simphome small apartment decor

The easiest way to mark different area is by using carpet. Put different types and color to each section.

1. Set a Lovely Balcony

Never give up the nature element. Even in a small apartment, planting is totally possible. You just need small pots, arranged vertically on the iron fence or on the walls. If you are on budget, go for unused bowl-like items. Try with geranium first, which requires less maintenance. It blooms pink flowers with lush leaves. Complete the look with simple chair and small rounded table. Cover the table with table cloth to your taste. Bring your morning breakfast and enjoy the mini garden. (via apartmenttherapy)

lovely balcony

2. Place the Item Carefully

Before you start filling up the small apartment, imagine how you could use the least items to perform their maximum functions. Start with the living room. It should have double function as entertaining room as well. Mount the TV on the wall, so everyone in the room, even you who cook in the kitchen, could watch the popular soap opera. Set the sofa on the opposite direction, facing to the television. Put a drawer behind the sofa, right next to the dining area. (via bhg)

place item carefully

3. Lay a Carpet

The easiest way to mark different area is by using carpet. Put different types and color to each section. For example: soft fluffy rug for your bed and sofas, rubber carpet for kitchen area, and simple rug for your working station. Make sure it coordinates well with the other furniture, since there is no wall or separator. If you have experience with mix matching concept in small area, go with that ideas. First timer might make several fatal mistakes. (via bhg)

lay a carpet

4. Hang a Curtain

Some people are surprised when they see their new apartment. It is just a blank space. No walls, only doors to the bathroom. For you who are used to have privacy, this is really annoying. There is no clear divider between areas. Solve this problem by hanging simple curtain. If you like, pick the frilly one. This way, you could separate the areas: bedroom and living room, kitchen and dining area. In addition, curtain adds some luxury and charming atmosphere to your apartment. (via undinerenville)

hang a curtain


5. Install Loft Bed

Don’t raise your eyebrows yet. It might appear to be a childish concept, but thinking about its function, loft bed has it all. This type of bed maximizes the space from the ceiling to the floor. It could provide both bed and working area. What makes it more appealing is its color variant. You could find the one with classic and elegant look, instead of child character. If you are not that confident to share your private space, then install a sliding door. (via laurihowelldesign)

install loft bed

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