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Proven Ways to Deter Geese From Coming to Your Property

Geese are a large part of our ecosystem, but they pose a nuisance to some people who would rather have fewer geese around their property. Geese can be deterred from entering your property by creating a physical barrier around the area or by using certain sprays and other deterrents that provide an unpleasant smell. If they are flying over your property, the droppings from the geese can fall on your yard and make it unsafe for children or pets. Here are proven ways to deter geese from coming to your property.

Create Geese Deterring Landscape

Geese, while sometimes a welcome addition to the pool or pond on a property, can be a huge nuisance when they decide to leave their droppings everywhere. You can keep geese out of yard by creating a kind of landscape that they will naturally steer clear of. Geese like to eat grass, but not the kind that appears in most yards. Geese prefer shorter grasses and create their nests on the stiffer ground; rather than avoid these shady areas, it is best to use them!

Plant ornamental grasses and shrubs in the yard that have a tendency to spread quickly. Geese prefer not to be around these types of plants, so they will plan their nests somewhere else.

Remove All Food Sources

Geese are opportunistic feeders and prefer to eat the most available food source. For example, if geese can see a nearby park from your property, they will likely choose to hang out there instead of flying over to your yard for a bite of grass or your pond water. Geese can also be fed unintentionally. If you have a compost pile or chickens on your property, the geese might think it is another food source. Remove food sources such as bird seeds, fallen fruit, and piles of compost.

Food sources should also be used in moderation by filling bird feeders or composting with less food. Some geese might come to your yard because they mistake the pond for a body of water they can swim In.

Install A Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Do you have problems with geese in your yard, but do not want to treat them aggressively? Install a motion-activated sprinkler on top of their favorite spot. The moment the animal starts moving towards this spot, it will be sprayed with water. You can also try installing multiple sprinklers in different zones around your yard, to make the animal feel like it is not welcomed.

Make sure you don’t use too much water pressure, in order to avoid hurting the animal. When installed in various zones, this method will not make the animal afraid to come near your property. It will simply deter them from hanging out in a specific zone.

Hazing With Dogs

Geese are not very territorial so they will leave if they feel threatened by a human or another animal. People have had success in scaring away geese by walking around their property with a dog. A small child’s pool filled with water is also used to scare off geese because the child might be in it. Dogs will chase them for food or just to have fun. Geese are not large, but it is still best to use a dog that is on some sort of leash so that it does not run away. They also have a special goose-chasing dog called a border collie.

Scare Them With Strobe Light

A strobe light is a very effective deterrent, especially when it flashes. When installed in a motion detector, the light will flash whenever an animal approaches and scare them away. The strobe light needs to be directly visible from the path of where you see geese walking through, so if they walk around your garden or walk by your driveway, the light needs to be visible from the driveway. A strobe light can also be used in a stationary position though, that way it will scare the geese every time they fly over or walk by that area. A strobe light can be found for a reasonable price at local hardware stores and online.

Geese are commonly found in yards, mostly when they want to nest or when the pond in the yard is mistaken for a body of water. To avoid geese from coming near your property, make sure you remove all food sources and install motion-activated sprinklers. If you feel like scaring the geese away with dogs, stationary strobe light or a child’s pool is also a good solution.

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