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7 Senior-Friendly Home Additions for Elderly Parents

You might not be aware of this, but if you are an elderly person, your own house might turn into a prison. For instance, you might no longer be able to walk up the stairs leading to the bedroom. In addition to that, taking care of both major and minor repairs might become nearly impossible. Because of that, many elderly parents are eager to move into their children’s houses.

If you are in such a situation and want to make your house senior-friendly, this article is definitely for you! Here, you will find a list of things that you can add to your house in order to prepare for your elderly parents’ arrival, including a portable garage, a high-profile toilet, a medical alert system, and a stairlift. Check it out!

High-Profile Toilet

It is common knowledge that the elderly tend to have difficulty squatting. Because of that, sitting down on a regular toilet seat might turn out to be problematic for your elderly parents. Fortunately, this will not be a problem if you get a toilet with a high-profile seat! Such toilets are designed in such a way that the seat height is higher than in average toilets, meaning that they are easier to use for elderly people with limited mobility. In addition to that, the seat itself tends to be really wide, meaning that it should be much more comfortable than a regular toilet seat.

Portable Garage

Portable garages can easily be moved from one place to another, and they do not take up too much space. On top of that, they come in many different styles and sizes, too! I It will provide your parents with a perfectly sheltered and enclosed space to store their car and personal belongings. A portable garage is a perfect solution if your garage doesn’t have enough space to fit your family’s and your parents’ cars.

Medical Alert System

If your parents have problems with their health and are no longer able to move freely, you should think about installing a medical alert system in your house. These systems tend to be really affordable and they will help keep your loved ones safe. They usually consist of a base unit that can be connected to the phone line and a wristband transmitter, which your parents will be required to wear. If either of your parents falls or experiences a health problem, they just need to press the button on the wristband. This will instantly notify the base unit, which will then call for help.

Stairlift & Wheelchair Ramp

If you are planning to remodel your house or build an extension for your aging parent, you should definitely install a stairlift. Stairlifts are very useful for elderly people or those who have mobility issues. They can be installed on any staircase, including both straight and curved ones, so you do not need to worry about that. Stairlifts can be installed easily, but if necessary, you can also get additional help from professionals who specialize in this type of project.

On the other hand, If one of your parents uses a wheelchair and you want to make your house senior-friendly, you should definitely install a wheelchair ramp. Wheelchair ramps will make your house much more accessible for elderly people with mobility issues.

Walk-In Shower

Elderly people might have problems with bathing. In order to make it easier for your parents, you should install a walk-in shower in your bathroom. These showers are very spacious and tend to be equipped with grab bars and other safety features, making bathing much easier for your loved ones!

Proper Lighting

If you want to make your house senior-friendly, you should think about the lighting. Your aging parents will probably not be able to see as well as they used to, meaning that you should ensure that every room in the house is equipped with proper lighting. You can install a few additional light bulbs and light fixtures if necessary, as well as invest in dimmer switches in order to make the lighting more adjustable.


If your elderly parents are having trouble walking, you should think about installing a handrail on the walls of staircases. It will make it much easier for your parents to walk around the house and climb the stairs. For instance, if you have a staircase that leads to the basement, you should definitely install a handrail there so that your elderly parents can take care of the laundry or do other stuff in the basement without having to worry about their safety.

You can use metal handrails, as they are easy to clean, but if such handrails do not match the interior of your house, it might be a better idea to use wooden handrails instead!

In Conclusion

To sum up, if you are thinking about turning your house into a senior-friendly one, you will have to purchase many different things. It is not about adding a few grab bars and other safety features here and there. You have to think about the style of your house and make the senior-friendly features match that style.

If you feel like it is not worth your time, think about the potential return on investment! Many people out there would pay top dollar for a house that a person with limited mobility can live in comfortably, which means that putting in the time and effort and making your house better for your parents might turn out to be a great long-term investment!

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