10 Sectional Sofa Ideas and Layouts

Sectional sofas have been cornering the market for years. They offer a comfortable place to lounge on and stylish designs that add an upscale look.
Unfortunately, arranging them can be a bit tricky since they usually come in a large size. But if you can do it properly, you may get mind-blowing results. To help you with that, here we have summed up and present you with 10 sectional sofa ideas and layouts that you can use to optimize your couch and your living room interior. As always, follow the Simphome link to find more detail

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10. A Corner Sectional Sofa idea

10. Corner Sectional Sofa by

One of the standard layouts for an L-shaped sectional is to shove against the room’s far corner. If you have a TV or a fireplace in it, the sofa has to face it.
This position allows you to have the best flow from the adjacent room because nothing blocks you. Besides, it is also a nice layout to choose for a small space since you can maximize seating without making the room more cramped.
This tunnel-shaped living room is a perfect match for a sectional shoved in the corner. Instead of pairing it with side chairs, you can opt for a plush ottoman.
A plush ottoman is not only decorative but also functional. You can use it to set down your snacks on movie night or put up your feet. When you get more guests, you can turn it into extra seating instantly too.

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9. As a Room Divider

9. As a Room Divider by .

An open floor plan makes any home look spacious. However, it can be chaos when mixed with other rooms up due to the absence of the walls separating them. Luckily, It is not always a big deal, though, because you can use several ways to define them, one of which is by placing an L-shaped sectional.

9. As a Room Divider by

An L-shaped sectional can double as a room divider in an open concept space. You just need to flip it in the other direction so that the backs will face the next room.
You can also use this arrangement in a compact living room with a TV mounted on the accent wall. All you need to do is shoving an L-shaped sectional against a wall and let the horizontal side protrude from it.
These two arrangement ideas allow you to define the living room better, and you can spread your guests out while enjoying your favorite TV show or Premier. Pair it with a compact chair if necessary so that you have extra portable seating for more guests and keep it later in case you need extra space for another special occasion.

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8. L-Shaped Sectionals with Rectangular Coffee Table Idea

8. L Shaped Sectionals with Rectangular Coffee Tables by

Coffee tables almost always complement couches immensely. They provide a functional place to set down books, vases, or glasses and add a stylish look and contrast to the room. Still, you need to pay careful attention to the layout. Therefore, choosing the best one for your sectional is imperative.
When choosing a coffee table for your L-shaped sectional, make sure it does not extend beyond your sofa’s arms. Otherwise, your living room will look imbalanced. Besides, the extended side will block the traffic flow a bit.
If your sectional has the same length on both sides, you had better opt for a large square coffee table. This shape is more likely to fit in with space without disturbing the accessibility.

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7. A Sectional Sofa with A Round Coffee Table

7. Sectional Sofas with Round Coffee Tables by

Nothing can go wrong with a round coffee table. Its solid figure and versatile design allow you to juxtapose it with other furniture in the living room, especially a sectional.
Or any sectional, particularly the U-shaped one. Its circular shape will fill in space in the center of the room without threatening everyone, kids or toddlers, with sharp edges. Furthermore, everyone will find it easy to navigate around.
A round coffee table comes with a large variety of product ideas and DIY, and you can get one of them by simply repurposing a steel bucket. For more about this topic, follow the Simphome link to find “15 DIY Round Coffee Table Ideas & Free Plans.”

6. A Sectionals with Accent Walls Idea

6. Sectionals with Accent Walls by

This is also a typical layout of sectionals that you may often encounter in many houses that you probably haven’t tried yet or forgotten. It is a simple sectional concept that only needs a limited corner or a messy corner. The image tells you every inspiration you need to start your action, and
You can hang a large painting, photograph, or any other artwork behind the sectional instead of an arduous shiplap to perfect the appearance. This way, you can make a perfect accent wall to draw the eyes while accentuating the sofa.

5. Simply Lay a Rug

5. Lay a Rug by

An area rug in an open concept house that can do more than just keeping your bare feet warm or comfort your pug’s belly. You can also use it to distinguish your living room from your kitchen and dining room.
When purchasing an area rug, after finding its best price. Consider choosing a large one that can extend beyond your sectional and chairs. This way, you can define the seating area better by wrapping them up and making them look united.

4. Accentuate It with a Throw

4. Accentuate It with a Throw by

Bring in the juxtaposition of different textures to a living room to enrich your interior. Simply combine linen sectional with a fluffy faux fur throw and get a flat weave area rug if conventional rug bores you already.
Besides, the throw can come in handy. When the temperature is dropping, you can just wrap it around your body and curl up on the sofa comfortably. One thing, TV is only a complementary if your sofa is the sleeper one.

3. Face To the Entrance

3. Face the Entrance by

As a good rule of thumb, you need to consider room flow when arranging the furniture in the living room.
If your open concept home features a large glass door as access to the backyard, do not take it for granted. Try placing the open side of your sectional face in that direction. This way, you can get a more welcoming look and a quick shelter during the sudden raindrop.

2. The Gray Sectional concept with Pops of Colors

2. Gray Sectionals with Pops of Colors by

Gray sectionals are highly versatile, although this kind of sofa can be a bit dull, especially if you surround it with white or black. To take care of the situation,
Option number 1, Try adding some pops of colors to perk up the room to overcome this problem. They can be in the form of a large painting hanging behind the sectional or some cushions tossed on it.
Option number 2, Get a new wallpaper, a succulent shelf, a medium to large fish tank, a large glass cabinet full of your art pieces, cards, or toy cars, a giant world maps for cheap you can get on Amazon, or large blackboard with doodles that you can always update according to the trending topic of the internet.

Lastly, Number 1. Anchor It with a Console Table

1. Anchor It with a Console Table by

You can place your sectional right in the middle of the room in an open floor plan. However, if it feels awkward to you because you have to expose the back of the sofa, try placing a console table behind it, a slim coffee table, or a simple, slim, and long picnic chair. It will distract your guest’s attention, and you get additional storage solutions you can use to experiment with indoor plants, some trophies, or art pieces you can get cheap on Amazon.

So, Sectionals can be a pretty versatile solution if you can arrange them well. These 10 sectional sofa ideas and layouts have proven that you can make new living room improvements for cheap despite the size. Now, it is your turn to bring elegance to your home with sectionals, and good luck with that.




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