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10 Refreshing ideas to Reorganize The Closet

Closet organization is often one of the more daunting tasks since it requires us to be very mindful of what we own and where everything is.

When we get up in the morning, one of the first things we do is heading to the closet and determining what clothes to wear. While this is an easy and quick process for some, for others, it can be frightened, as they are not completely satisfied with the alternatives they see.

If the statement above resonates with you, it may be time to think again about your style as we enter the new era. Here, we have rounded up 10 refreshing ideas to reorganize the closet to hit the style refresh button. As usual, the Simphome present you with the list.

Here are some ideas to help you reorganize your closet without too much hassle. The simplest way is, purchase a closet rack with shelves for unused items that would otherwise clutter your space, but best if these shelves are hinged so that they can be opened up quickly when needed.

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List Entries:

10. Add Some Drawers

Adding drawers to your closet makes perfect sense. The drawers included in the closet help keep all your clothes in one particular area. It can free up space in your bedroom by letting you get rid of the dresser.

A smaller drawer system in a closet also has the potential to give you as much or even more storage space as a regular cupboard.

You just need to have the correct type of space-saving design, like equipping your drawers with a hidden hamper that allows you to neatly store small items like underwear, stockings, socks, and scarves. Folding socks, t-shirts, jeans, and several other types of clothing vertically will also maximize your drawer storage space.
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9. Organize by Colors

Are you a person who likes to dress in matching colors?
It is good news.
Color matching is not only done when you dress, but you can also apply it in arranging clothes in your closet.

Organizing your clothes by colors will help keep them looking clean and visually appealing. Start with the lightest neutrals such as white and black and work your way through the color wheel, placing side-by-side colors from the lightest to darkest.

Grouping your clothes by color is an excellent idea for you. When you are in a rush, you can find the outfit you want to wear more easily. For example, you can directly find a purple T-shirt next to the purple scheme. Want to try?
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8. Opt for Basket Storage

Every inch of space is valued, especially when you have a large closet. Thus, keeping it tidy is a must. Simple basket dividers are a dream team for placing scarves, socks, and everything in between. You can stack neatly in some baskets and look better than a plastic tub. Plus, it will let your smaller items breathe.

~ Alternatively, you can Do it Yourself: Bamboo Closet Dividers
~ Or Use Purse Hooks

7. Hide Some and Display the Rest

You may not want everything on display in this case to combine the look of shirts and dresses that you want to keep wrinkle-free with sleek drawers for small clothes, jeans, and so on. For a more desirable gallery finish, opt for less backlighting.

How should you let your pretty stuff do the work for you? The best way to organize closets with style is to maximize function while focusing on aesthetics. One way to do this is to turn your beautiful work into a display similar to a work of art.
Other detail to add new aesthetic closet appeal you can

6. Matching Hangers

Nobody shouts closet clutter like a collection of neon wire and plastic hangers trying to coexist with one another peacefully. Limit visual clutter and provides your closet a sleek, streamlined look by using matching hangers for your clothes.

Make sure you invest in a hanger that matches what you have. Choose sturdy white hangers over thin plastic types if you have heavy clothes to hang, for example, and avoid wooden hangers if you have a lot of slippery silk blouses.
Other than matching your hangers, you can find your closet more organized and neat by

5. Reorganize Your Closet by Seasonal Items

When summer arrives, no one wants to dig through their sweater storage to find their favorite swimsuit.
Once the seasons begin to change, try to spend the weekend afternoon swapping out your winter items and stashing them in the storage or drawer under the closet.

Swap what baskets are on what shelves. Fill the baskets with seasonal items, such as a snowsuit or swimsuit.

In the fall, move weather gear to the lower shelves and warm weather items to the higher shelves. In the spring, do the opposite.

This idea might seem straightforward, but it makes all the difference when you want to find your cozy sweater at a glance.
Beyond that, these are some other closet organizations you probably haven’t tried before

4. Invest in Hanging Organizers

For those looking to make a hanging organizer in their closet, this hanging organizer with four shelves for storing clothes and a horizontal bar for extra hanging space is a great and affordable option.

Made of durable and breathable cotton canvas material, this hanging organizer is an excellent way to store expensive sweaters or shirts to help keep them in shape instead of being stored on hangers, which can cause stretching.

Also, a hanging organizer can help you find a home for all your bags, hats, scarves, purses, or other accessories that need a place to hang out. Overall, this hanging organizer can provide a lot of extra storage.

In detail, your instructions to build your hanging organizers are:
  • Step 1: Take two pieces of fabric measuring 10 x 8 inches.
  • Step 2: Draw a circle on the fabric with the hole measurements that you want to cut on each side.
  • Step 3: Cut out each part with a blade or scissors.
  • Step 4: Unfold the fabric and sew three circles together, creating a rectangle (1 x 1 and 1 x 3).
  • Step 5: Measure and sew two rectangles together (1 x 10 and 1 x 7).
  • Step 6: Repeat steps 3 – 5 for five more rectangles (2 x 15, 2 x 12, 2 x 11, etc.).
    You can now put your hanging organizer together by using Velcro or another strong adhesive.

3. Display Your Bags

No matter how much you love the things in your closet, you will not use them if you cannot see them. Display your bags by adding hanging shelves to your closet.

Make sure they are on display and within easy reach. Keeping your bags and purses upright will also help you maintain their shape.

Other ideas to organize your bags are:

  • No 1. Place your bags into hanging shelves

    What you can do with your closet is hang shelves for all your bags to keep them in order. For example, you can hang several shelves for large tote bags, shopping bags, even small purses. It will help to prevent items from being damaged when they are not being used.

  • No 2. Place the small bag on a wall hook

    It is so simple to hang small clutches or handbags on wall hooks or hooks in the closet. By doing this, you can organize all the clutches and put them in different locations to give them their own spaces. This step will provide them with more room in the closet to call their own without anyone getting in the way of other items.

  • No 3. Use a wire coat rack

    You can save a lot of space in your closet by using wire coat racks for your bags. If you have many bags to hang, this is also a great option to save space in your closet. Also, it will help you keep them so that way after the holiday season is over, you can quickly put them back into their spots in the closet.

  • No 4. Add a bag hanger

    If you are using hooks in your closet to hang your small bags, adding a bag hanger can help you better organize your items by creating a more attractive-looking space.

  • No 5. Hanging shelves for hair accessories

    A hanging shelf is an excellent way to add more space into that tiny space available on the back of the door. If you have smaller bags that need to be kept away from other items, hanging shelves is a good idea.
    An eye-catching hanging shelf will add more charm and character to your closet and artwork than if you simply placed it on the floor or the back of the door.

  • No 6. Use a shoebox

    You do not have to spend money on expensive jewelry organizers if you want something easy to organize your jewelry. A shoebox is a perfect size for keeping all kinds of accessories, gloves, shoes, socks, or anything else that comes in pairs. You can even use it as storage for small items that are being used daily.

  • No 7. Use Under Bed Storage Trunks

    These are the best under-bed storage trunk box sets you will find for storing things or organizing your closet since they are easy to put together and handle.

  • No 8. Use shoe organizers

    Shoe organizers are great for storing your accessories, makeup, or jewelry. You can even store scarves in them, but make sure you get the right kind of shoeboxes for these parts. Smaller ones are best for storing jewelry or removing it regularly, but larger boxes are better suited for storing extra accessories.

  • No 9. Use decorative storage items

    Most of the time, you can use decorative storage to organize loose ends in your closet. They are great for organizing bags and purses since they do not contain dividers as drawers or boxes do. You can use this kind of storage item to help get all your bags organized into one fashionable place.

  • Bonus Idea. Use small bags to store jewelry.

    If you are creative, you can use bags like these drawstring pouches used to place rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories in the bag instead of boxes or compartments. You can even make your dangling earring holders or make an easy necklace case for them by tying the knots together.
    What you need is a thick ribbon long enough to tie around your neckline. Then all you have to do is buy a thick cotton material (thicker than your ribbon) that you can sew into big loops with buttonholes that are big enough for your necklaces.

2. Label Everything

If you take baskets or bins to store smaller items and accessories, make sure to label them all clearly, so you recognize exactly where to seek out what you would like.

It’s also an excellent way to keep track of baby clothes, as you can label all the different sizes in the closet.

Keep track of all the boxes, bins, and baskets in your closet by adding labels to them all. You can always create them yourself. If you do not have time to do that, try purchasing them at online shops or the nearest stores.

Boxes are versatile solutions, but if you feel bored with that item, you can experiment with:

  • No 1. Use a basket

    If you have a basket for all your accessories, you will find it easy to access the items you love to use. Even if you have lots of accessories, it will help to organize them more easily.

  • No 2. Use a basket system with hooks

    And by combining this basket with door hangers, you can hang them up so that they are easy to reach, especially when your hands or arms are full.

  • No 3. Advantage your ceiling

    If you do not love them, then try to use your ceiling space instead. You can hang your accessories there or even plan to place shoes.

  • No 4. Use a hat rack

    Do not underestimate hat racks; they are excellent options for hat storage. They help keep hats organized because they separate them from other items in your closet. Some hat racks are specifically designed to hold smaller accessories out of the way so that they are easy to access when you have hands full with larger items.

  • No 5. Add hidden storage behind your headboard

    If you have extra space, why not use it to its full potential? You can place drawers or cupboards in hidden spaces behind your headboard.

  • No 6. Use wall shelves

    You can use this for storing shoes at the bottom and accessories on the top.

  • No 7. Get A Rolling Closet

    This idea is an excellent option if you have a lot of items to store. It is ideal for getting your access into your closet as you can roll off it. Things will always be on the ground, and you always have the option of removing them quickly by rolling the doors back.

  • No 8. Use A Pull Down Gate

    If you use this option, you can use it as a bag rack and a door hanger. You can organize it in different ways; You could buy one that has hooks or one that has wire holders for bags, especially if they are smaller in size.

  • No 9. If your bedroom is small, you can Organize more with less

    If you sleep with your closet doors closed, you can quickly get extra space in your bedroom. You can keep shelves or cabinets for your accessories and clothes to make full use of the room.

  • No 10. Add a Ladder for Clothes

    If you have many clothes that go into a tiny space, you should consider adding a ladder to your closet. This idea will help you tremendously because you can get into your closet quickly, and the items at the top will be more accessible. You can then remove items more easily by simply climbing up on the ladder.

  • No 11. Use baskets for shoes

    This choice is a practical option, especially if you do not have much space to store your clothes or other items. You can get one that has wheels so that it is easy to roll around, and if it collapses down when not in use, it will always take up less space than the ones that do not collapse down. If you decide on this option, then just make sure that you label them clearly so that they are easy to find when you need them.

Lastly, Number 1. Double Your Rods

If the space allows, installing additional hanging rods gives you a couple of more options that will significantly impact your closet.

It will be easier to categorize items together or keep your hanging clothes color-coordinated.

You can add lower hanging rods or even mount them in an upright configuration on the sidewalls of your closets. Additional hanging closet space can also be a pull-out pants rack.

Other alternatives options to organize your closet you can also:

1. Take some time to look over your closet
2. Sort the clothes that you have
3. Consider what you need
4. Choose a color scheme or theme for your closet
5. Organize by type of clothing; if your wardrobe is full of shirts, then start placing them first
6. Group similar items and separate them from others in a way that makes sense to you rather than just by size or color
7. If you have high heels, it is easier to keep them away from the rest of your shoes
8. If you have large purses or an umbrella that needs to be kept safe, then consider using a hanger that has a sleeve for it
9. Use your hanging clothes hanger for bags instead of trying to stuff them into a cabinet
10. Try to buy more hangers with pockets on the end of them
11. Make sure that you use hooks with straps on them that are wider than they are long so that they are not hard to hang up
12. Add some pairs of shoes which you can fold upon each other for easy access
13. Consider removing any items that you do not wear anymore and donate them to charity
14. Think about using a shoe rack or even place your shoes on top of the door
15. Take the extra time to create your unique system for your closet
16. If you have a lot of seasonal clothing, consider putting them in a seasonal folder
17. Buy a horizontal shelf so that you can add bags or scarves to the ends
18. Try to keep your clothes in similar groups together vertically if they are going to be hung horizontally
19. Consider using a shoe organizer with extra space at the top for shoes
20. Consider using bag hangers for larger bags that do not fit in the regular one


Having a beautifully organized closet is aesthetically pleasing and beneficial regarding the time, space, and energy you have. It can even make your wardrobe look more expensive. However, you do not have to follow all of these tips for organizing your closet. You can adapt them to suit your needs and preferences.

Last, We hope these 10 refreshing ideas to reorganize the closet have helped you determine the best way to update your closet. Good luck!



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