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5 Signs You Need Tree Removal Service

Like the plants and flowers you have in your yard, the trees are also a beautiful sight to have in your landscape. Aside from boosting your home’s curb appeal, trees also offer additional shade, help purify the air, and cool your surroundings. But even with their numerous benefits, trees are also a bit handful to maintain. An important factor in maintaining trees is knowing when to trim them or completely remove them.

However, it’s often hard to tell if a particular tree needs to be trim or removed, especially if you know little about trees. Some trees may look sturdy and healthy on the outside but rotten and dying from within. And sooner or later, when that unhealthy tree is left untrimmed or uncut, it could be hazardous due to its risk of breaking or falling on the ground during strong winds, storms, or heavy rains.

Thus, as a homeowner who has trees in their yard, you need to know the right time to seek a tree removal service. For your guide, here are five signs you need to watch out for that tell you to call a professional tree removal service.

1. The Tree Is Dead

One of the obvious signs you need to call a tree removal service is if the tree is already dead. You can often tell that a tree is dead if it hasn’t bloomed for several months, and you can spot several dead branches with missing leaves.

Thus, if you’ve noticed that the tree is dead or dying, you need to immediately call on a professional arborist. The longer a dead tree lingers within your property, the higher risk it poses for your house and especially your loved ones.

If you’re around Australia, you can call on a tree removal service for the proper and immediate removal of trees in Sydney and anywhere within your community. Once the professional arborist arrives in your yard, they’ll closely examine the tree and evaluate if it only needs trimming or complete removal.

2. The Tree Is Damaged

Trees are strong and sturdy in nature. They’re strong enough to endure strong winds, storms, and heavy rains, but sometimes, only to a certain extent. As a responsible homeowner, it’s your job to check your trees for critical hits or damages after a strong wind or storm. If you’re skeptical about your tree’s current condition, the best thing you can do is call a tree removal service and have them closely evaluate the situation of your tree.

If the damage is mild, they may need to trim down the damaged part. However, if most of the trees have been badly damaged by the wind or storm, the most recommended option is to remove them completely before it’s too late.

3. The Tree Is Leaning

Not all trees stand tall. Some may also lean naturally, depending on the kind of tree you have in your yard. After all, some leaning trees could also add a unique touch to your landscape. However, when your tree is leaning after a strong wind or storm, it’s ideal to call a tree removal service.

The arborist will thoroughly inspect and see if its leaning position is natural and doesn’t threaten your safety. Meanwhile, if the leaning tree is at risk of breaking or falling at any given time, they might need to cut that tree down for safety purposes.

4. The Tree Is Sick

It can be quite hard to tell if a tree is sick or not, especially if it’s not always apparent on the outside. Some trees can look normal and sturdy on the outside but sick and dying from the inside. And so, some of you may be tempted to ignore the issue because initially, you don’t see any potential threats on your danger.

But one way you can tell a tree’s condition is through its fruits or leaves. A sick tree can never bear fruits, or if it has, the fruits may appear black or rotten. For the leaves, a sick tree may have dark or dying leaves on its branches. You can also tell that a tree is unhealthy if it’s infested with insects, fungi, or filled with unknown plants on its trunk and branches. If you suspect that your tree is contaminated with a disease or is rotten, make sure to contact a tree removal service immediately for proper diagnosis.

5. The Tree Is Too Close To Your Home Or Street

Removing a tree isn’t just limited to its health and condition. Sometimes, you also need to consider its proximity.

If you’ve noticed that the branches are growing too close to your home, over your roof, or if the roots are crawling into your home’s foundation, you’ll need to call a tree removal service right away. They’ll tell you whether complete tree removal is necessary or not.

Another is if the tree is growing too close to the sidewalks or power lines, you’ll need to call the arborist right away before the branches can damage public properties and cause power outages.


Overall, the job of a tree removal service is to examine your tree and evaluate if it poses a threat to your property, your loved ones, and your community. So, refer to these signs above to help you distinguish if it’s time to call on the help of professional arborists.

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