters.
Its small size allows you to plant it even in a narrow space. Use Bamboo for your Screening 1

8. Build Mount Shelves | Idealhome Build Mount Shelves 1If you think shelves are only for interior, this will prove that you are mistaken. With thick plank supported by wrought-iron bracket, you are able to put some pots of plants and lantern on the existing wall in the courtyard. This will keep the floor clean that makes the space feel spacious. More than that, shelving garden gives decorative view to a dull wall. Build Mount Shelves 2
It is such a nice idea to stay aesthetic in limited space.

7. Add Big Water Feature | Felmiatika | HGTV Add Big Water Feature 1Small courtyard doesn’t mean it only fits for small feature. Small feature would be loss in the middle of greenery. Contrary, a quite big feature is eye catching focal point. Add Big Water Feature 2This water feature is one of the examples that you can try. Not only does it make the courtyard fancy, but also gives relaxing atmosphere. Its contrasting color draws attention that would make people forget the courtyard space.

6. Opt for Succulent | Glamorhouz Opt for SucculentMany people choose greenery or flowers to grow in their courtyards but they need to trim the excess branches regularly in order to make the plants look good. However, if this activity won’t be in your ‘to do list’, you can opt for low maintenance plants like succulent.
Succulent doesn’t require many special treatments like another plant does. It can grow in any size of space. With various size, shape, and colors, it could turn your courtyard look more adorable.
You can edge the courtyard with different kinds of succulent, create a succulent kingdom at the corner, a fairy garden succulent, or just simply put them in planter in front of the door to welcome your guests.

5. Accentuate The Garden With White Wall And Furniture | Idealhome Accentuate The Garden With White Wall And Furniture 2It is either interior or exterior, white color will always go well with small space. It can be a good choice to pop up of your tiny garden, especially if you only have several pots to show off. One thing you should remember, don’t overdo it. Accentuate The Garden With White Wall And Furniture 1
Allows light furniture and bright wall you painted dominate your small space and turn your limited space looked bigger.

4. DIY Diamond Vines Project idea | Onekingslane DIY Diamond Vines Project idea 1Vines are popular for wall planting. Most people only let them grow covering the wall, whereas with a little work you can turn it into diamond shape that will make your tiny courtyard stunning.
First, start by deciding what plant you want to beautify your wall. A mature vine which already has long tendrils will be easier to be done. Next, create the pattern with wires and hook then plant the vines near the wall. Be sure the vines reach the lowest point of the pattern. DIY Diamond Vines Project idea 2One thing, you just need to enlace the vines to the wire so it would grow following the pattern.

3. Courtyard Lighting project idea | Mylandscapes Courtyard Lighting project idea 1Regardless the size, lighting is indispensable for the courtyard. It keeps the courtyard entertaining even when the sky gets dark. With the right lighting option, your courtyard will even look more stunning at night than at daytime. Courtyard Lighting project idea 2
Courtyard is usually completed with a set of dining table, so in case you want to enhance intimacy, let the dining area a little dark then add some candles on the table. Another lighting option is string light. Courtyard Lighting project idea 3
Although string light is the beauty itself, you can install it at courtyard, either on walls or trees to make the space much more attractive.

2. Raised your bed seat | Idealhome Raised your bed seatGathering in the courtyard is such a pleasure for most people. Meanwhile dining table set doesn’t provide enough seat for all people. Adding more furniture will make the space narrower.
Thus, raised garden is a clever way to create extra space for people to pearch. At the same time the garden won’t be sunken by the dining set. In other words, the beauty can be seen easily. Besides the ledge, the steps provide more space for some more pots too. Just make sure you light the space properly to minimize the possibility of unwanted accident.

Lastly number 1. Vertical Planting project idea | Goodhousekeeping Vertical Planting project idea 1It has been public secret that vertical garden small garden owner’s best friend. Whether you hang containers on the wall, create a living wall, or make shelves, vertical garden is a space saver and serves decorative purpose.
You can make your vertical garden by repurposing unused furniture like this. Vertical Planting project idea 2
This vertical garden project is completed by adding three pieces of wooden batten on the old ladder as shelves while galvanize, crates, and pots are used as plant containers. Vertical Planting project idea 3Done
So, Those are 10 Small Courtyard Garden Ideas I’ve presented for you. Have you made up your mind about which of those you will try for your courtyard?

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