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10 Awesome and Stylish Rock Garden ideas

There are plenty of ways and ideas to shape a beautiful garden. It could be by planting some exotic plants, creating a pathway or a small bridge or bringing a certain style you like into your garden.
Rocks can be one of the many elements you can use for it. More about that later. Next, I’m going to share you 10 Awesome and Stylish Rock Garden ideas, which hopefully would give you some inspiration for designing a rock garden.

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10. Dress Up your Pathway | Gardenoid Dress Up the PathwayThe pathway should be an easy means to explore the entire garden. You can’t go wrong with giving a nice decoration to its surface in order to win people’s admiration. By creating a delicate pattern, you add the aesthetic value of the garden itself.
This pathway, for example, is decorated with a spiral style of stones or pebbles.
Different colors of stones can pretty much leave contrast and make it much more interesting, isn’t it?
Be careful of a slippery surface when raining or winter season come though.
It won’t be pretty if you fall off while walking on it.

9. Small Rock Garden Ideas | Plantedwell | Thespruce Small Rock Garden IdeasAsian heritage has a special appeal in a way that makes gardeners eager to adopt. This ideas can be applied to your garden if you’re fond of a Japanese-themed garden.
You can feel zen vibes of this small rock garden from a small pond, some rocks that are arranged on the ground, along with greeneries that surround them.
You can also pick other greeneries such as Angelina stonecrop, Hens and Chicks, Blue Fescue, and Blue Rug Juniper as well. One thing, be sure to choose some appropriate plants that suit the weather in your region.

8. Surround your Pond with Rocks | Thespruce | Thespruce | Russellwatergardens A Pond Surrounded with RocksRocks definitely become the main material in this idea. They are as crucial as plants when it comes to creating a garden with a pond in particular. A pond in a garden, if planned well, would always be a favorite spot in the garden.
It would work if you actually have spacious space to accommodate it. It should also lie in an area that has enough sunlight for the plants.
There are several types of plants for a pond including, deep-water plants, submerged plants, floating plants, bog plants, and marginal plants.
By knowing those types of pond plants, you can easily decide which one suits your needs.

Here is a list of pond plants you can opt for your pond:

• Water Lily – deep-water plants
• Hornwort, Sagittaria – submerged plants
• Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth, Water Fern – floating plants
• Pitcher Plant, Corkscrew Rush, Horsetail Rush, Rodgers Flower – bog plants
• Northern Blue Flag, Ogon Golden Sweet Flag, Papyrus, Mars Marigolds – marginal plants

7. Paint your Rock garden | DIYncrafts Paint the RocksThis would be a fun project you can do with your kids. It would prevent them from messing around the house while they get bored during days off school. Ask them to participate, and draw their favorite animals or character that fit the stones.

6. Complete your garden with Terracotta and Succulents | Interiorsherpa | Doityourself Terracotta with Succulents

Terracotta pots with succulents make a great combination required for a rock garden. It resulted in such a genuine look by mixing those two elements. If you’re planning to have your garden with succulents, here are some guides you can follow.
You should pay attention to some basic rules like the location, rocks, plants, and soil. These things will determine the lives of the succulents themselves.
A high location would be a good help for succulent to thrive as they require good drainage.
To improve the drainage, you can dig out the soil at least 6 inches in depth.
Then, give some rubbers to create a layer.
Rocks and plants are other materials that you can mix and match to add a sense of beauty and contrast.

5. Stay Calm in the Zen Garden | Plantedwell | Thespruce Stay Calm in the Zen Garden 3Rocks aren’t just a hard material that is typically buried in the soil to build a foundation. But they also make a lovely display for a garden. This garden is incorporated with a wooden plank as a bridge that improves the zen atmosphere here. Stay Calm in the Zen Garden 2Zen garden has some main characteristics with its stark, artistic, and fairly abstract. It can be a place in which you can feel calm and peaceful. You’ll have to prepare these materials and tools to make one. Stay Calm in the Zen Garden 1

Materials and Tools you need:

Rocks, steel garden rake, wooden zen rake, shovel, hoe, tape measure, string, string level, and stakes, tamper, landscape fabric, edging stones, and back brace, work gloves.

How to Make Zen Garden

Mark out a rectangular space about 12 foot by 18-foot rectangle on the backyard. If there are plants, weeds, pebbles or anything, you should get rid of them first.
Shovel a few inches of the top layer of the surface. Pound stakes into the ground and use your string level.
Rake out bumpy surfaces, and tamp down the ground. Spread stone edging alongside the fence.
You’re going to be depicting mountain or island and its surroundings, so digging up holes for rocks and plants is necessary. Then, put them in their holes.
Run landscape fabric over the ground. Then, to finish it, spread some white gravel on it.

4. A Table-Top Mini Zen Garden Project idea | Deavita Table Top Mini Zen GardenIf you want to bring a mini garden on the table, this mini zen garden would suit you best. It makes your table appear not only different, but also interesting with its beautiful additional feature on it.
To make this mini zen garden is extremely easy. You just need a small tray, arrange some sand and pebbles on it, then add some greenery to kick it up a notch.
Zen garden represents a calm place with its simplicity and minimalism and that’s what makes it so special.

3. Add a Bridge | Homesthetics Add a Bridge 1Although you may not really need a bridge to cross, this idea really gives the essence of the beauty of having a rock garden. This small change brings a big impact on its surroundings. Add a Bridge 2This small bridge is a good example of how this idea works. Instead of arching a stream or a river, this bridge allows you to take a leap over some pebbles.

2. Rock Entrance Project idea | Plantedwell Rock EntranceThis notion is out of this world. It’s like you’re watching a portal to another dimension. There are, though, some points of this magical entryway you should consider if you feel like building one for your garden.
Rocks are heavy and it’s definitely not a rookie job to handle. If you don’t really know how to build it, you can get a pro’s assistant or instead you can use another material like faux stones. Check hyperlink to find more detail related to this idea

Lastly number 1. Make Your Own Stream | Interiorsherpa Make Your Own Stream 2Having a stream installed in the garden, why not? This can be a solution to a mundane rainwater pathway. It sure elevates the look of the yard with its shape and appearance. It’s a revolutionary idea to deal with rainwater drainage from a rooftop. Make Your Own Stream 1To make it look even nicer, you can pick some plants that would complete the view such as Yellow Alyssum, Ice Plant, Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop, Creeping Thyme, Snow-in-Summer and so on.

Now you can pretty much have a clear thought about what you need to do to build an awesome rock garden with 10 awesome and stylish rock garden ideas you already learned. Give one or some of those ideas a go and improvise them yourself if needed according to your situation.

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