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12 Clever Small Bedroom Built-in Storage

If you don’t have a lot of closet or shelf space in your bedroom, you’ll need to get resourceful in storing your clothes, books, and other belongings. (Everyone has that one chair that ends up being a dumping ground for filthy clothes and random household items.) Fortunately, there is still hope for you and your pileup chair. There are a lot of things you can do to make the most of the space you have. We’ve compiled the most ingenious ways to make the most of your sleeping space, whether by converting the wall behind your bed into “a makeshift closet” or turning your slope more functional. If your bedroom is on the smaller side and you don’t have a closet, you’ll want to read on for some clever storage solutions.

A compact or tiny bedroom mostly comes with minimal or zero storage space. You would undoubtedly want to avoid any furniture that takes up valuable floor space.

On the other hand, mounting cabinets or shelves may not be a good option because you may run into them. As a result, you should think about built-in storage. Here, we’ll continue our search to give you a more organized and ideal bedroom interior without the heavy investment.

Without further ado, this is 12 clever small bedroom built-in storage choices. As always, Simphome curates the list.

12 Clever Small Bedroom Built Storage Video

12 Clever Small Bedroom Built Storage Poster

12. Give Your Nightstand access to more storage

Investing in built-ins has always been a great idea, especially if the space is premium. So, why don’t you give these built-in shelves a try?

Instead of protruding from the wall, these shelves fit snugly with it. They offer ample storage space that you need to get rid of clutter. Besides, they perch right above the nightstand, allowing you to easily grab your favorite book without getting out of bed.

If you want these shelves in your bedroom, you need to make a niche in your wall. You may also have to use the space from the adjacent room if necessary. Then, screw in some wooden boards. To finish it off, install trim around the opening to mimic the paneling behind the headboard.

11. A Contemporary Bed with Built-in Drawers Idea

If your bedroom is cramped, multifunctional furniture is your best bet. It is widely available in retailers. You can also make it yourself if you enjoy woodworking and are skilled at it.
Because it has several built-in drawers, this bed, for example, will help you cut clutter immediately.

You can use them to store bedding, clothes, or anything else you want to conceal.
A bed with built-in drawers will help you better arrange your small bedroom and make your sleeping area more beautiful. If you are confident with your woodworking skill, proceed to the source link for more resources.

10. Stay Flush with the wall

A built-in closet in a bedroom is a common thing that you will be likely to see. It is more beneficial than a bulky free-standing wardrobe that will take up much of the floor space.

This closet has taken bedroom storage to the next level. Instead of covering it with a curtain or an out-swing door, you can try opting for touch-latch doors that will stay flush with the wall.
These touch-latch doors do not show any noticeable hardware like knobs or pulls. Thus, they can camouflage well and disappear into the wall.

Shapeless Studio created this spacious closet to blend invisibly with the walls of the master bedroom so as not to take up any unnecessary floor or wall space. Even without access to power tools for making specific modifications, you can use rods and floating shelves to use wall space effectively.

9. Raise Your Bed When Possible

It’s tempting to place the bed on the floor instead of a bed frame when decorating a small bedroom, but this makes the space look even smaller. You may make the most of the vertical area available to you.

This bedroom, for instance, has shown you the potential of vertical space. You can optimize storage with built-in drawers by making a platform bed that raises the mattress a few inches off the floor. Aside from the functionality, this bedroom also offers a striking look, with pastel blue covering the lower half of the walls. You can see crisp white conquer the upper half of the walls and the ceiling. You can find melting white paint that creates exciting patterns, making this bedroom look aesthetic.

8. Built-in Shelves with a Touch of Rustic Style

Many people with built-in shelves give them all the same wall treatment to make the space more cohesive. These built-in shelves, however, are unique and beautiful in their own right.
The house owner decided to leave the brick wall exposed and not paint the shelves to match the walls. This alternative adds a rustic charm that improves the room’s modern touch. A clever move you probably never considered before

The exposed brick in this bedroom was supposed to be the focal point of the renovation, but the utility company erected water meters on the wall. However, the property owner solved the problem by building a practical shelf system and covering the meters with a grille.

7. A Multipurpose Platform Bed Transformation

You won’t find much room to move around in this tiny bedroom. So, it’s impossible to fit a desk and set up a home office.

Despite its modest dimensions, however, this bedroom provides all the storage necessities the owner needs. If you’re here, you can neatly store your clothes, books, photos, and other keepsakes in the built-in closet at the far end of the bedroom, thanks to designer Bogdan Ciocodeicā.

The mattress can be placed directly on the platform bed when it is time for bed (or floor cabinet, according to the designer). When awake, you can fold the mattress and put it out of the way to get to the storage underneath.

You can pull an all-nighter in peace at the built-in desk in this little bedroom. A full-length mirror is located on the wall opposite the window. This area feels more spacious and open because of the light it reflects.

6. Tame the Corner

The owner has made the most of the restricted square footage by creating a wonderfully comfortable bedroom. He leveled the slanted roof by adding a built-in shelf that spans the length of the wall.

The shelf is finished in the same color as the wall and ceiling to trick the brain into thinking the space is larger than it actually is. It also has a deep cubby for storing books and other bulky objects.
Since this bedroom barely has floor space, the owner put up two sconces on either side of the bed. Little fixes you probably can adjust according to your similar situation.

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With that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. A full built-in Bed designed by INT2Architecture

Those who live in a studio apartment could use this idea. Most studio apartments aren’t very big. You even have to use the same room for more than one purpose.

This bespoke bed allows a queen-sized mattress to fit snugly. Most importantly, it has a large amount of storage in one spot, which is perfect if the space is premium. You can find here built-in shelves running from the bottom to the top of the bed. It also has drawers and a wardrobe.

Inside the bed, you can access multiple cabinets and a built-in shelf that acts like a bedside table. In Simphome, you’ll find more detail from the designer.

More detail from the designer:

Initially, the room contained many free-standing items: a wardrobe for clothes and bed linen for the whole family, a bookcase for textbooks, a chest of drawers for small items and books, a single bed, and a work desk. Because of this, space was perceived fractionally, typical for many apartments. We suggested arranging free-standing objects in one part of the room, freeing the other from them. To do this, we have designed a multifunctional “box,” which contains a compact storage system (wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookcase, cabinet for storing small items, drawers for bed linen and large items) and a place to sleep and relax (bed and sofa).

On the opposite wall from the “box,” we placed a multifunctional surface: a mirror, an organizer, and a screen. We achieved the setup with the help of a sliding panel. The panel reveals the organizer on one side, a mirror on the other, and a projection screen in the center.

4. A Minimalist Bedroom with Plenty of Hidden storage

This minimalist bedroom is specially designed for those who are struggling with clutter.
This bedroom lends Japanese vibes with the platform bed, natural color scheme, and the door and room divider that looks like shoji.

Many Japanese-styled bedrooms implement a minimalist look by simply laying a mattress on the floor. However, the owner of this room has taken this idea to the next level.
You can find a platform bed that allows the mattress to be a few feet off the floor. You can also find staircases that make the mattress more accessible. The best part is each step contains storage.

3. A DIY Bunk Bed and Desk Combo

Instead of placing one bed over another at the same spot, you can optimize the space by lining the beds in one wall with different levels.
Ground the first bed on the floor and raise the other a few feet off the previous one. Ensure you leave enough space for a desk underneath the loft bed. To optimize the storage solutions, you can incorporate drawers into the lower bed and staircases. Another spectacular thing is the staircase, which also acts as a handy desk.

The intention was to clear everything and construct a loft bed in the nook, three storage levels, and a solid wood desk top. The initial step was constructing the cabinets and storage drawers for the built-in bed. The author constructed the boxes from 3/4-inch MDF and glued, clamped, nailed, and biscuit-joined them according to the design.

2. A Bay Window Bench Idea

While bay windows certainly add visual appeal, they might be difficult to utilize effectively in terms of storage space. Converting them into plush seating is great because you can store your books underneath.

The lack of doors in the storage spaces is a nice touch that helps keep the overall feel of this woodwork airy. Notice how the cabinetmaker finished the base by fitting floors and blending the piece with the rest of the room’s decor.

1. Turn Your Slopes More Functional

The sloped ceiling may pose a challenge when turning the attic into a bedroom. However, It does not mean you cannot do anything with it. This bedroom, for example, packs smart storage solutions with some ingenuities. It enables you to store your clothes tidily and hidden shoe racks inside the opposite wall.

“Because my bedroom, bathroom, and closet are in the attic of my house, space is at a premium,” explains designer Time Clarke. “So I built into the walls of a connecting hallway.” Still, he managed to make it work despite the obstacles. “I rigged up pull-out shelves and bars for hanging clothes in the slanted ceiling space beneath the eaves. Tongue-and-groove paneling and concealed touch-latch doors provide the perfect cover. My closet doubles as a bed!” Vacuum bags will become your greatest friend if you need to pack heavy items like sweaters and jeans.


When designing shelves or cabinets for an attic, extending them to the ceiling or into the eaves is optimal. As was previously noted, attics are a goldmine for constructing storage; there are numerous spots where a bit of ingenuity and a skilled woodworker will come in handy.

The safety of its occupants was the primary design goal for this pod-like bedroom’s high storage areas. Using the stairs is viable if you need to access a storage space too high for your ladder.



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