5 Small Bedroom Decorating Hacks on a Tight Budget

Decorating a small bedroom can make you spending a lot of money if you don’t do some hacks about it.

1. Create your own wallpaper

This is DIY wallpaper. Wallpaper can be expensive somehow. Yet, you can try to make your own wallpaper by painting it. Prepare a paint that matches your color taste. You can draw your favorable pattern or you can use stencil to help you. You can look up a bunch of stencil samples on the internet. Later on, you can paint it with your own hand to make a focal wall in your small bedroom. (via diyprojectsforteens)


2. Pick a double duty daybed

Double duty daybeds came from long time ago. Yet, this still can be a nice item to have. This idea can save up space and money. You can have a bed which can be used as daybed when you don’t sleep on it. Sometimes, people place a daybed near a bookshelf so they can pick a book to read and sit comfortably on the daybed at once. (via apartmenttherapy)

double duty

3. Make use an old door as headboard

You might want to have a headboard in your small bedroom. Buying headboard may be expensive. If that is the case, you can try to make a headboard on your own. You only need an old door which is unused. You can cut the door to be fitted in your bed and in your small room. As a finish look, you can paint it with your favorite color. You have your cheap, yet pretty headboard now. (via interiorfrugalista)

old door

4. Have a tool and crafts bin from a wooden stool

You may want to add furniture which can be used as a place to collect all of your tools and crafts. Buying a new one will spend your money. How about creating it on your own? It is very possible. Prepare an unused wooden stool and fabric. You will have your own bin now to collect your stuffs by having them. (via alittlecraftinyourday)

tools and crafts

5. A wall memo board

You might need a memo board to place anything that will remind of you something. You can get your own memo board by creating it by your own hands. You can make use of old crib spring. You just need to give it a new color. Once you have finished coloring it, you can hang it on your small bedroom and it will not take up space. (via craftaholicsanonymous)

wall memo board

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