5 Clever Planter Ideas From Unused Items

Feeling a little crafty and crave some gardening inspirations? With a little creativity and imagination, you can grow plants pretty much from anything and anywhere. Transform those empty bottles, old tires, and rusty buckets into a wonderful display for your lovely plants.

5. Shell Planters

1 Shell2BPlantersSeashell planters are hands down the most clever planter idea from unused items anyone could ever come up with. This idea only takes you minutes to make regardless of your craftiness level.

You just have to collect some medium or big sized seashells from your beach vacation and turn them into this straight-out-of-nature planter so your summer memories will last a little longer.

Plant small cactus or succulents in these seashell planters to bring a nautical or mermaid touch to your space. Don’t forget to pinch in some pebbles and moss to elevate the look!

4. Kettle Planters

2 Kettle2BPlantersThere is no restriction to what you can use to decor your garden, and tableware is definitely not an exception! Build your own miniature indoor or outdoor garden with unused kettle planters. Freshen up your kitchen area and porch by planting herbs or edibles. Put in some rocks and punch holes to make sure the roots can get fresh air.

Simply put the planters on a table or hang them and anyone will adore the vintage look created by this silvery display!

3. Ice Cream Bowls Planters

3 Ice2BCream2BBowls2BPlantersHere is another clever planter idea from unused items that you can’t possibly ignore! Copper-plated bowls bring a touch of elegance that will help you build a fancy Victorian atmosphere into your dining room. Small plants such as cactus and succulents make a perfect company for this classic and timeless dinner table ornament.

4. Hanging Colander

4 Hanging2BColanderSay goodbye to those boring brick-colored terracotta pots! Colanders make an unexpectedly unique planter when painted with bright, vibrant colors. Bunch together spring flowers inside the planters and hang in your porch.

Ask your grandma for unused colanders or nose around for very inexpensive ones at local thrift stores and flea markets. Psst, they also make a great last minute Mother’s Day gift idea and even a housewarming gift!

5. Wellington Boots Planter

5 Wellington2BBoots2BPlanterDo you or your kids have outgrown rain boots? Give them a new purpose in your garden rather than throwing them away immediately. Prepare a mix of potting soil and compost to fill the boots up right to the tip. The number of flowers you can plant depends on the sizes of the boots themselves. Beauties like marigolds and pansies make a perfect pair for these planters, but you can always plant anything you desire.

Recycling unused items to make planters will bring you a satisfaction that you can never get anywhere.

Not only it is great for space and money saving, reusing old possessions instead of buying new ones will also declutter your house. You also give a positive impact to the environment by putting them to another good use in your garden.

Hope that clever planter idea from unused items can inspire you all.

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