5 Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Small House: Some Creative and Unusual Ideas

Have you ever tried decorating your home with these rustic home decor ideas for small area? Rustic decor means to include more natural elements, such as wooden items, neutral and earthy colors, and every-day items. Basically, the things that you see or use every day can be transformed into attractive rustic home decoration. What are the options for your pick?

5. Wooden Twigs for Hanger

If you find tons of unused twigs around the house, why not turning them into a crafty piece? In this picture, for instance, the twigs are arranged in a row within a wooden box and then used as the coat hanger. You can choose bigger twigs or smaller ones, it is up to you. For whatever use you want to implement, these twigs can be pretty handy. Some people even use bigger and thicker twigs for mugs hanger. Just be sure that the twigs are solid and sturdy enough to accommodate the weight. (via craftionary)

wooden twigs

4. Log Book Shelf

If you have an unused log, try to change it into a book shelf, like the one shown in this picture. The log can be places on the corner, and then you attach wooden planks around. If the log and the wooden planks are solid enough, this structure will hold. Not only you can get a handy furniture that actually works, you can also get yourself a unique and one of a kind book shelf. This corner book shelf should be included within creative rustic home decor ideas for small area. (via omghomedecor)

log bookshelf

3. A Rustic Section

If you don’t really like scattering your rustic theme all over the house, dedicating a wall or a certain section should be enough. To enhance a theme, you don’t actually have to adorn the entire house with the theme. This is a good example of rustic home decor ideas for small area where you can decorate one section only. With attractive wall decor from different variants and combinations, it creates an appealing look. If you can combine the wall decor with rustic bench and wicker item, the overall effect speaks for itself – you don’t even have to say a word. (via thecraftingnook)

rustic section

2. Primitive Hanging Lamp

What about combining wood and glass elements to create a rustic theme? Sounds like a good idea? In this hanging lamp, there is a sense of primitive effect and traditional element. The wooden block is the base to hang the lamps, which are coming in the glass forms. If you want to imitate the style, you can use mason jars for the glass element. This is a cool idea; simple and yet speaks volume of the traditional atmosphere. (via decoholic)

primitive hanging lamp

1. Wooden Bench

If you are crafty enough with wood, you can definitely create such an appealing wooden bench. Cut a log in half and create two sturdy legs. The overall design is pretty simple but it exudes rustic and homey effect. You can place it indoor or outdoor – it doesn’t matter. The rustic home decor ideas for small area is great to provide seating area without compromising style. (via craftionary)

wooden bench

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