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10 Plumbing Tips and Tricks Everyone Deserves To Know

Leaking pipes, clogged sinks, and running toilets are the common problems that homeowners sometimes have to deal with. Even when at a very wrong time. You may also be dealing with these problems now. Since you are not an expert, you might be considering calling a plumber. Hold on! You may not need to do that.
In fact, to be honest, you do not have to be a professional to repair a leaky pipe, clogged sink, or running toilet. With these 10 plumbing tips and tricks, everyone deserves to know; for example, you can fix those problems like a pro. So, let’s check them out! And as always, follow the link provided inside the reference area to get more detail.


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10. Remove the Clog from the Drain

10. Remove the Clog from the Drain via SimphomeIs the water in the sink running slowly through the drain well? Or even worse, is it trapped in it? Something has probably clogged it. Don’t panic! You can try several things to unclog it without making a call to a plumber.
The first thing you can do is to use a plunger. Simply place the open end over the drain and begin to move it up and down. It will produce suction that helps you get the clog culprit.
If the plunger does not work, then you probably need something that provides more powerful suction, like a wet-dry vacuum. First, remove the strainer and turn on the water until it builds up a bit in the sink.
After that, get a rag and dip it in the water until it is damp. Press the end of the hose against the drain with the wet rag wrapping around the nozzle. Then begin to suck out the clog.
You can also try a drain snake to dislodge the clog manually. All you need to do is inserting it into the drain. After that, pull it back out.

9. Avoid the Clogs

9. Avoid the Clogs by simphome.comThe clogged sink and toilet are irritating. Indeed, you have to do something to remove the blockage. However, instead of breaking a sweat to unclog it, you had better avoid it.
Never put anything that the toilet and sink cannot flush down. Although some wipes claim they are “flushable,” you had better make a short trip to the dustbin. This way, you can keep the clog at bay.
Oil and grease can build up in the pipes over time and, eventually, block them. If you do not want it to happen, throw them in a compost bin only after the fat solidifies.

8. Natural Homemade Drain Cleaner

8. Natural Homemade Drain Cleaner via SimphomeGrease and oil can clog the pipes, which is a real bummer. Don’t worry! You can overcome this problem with a natural drain cleaner. It will not cost you the earth because you can find it in your kitchen.
First, bring two liters of water to a boil. Mix it with a few tablespoons of dish soap. After that, pour the mixture slowly down to the drain. The heat will turn the grease into liquid so that you can flush it.
Fun fact: Have you ever heard that baking soda and vinegar can unclog a drain? The truth is it is not effective. Technically, baking soda is a base. On the other hand, vinegar is an acid. When you mix them, you will only get water with a bit of salt, which cannot destroy fat.

7. Use Epoxy Putty to Fix Leaky Pipes

7. Use Epoxy Putty to Fix Leaky Pipes by simphome.comA leaky pipe usually occurs when the washer is tearing, stiffening, or dislodging, making it unable to seal tightly. It can be big trouble if you do not do anything. Even if it is a small leak, it can drain your money. Therefore, you have to fix it as soon as possible.
To stop the water from dripping, you can use epoxy putty to seal it temporarily. First, turn off the water supply, but turn on the nearby fixtures. This way, you can empty the line from any remaining water.
Next, make sure the leaky pipe and surrounding area are dry. Use a wire brush to slightly rough up it so that epoxy putty can have a better grip. After that, use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining dirt around the section of the damaged pipe.
Put on your rubber gloves and begin to activate the epoxy putty. Quickly apply it over the leaky area. It has to be quite thick with a thickness of half an inch.
Taper the edges of the putty to ensure a watertight seal and wipe away any excess. Leave it for a few minutes before turning on the water supply.

6. Prevent Leaks with Teflon Tape and Pipe Dope

6. Prevent Leaks with Teflon Tape and Pipe Dope via Simphome

You may find the burrs inside the female fitting push back the tape when working with Teflon tape. It makes the job trickier. You can overcome this problem with pipe dope.
You just need to wrap the Teflon tape around the male threads. After that, apply the pipe dope on top of it. It will fill any gaps due to tape failures. Finally, you can assemble the fittings easily.

5. Remove Mineral Deposits from a Shower Head

5. Remove Mineral Deposits from a Shower Head via Simphome.jpgYour showerhead can lose some pressure over time due to mineral deposits creating blockages. If it happens, here is a foolproof tip to fix it.
First, Remove the head, then soak it in a plastic bag filled with warm water and white vinegar. Leave it overnight. Grab a small brush and use it to loosen any remaining mineral deposits. Focus on the areas where water comes out.
Reinstall the showerhead and run hot water for about a minute to flush the residue. You can repeat the process until you it works properly.
Tip: If your showerhead has a gold, brass, or nickel-coated finish, soak it with vinegar for 30 minutes only. Otherwise, you will damage it.

4. Heat the Fittings

4. Heat the Fittings by simphome.comSometimes you need to loosen the pipes when fixing your sink. Unfortunately, old solidified pipe dope makes this task even harder. You might think wrench can be your savior. However, it does not always work like a charm.
Are you dealing with this problem right now? Don’t worry! All you need is just some heat.
You can work with a small propane torch to produce the heat. It may take a few minutes or even longer, depending on how old the pipes are.
Remember that you can only use this trick to metal water pipes. Make sure that there are not any gas pipes nearby.

3. Make Your Water Heater Work Better

3. Make Your Water Heater Work Better by simphome.comA hot shower can be refreshing and reinvigorating. However, you may find puddles of water, dripping water, noises, or even discolored water. If these signs occur, it means there is something wrong with the heater.
You can try insulating the tank so that the water will stay hot. Do not cover the thermostat, though.
Another way to better your water heater’s performance is by draining a quart of water from the tank. This way, you can get rid of grit. You can do it once every three months.

2. Fix The Running Toilet

Fix running toilet via 2Running the toilet may be the most irritating problem. Not only does it produce annoying noise, but it also increases your water bill.
To fix this problem, you can try several things and see which one works best. First, make sure the fill tube stays in place properly. It is supposed to be directed toward the overflow tube.
Do check the flapper chain. If it is too short, it will not be able to form a seal, resulting in the water leaking into the bowl. On the other hand, the embedded chain will make the toilet flush partially. To adjust the length, you can move the hook on it.

Lastly, Number 1. Shush the Noisy Pipes

1. Shush the Noisy Pipes by simphome.comDoes your copper pipe keep producing irritating sound? It happens because it expands and contracts when heating up and cooling down. Eventually, it slides by the straps that hold it.
To eradicate the noise, you can try getting felt pads or any other heavy fabric. First, Remove the strap that holds the pipe down and stick the fabric to the pipe. Finally, reinstall it.
Calling a plumber to have your leaky pipe fixed might be a good thing to do. However, you will have to spend more money on it. Therefore, these 10 plumbing tips and tricks everyone deserves to know are your safe bet. Happy trying!



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